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Monday. 2.22.10 9:50 am
i am getting more and more tired each morning i wake. there are invisible needles trying to stitch my eyelids shut. every morning i have to use all my energy just to burst these seams and roll out of bed. i fear i will not always have the strength to do so.

i feel doomed. not in a depressing way. i'm not going to distribute my grievances like flyers to an underage kegger. at least, not with this particular thing.

i'm just overall not feeling well.


SporadicFunk and i were playing this sweet game called splosion man on my xbox. it was awesome. it pretty much is just a dude that splodes when you hit any button. after playing the trial, i pretty much instantly bought the full version.

good times.

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three things.
Wednesday. 2.17.10 11:02 am
i'm very tired.

i went to sleep at like 11 last night, and woke up at 7. this was after a day of taking sick leave from work for stomach problems. "how dare you" said my body, giving me shoulder pains, headaches, tiredness, and more stomach pain today.

i think i need to record myself sleeping, to see how restless my sleep is. i am not gonna survive much longer feeling like this every morning.

on a good note, i bought three things yesterday:

1. mayday parade cd: anywhere but here.
- this cd is so far a disappointment. i think the original lead singer stepped back to let the other guy lead for a bit. i do not like this. boo.
- it may grow on me, like most cds do, but at this point, i'm not a big fan.

2. law-abiding citizen dvd.
- this is a sweet action/suspense flick starring gerard butler and jamie foxx. it just came out on dvd.
- for whatever reason, it was on sale for $9.99. sweet.

3. bayonetta game for xbox 360.
- this is a video game surrounding a witch who is battling angels in order to save herself from being dragged down to hell.
- it's a fun game. bayonetta is the witch's name, and she's pretty bad ass. i mean, come on. her name is freakin' bayonetta.

that's all for now. bye.

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Monday. 2.8.10 8:39 am
i made it to work! work has good heat, and internet!

home doesn't have cable/internet yet. it's funny how dependent i can be on something like that when there is no where to go.

for most of saturday, i had my phone off, because i didn't have the ability to charge it, and if i were to need it for something important, i wanted to make sure i had power. luckily the power came on at 2AM on sunday.

i just found out that the other maryland branches of my bank are closed. now i'm pissed to be here.

this ruined my morning. shit.

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Friday. 2.5.10 10:42 am
so apparently, maryland is supposed to get hit with a pretty bad snowstormy blizzardy treat this weekend, starting this afternoon/evening... hmm.

i'm at work. maybe they will let us leave early. maybe not. no signs of snow yet.

i wish i had more exciting news to report... but i really don't... i'm sorry, 'tangers.

...well i COULD make something up, and just pretend that it happened. i don't feel like it, though.

i think there is immense opportunity for making videos this weekend. if i'm snowed in, i won't have anything else to do. i really want to do a medley. but i don't know many songs. should it just be one particular artist? or many random artists? who knows. i'll figure it out.

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Wednesday. 2.3.10 10:43 am
i just got the skin for my droid in the mail today. i designed it to look like the symbol from the air nation in avatar: the last airbender.

...i don't care if you think i'm a dork for having it. that's my style. moving on.

i'd show you a picture, but the only camera i have on me at this present time is attached to my phone. thus, unless i set up a complex set of mirrors, it's probably not happening.

i guess i could upload the graphic. but it's at home. and i'm not.

the bad news is that i've spent about 50 bucks or so in phone accessories as of late, all of which i haven't been able to use. this last skin that i just got should be IT, for awhile, at least. i don't want to spend any more money on a phone. the phone itself already set fire to my wallet.

...i do need a car charger, though.

anyone wanna donate funds to the "extra crap for sank's already extravagant phone fund"?

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Monday. 2.1.10 9:55 am
my hair is very gray. i'm only 23. separately these facts do not annoy me, but together, they do.

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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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