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The comfort of talking to your hairdresser
Monday. 7.31.06 4:40pm
Today I went to get my hair cut, because of my out-of-the-blue reaction to noticing my split ends. I'm glad Idid because I had such a pleasent conversation with my hair stylist and it made me feel really good! I mean it is their job to be friendly, sweet and all, but this girl was just so cool. Of course I thought she was cool, cuz she is also Malaysian and therefore I could chat to her on a lot of topics. But I couldn't believe the things I was telling her and what she was telling me about her personal life. She told me she had been seeing a guy for 2 months and he was a customer of hers before, she told me her dad died, she's from KK, that she has 2 bros and 2 sis. That she was a middle child like me and loves eating at restaurants (from the Entertainment book)! It was so nice to speak to a Malaysian person.

I find that it is difficult to find many young Malaysian people in Perth. A lot of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Hongkies, but not my fellow country men. So it is always nice to see one and chat about stuff back home. Sometimes I find I cannot share the same humour with my Indo friends and Aussie friends. *sigh* And only a Malaysian can spot a Malaysian. Though I will forgive this girl this time for thinking I was Singaporean from the start. :p She did say I looked Koren or Japanese if only I didn't speak. So I guess that is kinda cool :)

From the start of the day I felt like such a disgusting scrub, cuz I couldn't care less about my looks when I am going to work. When I found work was cut, I decided to go CUT my hair. hehehe. Yeh...it was a good girlie day for myself. I noticed people started looking more at me after I got my hair cut. I guess the hair do really does do a lot for your personality, confidence and style. I had been contemplating shaving my head....just to see the reaction and faces of people too. hehehe. :D

I also asked her how I could become a hairdresser myself. But she said I had to be 17 or 18 to start, it is too late for me now. :( My dreams are killed of being a hair stylist...hmmm unless I could just be an old lady hair stylist. Or move onto the next dream..

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last semester - maybe
Friday. 7.28.06 12:15pm
mood: annoyed

I was hoping that this would be the last semester I would have to do to finish my degree but the plan has suddenly been flushed down the toilet! I got a call the other day from these people at the Management office telling me that one of my units will not be available till next year because only 3 people had enrolled this semester! How pathetic... but I need people to attend these classes so I can graduate :( Bastards!

Anyways I could just take 3 units and do that other one in semester 1,2007. Man..how crap cuz I will be going back to DIMA full time and studying part time. Just like last time, how I used to go psycho and stressed out! I am already kinda stressing myself out by rushing... Maybe I should just go slow and not worry about what others might think. Cuz I know that when I return to the office they all expect me to be graduated, also I hate the fact that old people always ask me 'Have you finished you studies yet?', makes me sick. I will finish it WHEN I FINISH IT DAMMIT!

I dunno what is their problem, I'm not even their kid and they think that I should graduate and get a real job and a real life. Can't they ask about something else. Cuz Uni is only that small part of my life, that I can see doesn't really mean much considering the more important things that make me happy. *SIGH*. I just want to be over and done with this phase in my life, it has dragged on too long and I want to do something else.

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bi-curious is it worth it?
Monday. 7.24.06 7:30pm
Ok I'm going to have another moral rant here. It is something that I must talk about because it is an issue with young people now a days. The trend of being bi-curious has suddenly become popular among girls and guys. Girls say they want a lesbian experience once in their life, that be either kissing or sex...most go for the kissing first and then discover whether they are really attracted to the same sex. I guess that goes the same for some guys who want to know if they are truely gay. But it seems straight girls are becoming more open to the idea of 'being' with another girl than guys are... Is it because it is in the displayed in shows such as 'The O.C' and 'Big Brother'?

I think many girls become bi-curious because of the peer pressure and media pressure placed upon them. I know of someone who just broke up from a relationship just because his girlfriend was bi-curious and went and kissed another girl when they had an arguement. It hurt him very much because she had not taken their relationship seriously and felt that it was 'no-big-deal' to kiss another person, even if they were female. She didn't see the problem in it. But to him it was cheating, it was selfish for her to fufill her lust and desires while they were having problems.

Plus it became a moral and values issue, that they saw this as a sign that they didnt have the same opinions. It is difficult to be in a relationship where 2 people do not hold the same values as each other, especially if those are deeply embedded and forms the foundation of a person. It can be seen as offensive and hurtful to target someone's values. It was probably best that they broke up, because they were fighting all the time and a future would not be certain for them. He is certain this is the end of their relationship, he seems very hurt by her, and they may not speak again. It was probably for the best.

I often talk to my girlfriends and F about being bi-curious. I have always wondered what it would be like. But I know I will never ever act upon it. My values and beliefs deter me from being too curious and I am glad. Becuz I would not want to be someone who does it just because the girl next to me does it. It is something I would not be proud of and I know that it is not something I would gain. I dunno why girls kiss and tell and expect to be respected for their actions...why do it if you are not 100% lesbian and sincere with that kiss. I dont mind lesbians, but being bi-curious is just lust.

