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The Golden Compass//I take that back NOT COOL
Saturday. 8.9.08 4:26 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Friday. 8.8.08 11:56 pm
I always get so paranoid when I read The Stand. Because almost every single time, I catch a cold while reading it. I'm still sick, felt almost delirious (sorry spelling) last night. Everything was just a little off. Like if someone came in and moved all your stuff an inch to the left. You would know something wasn't quite right but wouldn't know exactly what. (unless like my mom you are obsessive compulsive, and notice immediately but thats not the point)
And my eyes are swollen and it hurts to move them, and if I look at anything for very long they try and close and if I don't close them they water up. (actually even if I close them they still water lol)
I almost wish I could have called into work. But I don't feel like I've worked here long enough to do that. Although I doubt being sick is really based on that lol. But I need the hours. How else will Mother get cigarettes.

I would post more along those lines but you know how life is.

Anyway I've got a tremendous Idea.


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Oh no, This really really sucks. Not even funny.
Thursday. 8.7.08 6:44 pm
Ok, I dont' feel good, my head hurts my nose is running my ears feel full of cotton and I feel ditzy. Dont' know what kind of sickness this is but the Ditzy part is pretty much always there lol.

Also my mom sent me a lovely email the other day. While I was at work no less. I don't think She understands the "Don't send me anything NSFW*"

So yeah my manager today was like "Do you know anything about ________" and i was like "CURSE YOU MOTHER!" in my head. Gonna have to get on to her when I get home. Or maybe later cause she is sick to and I don't want her to yell at me.

But I also do not like getting into trouble. Probably why I ask so many questions even though I know the answer. But yeah anyway I'm gonna go do some more work! lol
*NSFW=Not Safe For Work"

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She tried to put it back, but it was to late....
Wednesday. 8.6.08 9:59 pm
Ok, So anyway my sister (Willow, whose birthday is in 4 count them 4 days) was playing with the brush today. She took the hair out and then tried to put it back on her head saying it was Willow hair. Was so cute.
Love her to death.
In a month from today I will be 22 big whoop right? lol
Anyway thats it for today.

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