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Name: Emily
Age: 24
Locaton: Auburn, Ala.
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Monday. 10.6.03 5:54 pm
On Monday, I get to see the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre for FREE!!!! It'll probably suck, but I don't care, since it's free. I really liked to original, so this'll probably be a dissapointment. Oh well! I saw Cabin Fever yesterday and it was disgusting. But I liked it though, because for some reason I just love gross, scary movies. Weird... I think that Jarett (the guy we drew on) is pretty upset because he's hardly come out of his room at all this week, and when he actually does emerge, he won't talk to anybody. But he needs to get over it, because that's the way we work. EVERYONE gets drawn on. If you pass out early, you've got to pay the consequences. Right?

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oh so tired
Sunday. 10.5.03 10:34 pm
tomorrow i have a math test. GROSS! then on tuesday i have a theater test. YUCK! I'm sure I'll be fine, except i can study for my theater test with my good pal ishmael, but i have nobody to study with for the math test... maaaan... it's cool though, i've done well on all of my homework and everything, so i should at LEAST make a B. least being the key word there... oh yeah, i have a funny story. this moron named jarett is a complete lightweight when it comes to drinking, but he tries to act badass all the time. what a fool! anyway, he was playing this drinking game called crazy eights with ishmael and some other guys, and he kept SCREWING UP, and ish would make him drink and drink. so they actually ended up quitting the game before it was over because jarett could no longer function. now, i was out renting movies while this was going on, and when i came back, jarett was lying, half awake on the balcony. so i go to help the poor kid up, and he grabbed the screen door for support and completely ripped it off its track. and he just laaaaauuuughed. that was funny. so we finally dragged him into his bedroom, and flopped him down on the bed. about 5 or 10 minutes later we went to go check on him and make sure he was on his side. so i opened his door pretty hard, and it turned out he was trying to open it from the other side. the force of my entry plus the fact that he was so drunk he couldn't stand up caught him by surprise and the door smacked him right in his face and flipped him onto his back. and we laaaauuughed. and then he puked. luckily he was able to drag himself to a toilet. so i go get him some water and when i walk in the bathroom, he's completely naked!!!! hell yeah i screamed. then a i got a blanket and covered his scrawny little body up. oh yeah, the best part was when he passed out and i drew three penisis on his face. in red sharpie. but i haven't seen him since. apparently he left saturday morning for some band thing and nobody's heard from him since. okay, that's long enough. i'll post more later.

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Sunday. 10.5.03 3:06 am
I drank TOO MUCH last night. Drinking games are the devil! Especially if you keep on losing... Here's a tip: never play a game called tip the cup. it involves chugging a beer and, if you lose, taking a shot. And oh yes, I LOST. Beer before liquor never been sicker, liquor before beer nothing to fear. I totally screwed up and just mixed it all together. Fortunately I didn't get sick... But I ended up vegging out for an hour or so, because I was too dizzy to move. Then I slept in till 3 today, and I STILL don't feel that good... Tonight though, I just took it easy and threw back a couple of beers while I laughed as AUBURN KICKED TENNESEES ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right, Auburn rocks. War damn eagle. You know what's cool? A guy I went to school with started for Tuscaloosa! I think that's neat, because if he keeps up the good work, he may get drafted to the NFL in a couple years, and then I could be like, hey, yeah, I knew him in high school. Juwann Garth, look out for him, he's the bomb. Aw, today I went to the pet store because animals are the greatest, and got to hold the rabbits. They are soooo cute and I love them, and next year when I move, I'm going to get an apartment that actually lets you have pets and I'm going to get a rabbit a cat and a dog. Or just one... Because I don't think it'd be any good to have all 3. Probably a cat. Dogs need you to be there all the time, and a yard to run around in... Cat's just need a spot where the sun comes in through a window so they can warm themselves all damn day. I watched the movie Better Luck Tomorrow tonight and it was so good. I'm going to watch it again tomorrow, because I missed some of it tonight, and it's one of those ones you have to pay attention to. Anyway, I'm pretty tired and stuff so I'm going to fucking bed.

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mwa ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Friday. 10.3.03 4:31 pm
this was the last thing i ever post on xanga. and some people got maaaad...

"Thursday, July 24, 2003

Since nobody reads this or leaves comments, I can't post pics, and xanga all around just sucks, I've moved to NuTANG. I'll probably post in here once every blue moon, but for now I'm done with it."

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*fuuuuurious anger!*
Friday. 10.3.03 4:01 pm
so Matt didn't call right? i sent him this email:
"you're really good at making me feel like an un-important loser. thanks a fucking lot for not calling. "
At 9:45 this morning he calls me and starts talking like everything is peachy keen, when he know FULL WELL that I'm highly upset with him. And I don't have to get up till 10, so that was kind of annoying too... So I'm like, say you're sorry. And he does and then I'm like, well I'm going to bed, talk to you later. Okay, well I just now talked to him and he was like, hey did you check your email, and I said not yet but I will. So I just did, and look what he sent.
"well Im really fucking sorry sweetheart but Im gona call you when I get off work or when you get out of school depending on the situation. And look I know you expect a call from me like every night but sometimes I can't & then you make me feel even shitier buy getting all pissy about it. You know I didnt get very upset that you were so upset this time, but you know how sometimes it makes me really mad and it just makes things harder for both of us so could we please with sugar on top not talk about it when I call you later. I love you soooooooo much & I'll talk to you later."
UNACCEPTABLE! "fucking sorry"? "getting all pissy"? "sometimes I can't call you"? first of all, never say I'm fucking sorry. That doesn't even sound sorry! second, well, okay fine, I get pissy. But he knows that! I get pissy every time!! And third, don't tell me you "can't" call if you were so drunk that you forgot. Just say, hey, I was so drunk I forgot. At least then you won't be lying.

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Friday. 10.3.03 2:33 am
I finally finished my paper! At 10:45. I started at 7. The last 2 paragraphs were, sadly, the hardest. I'm just no good at writing essays I guess. But I'm going to put it in my writing anyway. I'd better not make a C on this one like I did that last one! It's not my fault she doesn't give As! So technically... I made a B on that last one... yeah, that's the ticket! *sigh* I'm pretty mad at Matt though because he promised he'd call me by 8, and he didn't, and it's because he's drunk. He didn't even call me at all... That is not a good excuse to leave me, a very fragile person, hanging. So that didn't help with my paper writing either. UGH, WHAT A JERK!!! He'll hear it tomorrow, oh yes he will... And he will be so sorry he ever crossed me!!!! Oh well, it happens all the time anyway... I should be used to it by now right? Anyway I need to go to bed now so I can get up and go to *shudder* math class in the morning. argh. okay then, bedtime.

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