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Bali Trips Day 5 Amateur Diving and Water Sport at Nusa Dua [Disclaimer: Lots of Photos]
Monday. 3.23.09 12:21 am
Dear Diary,

This was the no2 best day in Bali, Indonesia, because we have some real extreme FUN! We called in a company from the brochure we got from the air port to bring us for the water sport activities. And the prices for the activities were cheap compare to the last 2 days which charge us USD rate.

My SIL was the best in dealing with the company as she demanded the company for APV SUZUKI, to fetch us, however, according to the company, Avanza was better, me and my SIL’s mum making noise boycotting Avanza as it too bumpy for us. Later the company reviewed that SUZUKI was not available, but to our surprise, APV SUZUKI was there waiting for us when we were ready for some fun activities. The power of bargaining.

Once we reach the destination, we were shocked to see huge buses around the area but none of them were into water sport, except for the beach. Oh the beach that we go for is Nusa Dua beach. :D

Okay the person in charge was shocked to see the price printed on the brochure haha…. Because it was way too low from the original price and also…. He don’t even know about the price :P.

We had our Noob Diving experience. Me and my bro do not know how to swim, but who cares…. Off we go to diving….

The diver that accompanied us were Nyoman and… idk his name haha… and a photographer that we hired, charged us 300k Rupiah per trip… :D around RM100+, the water sport company is Kanaka Ocean.

Cheese haha… that’s me!

Briefing on how to breathe through the oxygen tank, I was asking funny question like will I able to see SHARKS, that’s y he went @@’’ and also he say if the water pressure r high, try to blow our nose… and our ears will release it, but I told him, my left ear have no effect…. And he go @@’’ again haha (seriously he touched my ear and no sign of any air pressure… )

Get Ready to rock the sea

This big fish super jahat

Here fishy fishy

After conquering the sea :D

Going back to the beach haha…

The Diving Gears

The diving suit

The diving kawaii gang… they posed for my camera…

Me n Nyoman :D

Nusa Dua Beach

Flying Fish

The place to wash our self after the sea~

The gang haha…

This guy is funny, he helps me w some photo shot w Nyoman, and he snap none stop ! another pic of him, he showing his bulu ketiak … I go @@’’

After diving, we had our water sports activities, I have jet ski and banana boat (my bro too) and my SIL, SIL’s Mom and SIL friend have parachuting, flying fish, jet ski and banana boat.

I didn’t take picture, because I will destroy my camera @@’’ however the experience was super fun. The banana boat was the worse experience, because all of us fall into the sea less than 5 min after they drove us off. Even the leading guy falls into the sea too @@’’ . And later he told us “Tidak Sengaja” – not on purpose, because the driver drove too fast …. Haha later we requested we don’t want to fall into the sea anymore LOL. Overall it was SO MUCH FUN…..

Nyoman was suppose to bring me on Jet Ski, but last minute another group of tourist was there for diving so I went with other haha… but was still COOL!!!... :D

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
Bali Trips Day 4 - Exploring Kuta (Disclaimer: Lots of Photos:D)
Sunday. 3.22.09 9:46 am
Dear Diary,

We was surpose to hike Mt Batur at Kintamani, hence we woke up at 12am ( I mean me ) and was excited over the trip. So at around 1.30am, me and my brother went down to wait for the driver. To my surprise, the hotel was in total darkness, except a TV was in play. Few guards were in the lobby and were shocked to see us roaming around the lobby middle of the night. The thought we wanted to check out, lol.

Don’t seems to have night life around the place I stay, although I’m staying at Kuta, but is kinda far away from the beach like Hard Rock Café and such. Of course I manage to take some picture of the “night life” or “early in the morning life”

Early in the morning 1.30am

Since we don’t get to climb Mt Batur, we had our breakfast at hotel still.. look like ultraman lol

The driver picked us up at 1.40am+ and along our journey, it was too bumpy for me to continue sleeping + my excitement of hiking Mt Batur. Upon arrival, we were welcomed by heavy rain; hence we have to cancel our trip and went home to sleep. Too bad we have to pay the driver in full, sadness.

We changed our plan, and headed off to another side of Kuta by 2 legs, since my SIL’s friend was telling is a must to visit Hard Rock Café’s hotel, so we went for exploring.

