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Count me in
Friday. 8.25.06 8:55pm
My throat is killing me AGAIN! I have been getting this throat problem on and off lately. I dunno what is wrong with me? I always start having this dry and uncomfortable throat and then I get full-blown sick! I hate it, especially during the times when I have the most work to do at uni... I don't know how to get rid of it :( I guess I havent been eating too well...too much junk and not enough good stuff.

Even though I work at the salad place I don't eat their food cuz it is so expensive! Yes, even staff have to pay for their food. :( At least we have a discount of 30% Today y friend Yohana made my family choc muffins! After i told her my bro got a promotion yesterday, she is so nice and sweet to do that for him. I am happy that my older bro go the promo, he has worked so hard for it. At least now he will be happy in the position he is in, ready to get an apartment and then he will be focused on settling down in a rship. I really hope he gets a nice girlfriend that I will like, in the past I have never really liked my bros girlfriends... Might be my problem. hehe.

Also I got my passport in the mail today! YES! After all that trouble of having the photo rejected the first time. :p Hehehe. I am so happy :D I cant wait to go on this trip with Tiff and Yo, I'm so excited! Plus it is a cool passport, it has a microchip in it, so they can check my particulars online, all apart of this new technology called biometrics. I hate my photo though, I look chubby in it, like when i was a lil girl! My bf also has a copy of that same pic in his wallet, so I can look at him when he decides to spend money on his games... hehe.

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Masala mix 2006 - cultural harmony attainable?
Sunday. 8.20.06 6:05pm
I went to the annual Masala Mix with my friends Gail, Danae and Melissa, it was a good night at Metrocity. I felt rather out of place cuz of all these Indians, Sri Lankans etc. They mixed up the music with a bit of dance and rnb, it was funny to watch the DJs make a fool of themselves dancing to Bungra. My friends Gail, being Indian tried a few moves and also created some of her own. I found it interesting to watch, as like every cultural function it is nice to see people comfortable and embracing their own identity.

I worked at the Thai restaurant (my 2nd job) on Saturday night and that is owned by Sri Lankans. The funny thing is that the only person who is of Thai descent is the dish washer! Also I noticed that most of the customers are of anglo saxen, Australian background. Hmmm...man Australia is such a weird place! Where Sri Lankans run Thai restaurants, and no Thai people come to eat. But that is what makes it such a multicultural and enjoyable place to live in, cuz so many cultures are shared.

The downside of it though is that there is still prejudice and misunderstanding. A girl at work who is of Sri Lankan background told me that she could not be friends with a guy because his views were that guy/girl friendships are not possible. He saw that girls who had heaps of boys as friends were sluts. He is from Turkey and is strictly muslim. I guess it all boils down to upbringing and beliefs. On Masala Mix night I overheard a guy say 'Damn these Asians, what are they doing here?', which really made me want to bite back but I didnt want to cause trouble with drunk dickheads. Even one Sri Lankan boy at the restaurant, told me straight up that he doesn't like Asians..but that's his problem. Often at our annual Asia Cocktail with have people who are non-asian, and most of the time we are friendly towards other races. I don't get it why they hate one, they will hate all.

I also discussed with F this morning that in M'sia it is very strict, as it is a Muslim country. That even holding hands in the streets or a peck on the cheek can make others uncomfortable and land people in jail. Even wearing singlet tops, mini skirts can have girls labelled as 'easy' or 'cheap'. He could not believe it cuz in his country it is totally different and a bit more relaxed.

I don't think I could go bak to M'sia to live again, it seems that many things back there annoy me and anger me. I have too many opinions and in M'sia I cannot share them, cuz of the possibility of going to jail or getting in trouble. It's gonna be hard to shut up about my comparisons of M'sia and Australia when I do go back, but I will try to keep them to myself or on this blog.

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the downs of life..
Tuesday. 8.15.06 11.27am
I have been having one of 'those' weeks lately, when I feel really crap and really down about life. I dunno why...it usually hits me when I least expect it. I am just not happy with everything around me. I feel like I need a change or something to happen in my life to give me a reason to keep going. I hate being like this, cuz my mood often affects others and they get all down as well. This is usually the time I am alone, with my music, with my art and at the gym.

Last night I got a bit better, as I met up with Danae, Gail, Mel, Heidi at Gelares. It was good to catch up with Heidi especially cuz she has been gone for months overseas. She still looks the same and is the same caring person who listens and does not judge. In a way she has changed, to be more open. With all the scandals that us group of girls have condured up during her absence we were scared to fill her in, as somehow we always seek her approval. Heidi is such a good person, she is a friend who makes u feel like you are a good person, no matter what you do, but still she will have her opinion on it from a catholic perspective. But friends like these help with the healing process when u are in this 'mood'.

I guess I am also a bit down cuz my parents told me they would be selling our second house (the one I am staying in) and it is all so fast! Because they would rather buy an apartment in the city for my older bro to stay. He is the oldest so he has the say of what to do next. I will move back with my parents, but I fear I will miss my private space and go mad when I do live with them! Plus it feels like I have been kicked out of my comfort zone which I love so much. I have also tried to be very tolerant of the things that don't go according to plan, for e.g. my passport. Twice my photo has been rejected! I hate that shop in the city, wasting my f*@#ing time. It's plaza arcade photos...DON'T EVER GO THERE!! STUPID SERVICE! Small things like that tick me off, that I just wanna hit something or someone!!!