I guess that will upset my bf that I will never kiss a girl...hehe cuz the guys like that action. But that is why there is porn and strip clubs for them to fufill their visual fantasies. It is a fantasy - bi curious, but is it worth giving up something good? It is the same with tattoos, I would love to get one, but I dont want to get it cuz everyone else is. I am my own self, it is my body and I'll do what I want with it, I dont need a tattoo to express myself and my identity...but I dont care if other people do cuz it is their decision. They are their own person, as long they are doing it for themselves, not because of the pressure of the popular group.

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Virus going around and it's cuz of me!
Thursday. 7.20.06 2:45pm
I have been semi-sick again. It is my 2nd time getting the coughing virus and this time it hasn't been too bad. It is only a mild case of the virus but since kissing my boyfriend on sunday I have given him the full-blown virus. Sorry!! Poor thing is all husky and flemmy cuz of me. I felt really bad for making him feel this way...cuz it is one of those viruses that you can't take anything to make it go away. It can only go away by itself. Plus it makes you feel like shit, drowsy and lethargic. :/ I hope he will be ok soon.

I also got told at work by my boss not to come in when I am sick. I don't feel that bad, like I can survive a shift. But I guess she doesnt want me passing it to her or our customers. Ehhhh...what can you do when you want to work for money or stay at home being sick with no cash? Hehehe.

It was my bro's bday yesterday and my mum's today. We had thai food last night and it was a family dinner that has not been done for a while. We (Lee Family) used to be close-knit and always being together but it hasn't been like that lately. It is kinda sad that we are not as close anymore and at the dinner we found it very difficult to chat and also mannerisms were different. It is such a weird situation - The Family Dinner. It can bring up a lot of issues rather than discussing pleasentries. Though this is one of the first bdays I must say, that we didnt have anyone pissed off about. Usually someone is unhappy which therefore ruins the mood. :/ But yea...all hunky-dory :)

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Makeover session
Tuesday. 7.17.06 10:30am
Over the weekend Tiff, Yo and I had a makeover session at our friend Sari's place. She is a junior make-up artist and has a business at home. She does hair and make-up for asian faces so I was really happy that she did it free for us. I have never really played around with make up or dressing up. But the girls certainly made me see the potential in breaking out of my comfort zone to do something drastic and different from my personality.

It was a really girly weekend...and I was glad that I had that night to let my hair down. I wish I took photos so I could let you see them. But they had me wearing all white, white tank with white SHORTS! EEk! That I am very conscious about... I hate my legs. And white heels...it was something I have always wanted to wear but never had the guts to wear them. :) It was cool. Then we headed to Metro city where we danced from 1:30 till 3:30. I was not even tired, but my knees were. I had a drink tonight, cuz usually I dont, had a Barcardi 151 which was so disgusting I had to shoot it. That stuff is like 65% or more alcohol content!

Hahaha I was so surprised to find out that guys still pick me up. It was funny to see them try. I am really impressed for those who did though, but they were shot down as usual and probably felt shit for trying. At least they had the balls to make the first move, many guys dont these days. Which leaves girls hanging and complaining that they cannot find the right guy. I had hoped that my 2 single girls would get some action tonight but I think I was a bit too standoutish that it kinda stole their opportunity. Man I dont wanna be a bitch, cuz I already have a bf. But dudes will be dudes...

Well that was my weekend without my bf, but he got picked up a few times too when he was out clubbing with his bro. I guess we both still got our groove on. :)

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Snob or hermit?
Friday. 7.14.06 10:25pm
I'm so tired...working heaps this week cuz the lady boss keeps calling me in for extra shifts. I might as well...for the money. I have been having a bad week...just really want to be alone. It's one of those times where I become a hermit and cut off most of my contact with everyone. The other night I went with Tiff to pick up Yohana from the airport, and bumped into an old highschool friend Sari. I had a chat to her, though it was awkward and some how forced. I didnt want to socialise. When she invited us back to her house, I felt really uncomfortable and told Tiff that we had to leave early. I was called a snob in the process.

I realise I didnt want to chat, I wasnt in the mood. But when we got to Sari's place, sat down to catch up, as she smoked some weed, conversations just kept runnning. And I felt much better for deciding to come. Even though I dont smoke weed I was entertained by the girls being so chatty and funny. Then I realised I need my friends during these times, as much as I avoid them, they will only make me feel better. I missed Yohana so much, and have been thinking about her a lot cuz she will leave Perth soon. I want to spend more time with her and Tiff.

I accompanied Tiff this week to get her tattoo done on her lower back. It was an experience, her first time and my first time in a tattoo shop at the back. It was scary at first, cuz I was nervous for her, but she told me I really helped her out by being there and keeping her mind off the pain. I felt so good inside, being there for her and spending time. I hate it when a group of my friends go out without letting me know and leaving me out because they think I am busy. It's like they know I will say no or hope I would not come. I am happy when I give them my time and my support.

Sometimes I dont feel that support back and I really get hurt and lonely. But I do know my friends will be there for me and stick up for me when I need them. But most of the time I have to do things myself. I miss Michelle, I have said tat so many times...but i really miss her that it hurts. She is the only one who reminds me of my childhood and the days of when 'best friends' were truely one the only best friend. Right now, in my adult life, I dont have a best friend. I have many friends who are close, but not a best friend. I know it shouldn't really matter who is your 'best friend', but it does to me to have someone there 24/7 when u need them the most. And they will not give you an excuse or reason to shove you aside.

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