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Next Entry: New Toy
Friday. 2.1.08 7:35 am

As always, music first. This isn't exactly new, but it's a good song nonetheless. This is The Conversation by Motion City Soundtrack.

At the advice of Randomjunk, Im gonna start posting random pictures of stuff since I seem to have run out of things to blog about. That will be my next entry though, since Im at work. Ill be posting pictures of my newest toy, the Samsung P2 mp3 player. Very pretty. Touch screen.

My girlfriend and I want to write a book. Among other things, it will be a collection of our experiences working at a hotel. Mostly, the horrible guests weve encountered. Were still working on titles, but probably something along the lines of Youre not funny; Were being paid to laugh. It will be a sort of code of conduct for customers, as well as our opinion of people who employ what we call Customer Terrorism. Guests who think that just because were in the customer service business, they can walk all over us and treat us like crap to get what they want.

Who knows if it'll ever actually get written. We have a couple of pipe dreams, but it's always a nice feeling when we both have projects we want to work on together. Our other dream is to write/direct a movie together. Granted neither of us have any training in that field, but we watch a lot of movies and we both have an innate talent for spotting things like plot holes, bad acting, bad script writing, bad musical choices and a whole host of other film faux pas'. Not just that, but in conversations we have with people about movies, we usually end up feeling like the only sane people in a group of raving lunatics. Most notably when we disparage movies like Transformers. Big block busters that, although they made a lot of money were just... well... terrible when compared to well written and beautifully acted movies like Juno.

But I digress.

In any case, next entry Ill be showing off my new toy and whatever else I decide to take a picture of. I may even stick a picture of myself in there somewhere.

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New Music, New Toys
Saturday. 1.26.08 10:26 pm

Okay so I haven't updated in a while. First things first. The music.

This is Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. It's from an awesome movie called Once. Check it out.

So a few things have changed. The sale of the hotel is going to take a little longer than planned. The new buyer has changed their method of purchase to save of taxes, whereby she sells off one of her other properties to pay for this one. Long story short, it means the sale will definitely go through, it just won't be fully resolved until about June. So, it's kind of good and bad news.

On to the toys. Lifehacker has its own set of productivity tools to help people get stuff done faster. My favorite of these it Texter, which I have playing around with and love. Its a text replacement program. You set a hotstring for a specific block of text that you use repeatedly, like email addresses, signatures, phrases etc, then choose the activation key.

Example. Im using texter to write this entry. I have set the hotstring pcopy to the activation key tab. So when I type pcopy into any text field, browser, text editor, anything.. And hit tab, it replaces the hotstring with this

{text from my clipboard}

. I use it for all sorts of html tags that I need to repeat. I even use it for passwords. Its a great way to have a long, complicated password. I created a password with letters and numbers thats about 14 digits long. I set it to the hotstring pw. So when I want to log into websites such as bank accounts or other websites where I want my password to be hard to guess, I just type pw into the password field and hit tab, and it fills in my password.

Its an awesome program and its free. Check it out. Can be found here -> Texter (Windows Only).

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