SIL’s Friend shoe is so red , as red as the Ronald Mcdonald

McFlurry at Kuta lol

I love this shot - Balinese in action – they loves international chess…. Everywhere they were playing, including the photographer gang. So now I play Chess online too after so many years of relaxing at Chess Cube

Hard Rock Café

The huge guitar infront of HardRock Café Hotel

Concert… anyone?


Ambience at Hard Rock Café

After visiting Hard Rock Café, we headed to the beach for some noobie surfing, and we rented the seat for 50k rupiah – 2 hours and later they make it 3 hours however, it rain b4 the 3 hours limit were up.

Bali’s dogs were cute, most of the dogs there were all black with its tail white.. (sorry I don’t get to take the all black with white tail’s dogs)

That’s me, lol I can’t swim so I don’t go to the deep sea, just near the beach, and look at the wave… kowai desu. The wave was so strong that we were brought from one end to another end, until my bro came and told us to get back to the original place. @@’’

The wave, and I think is my SIL

The Kuta Beach

After the noob surfing, we headed back to the hotel. And had our first lunch or tea in Hotel Febris and Spa (no they don’t pay me for advertising their hotel)
Turned out the foods were yummy , and less salty compare to their breakfast … haha

My Chicken Burger – the patties was yummy covered w the aroma of herbs, however, a bit salty for my tongue.

Soto Ayam

Yummy seafood pasta cooked w red wine…. Best among the best, can’t remember the name but is 49k Rupiah. Last item in the pasta category.


Yup you can have free shoulder massage if you dine in there excluded free buffet breakfast

Later we had our so called shopping done at Kuta, but ended up was too tempted by a Pancake house’s dummy. However, I managed to get a bikini (Lol) for RM50+ at the Arena shop because it was having discount. And the next day we went to Arena Shop again to buy more and I think we spent around 1mil (5 ppl) in that particular shop.

Me n my bro share this pancake – Nuts and Berries Pancake with yummy vanilla ice cream

SIL’s Friend, Chocolate Pancake with yummy chocolate ice cream… I was drooling over it.

We had our dinner here, is sort of like a high class hawker stall… which they served CHICKEN RICE , DUCK RICE and gosh PENANG NOODLE SOUP @@’’ and CHAR KOAY TEOW… we went @@’’.

However the foods were yummy too, but the food I ordered (noodle was tasteless)

The Ambience

Grilled sea foods, mixture of prawn, fish, lobster, crab at a reasonable price

Fish & Chips

Type of noodles… that was tasteless for my tongue

Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) ala Bali (I think)


We sat quite near to the stage and in front of us was a couple, so as usual me ill take photos and went near the stage…. And the singer points the mic in front of me and asked me to sing…. I quickly ran away. Later he asked where do I from. And I answered Malaysia; he changed his song and sang Malay song to me …. Haha…
Later this man went up the stage and had a performance with the singer…. Nicey... :D

Sing w me :P

The blue shirt guy was the customer that seated in front of our table

Next day we had our tour to Water Sport at Nusa Dua, best experience ever, lol why do all the funny n best experience happened days b4 we left? sigh... i miss Bali.....

so To be continued.....

If you missed out my Bali trips day 1-3 you can click below :-
Bali Day 1
Bali Day 2
After Bali effect :P
Bali Day 3

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
Bali Trips Day 3 (disclaimer lots of photoes) lol
Saturday. 3.21.09 11:52 pm
Dear Diary,

This is the 3rd day of Bali Trip, after long activities on the 2nd day of tagging along w my bro, SIL and the photographer, we have our self pampered with 4 hours of spa and me and my SIL’s Mum have an extra hour of foot reflexology for free because it is a complimentary by Hotel Febris and Spa for staying more than 6 nights.

The Foot Reflexology’s Room

Rusa Bikin Anak

After 5 hours of spa

Cold Jacuzzi

Massager and this is where I have my hair wash haha
The special 4 hours spa compound and the room

After 5 hours of spa, we were recharged, so we decided for Water Sport Activities, hence we needed to search for a driver to bring us there. Believed it or not 5 hours of spa, we had totally forgotten about our lunch, when the driver was here, we requested him to bring us out for food. Of course, not the fancy restaurant food, so he brought us to a light lunch which is Bubur Ayam ala Bali (Chicken Porridge).