Yesterday I was at work, and my friend told me that a man had committed suicide near the train station which is only 2 secs from our Fresh Salad Bars. It was a Korean man. A lady travel agent who often buys from our shop told us he had come to see her the day before to book tickets back to Korea. He could not get the flight, due to cost or seats unavailable and therefore went to the balcony above and jumped. I was sick to my stomach, cuz it was so sad to know someone killed themselves because they were feeling like life could not go on or they had no option but the worst option. Why was he so stupid? Everyone feels like that some days, he should have seeked help. Things like that make me angry, sad and frustrated...that people cannot get rid of this 'sick' feeling in their head. It can be so hard to get rid of this feeling, nothing can change the way u feel in this mood, but u just have to wait for it to pass. It is so excrutiating when u just want it to leave but it doesn't.

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Being 22, single and female
Sunday. 8.13.06 7:45pm
Recently I have been chatting to my single, female friends who are now 22/23 yrs, who think they are bordering the line, by which they see as the point of no return. They talk about their past loves, romances, experiences and the worry of finding anyone that is decent and that they can share a common understanding with. They also talk about plans for the future, the stages in which things should happen and decided that at 22/23 is the age to be finding the right man, and dating him. The plan should go as so:

age 22: find the man (preferrably one who will be potential husband material)
age 25/26: get engaged, or married to this man
age 30: have kids

Whilst among all this having a strong career and being happy. That is what they have in mind for their future. I don't know whether it is possible to plan these things, cuz often these stages will fall into place when they least expect it. It is not healthy to plan ahead and then be upset when things do not go to plan and they end up at 30 being single. That would only make them depressed, desperate and negative, which is a very bad aphrodisiac.

My friends are above average to good looking, have fantastic personalities, interesting, caring, funny young women who are worried that they are not good enough for some men, and that some men aint good enough for them. hehe. It goes both ways. They worry they set their standards too high, but guys also do the same. Is it true the 'single' world is becoming a more tougher and harsher place for people to connect? It is so difficult to find someone who is on the same page as you and wanting similar things and goals.

I feel for them, having this mentallity of being single. And not enjoying it, but rather loathing it and making it a countless effort to be on the hunt for 'the one'. I am one to believe in 'love at first sight', as cliche as it sounds. But I really do believe by not studying the person through a list of criteria (e.g. work, education, background, religion etc) it can be possible to find a connection. Most of the time it could be lust and romance, but also there is an aura that I know 'the one' gives off. Could be me personally but I have a sense about these things...I guess everyone does. But it may get clouded once in a while, when they are disrupted by too many wants and needs.

I dunno, what is your view on this topic? Do you think it is an issue for young people now a days to meet the right one? Especially when they are ready to settle down?

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Grey's Anatomy spoiler
Wednesday. 8.9.06 2:40pm
mood: lazy...
I turned on the tv this afternooon to watch Oprah and the guests on the show were some Grey's Anatomy characters, Ellen Pompeo aka. Meredith & Isaiah Washington aka Dr. Burke. I spoilt it for myself!!! Cuz the stupid talk show was going on about the episode of the season finale...I was literally crying cuz I didnt want to watch it but I did. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww man, it is such a ood ending, more of a cliff hanger which I can say was way better than The O.C. season finale with Mischa Barton being written off. I am sure many of u in the U.S have seen this episode, and I dont think we will have it for weeks to come. Aww...let's say it has something to do with Meredith and Dr. McDreamy and her vet! hehehe.

It sucks being in Aust and having to be behind one season everytime! And then we get spoilers that ruin the whole surprise. Dammit it Oprah! I think I will have to buy the whole dvd collection now of Grey's Anatomy and watch it for myself. So many other collections to buy too... I love tv, hahaha it is like my comfort. And so is music. *sigh* If only there was more time to do the things we like...

I'm just having a really lazy day at home, cuz I have no uni and no work today. I did however go to the gym in the morning to do something! :p Oh I so want to go and download cool stuff to watch. When I really should be doing research for assignments and homework for next week. oops!

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Globe trotter
Friday. 8.4.06 11:24pm
I'm currently at home waiting for F to come and pick me up from my parents house cuz I am too lazy, hehe plus I have cooked a big pot of fried rice for his bros 21st bday and even made a punch too (non-alcholic hehe for once!). I also had a nite out with the girls, just went to Ambassador Chinese restaurant and chatted about stuff. It seems all my friends are now joining the gym and interested in getting fit and in shape for Summer. It is so funny how even my skinniest friends are so conscious about their looks, and see themselves as FAT! Then what am I?? hahaha.

Anyways the title of this entry is referring to my plans to go on holiday after uni is out for 2006. Yo, Tiff and I had talked about this since we were in high school, and how we have wanted to travel the world together. The reason why we are choosing the end of this yr to do it is because my friend, Yo, will be leaving Perth forever! She will go back to Indo, become a jewellry designer and marry a rich man. PROBABLY! So we will never see her again, just thinking about it makes me upset :( *SIGH* I dunno what it is about these 2 girls, but they are truely close to me like blood, like my sisters.

So we are going to take a trip round the world. I know I have had that silly tally board up, to count how many people want me to holiday. It seems Japan-Tokyo is winning! I will go to Japan one day for sure, I dunno whether it will be this round, but prob with my bf in the future. This journey I will go back to M'sia, Indo, Hong Kong, Korea, Canada and London. Which is making me so excited just thinking about it. :)

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