It comes with Prawn Cracker… It tastes yummy but salty… LMAO idk why Bali foods r salty… @@’’

After feeding our stomach, we headed to Nusa Dua for water sport, actually, the driver was telling us we get to see Sea Turtles too, but only to realize they charge us 35USD PER PERSON hontoni takai desu. Hence we refused to go for the Sea Turtles watch (we have to go to another island). When we were about to leave, the person try to reduced the price to 600k rupiah for 5 persons but we already had in mind that we don’t want to go anymore. The water sports, they charged in USD so we chicken out!

Nusa Dua Beach

Hence the driver drove us to Pura Luhur (Uluwatu) Temple, the scenery was fascinating, and it really makes my jaw dropped on the floor.
It is located on top of cliff at the edge of a plateau 250 feet above the waves of the Indian Oceans. It is dedicated to the spirits of the sea – Pura Luhur.
To go in there, you need to wear sarong (if u r wearing short pants) and a cloths tying around your waist and also you might need a guide to bring you along especially those that are wearing specs, because the monkeys there are very intelligent, they know a way to snatch you specs away. However, remember to bargain with the guide. Oh and if you lost your specs to the monkeys, you have to pay the guide to get it back, the guide will help you to bargain with the monkey @@’’.
Me, SIL and SIL’s friends are wearing our specs, so we have to be protected by the guide, LOL and the guide gave us a stick to self defend from the monkeys.
During our visit, there was a man spec nearly fall into the hands ‘ of monkeys, and imagine, a group of monkeys was rushing towards the drop spec… it is quite scary.
The architecture of the temple is fascinating, and I really enjoyed all the old ancient temple, imagine without the technologies now, they still can build a strong architecture, I seriously salute the past.

Look at the wave

The holy temple on top of the cliff, we are not allow to go in, only the Believers are allow.

This monkey was cheeky enough, it jump up lamp post and shake it real hard, and attract lots of tourists’ attention, and later it jump up on top of the tree and seated there.

According to the guide, this is the King of the Monkey; sorry I dare not move away from the guide because I do not wanted to risk my spec being stolen. So not much photos taken here.

This is the sarong n the cloths I mentioned.

Before we leave, the guide told me that the monkey there once pulls her earrings from her ears… I went @@’’ OMG…. That’s why she told my SIL’s mom not to wear earring inside…. Kowai desu.
After hiking up to the temple, we headed off for our early dinner, the driver suggested a place where we could watch sunset while enjoying our dinner, so off we go to another sunset beach, if not mistaken the restaurant name is White Beach Restaurant.
On our way there, the rain started heavily, but thank god the rain stop right before sunset, so we moved our seat towards the beach, and everyone was waiting and anticipating for the sunset. Seriously, the beach is clean compared to …. Haha…

The Sunset :p

Bali 2/3/09 :D

These 2 pictures were taken by the waiter, however, the 1st picture taken by him … not met my expectation lol so I took an example picture of 4 others and show him, so the 2nd picture is the better shot for sunset as background :P






After the lovely sunset dinner, we headed home to sleep at 8pm because next day we were going to hike Mt Batur- the Volcano… and the driver is fetching us at 130am~ :P
So to be continued… :D

Random picture

This is an angry cat… fierce cat feed by one of the tourist that stays at Hotel Febris and Spa…. Lol this tourist like to wink at me @@’’

If you missed any of my Bali trips... click on the link below :D or scroll down :D
Bali Day 1
Bali Day 2
After Bali effect :P

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
Post Holiday effect.... I MIss Bali *My Thoughts*
Tuesday. 3.17.09 1:14 am
Dear Diary,

Yes i aware of nutang is not working properly... and gosh i really wanted to blog everything.... but it just cant load... lol :P

it must be the 1st time travel abroad giving me all the honeymoon effect....

now i having "i miss bali" illness... it was so fun.... and free of worries... haha but thats holiday... staying there might be different... but the life there is worry free (of course provided u r rich)

but my volcano hiker guide - Gede ~ Sayang (haha i miss him.... regret for not asking his contact... im so gonna call to the association to ask for it) say Kuta full of lots of tourist... which he dont fancy lots... maybe is quite true.... Kuta is a busy town, where tourist loves to go there.... the beach is nice and the wave is extremely strong for surfing.... :D

i love the slow pace lifestyle... city life is too much headache for me now... especially to me that have lots of sickness... why? cause the air is less polluted than the places im staying now... eg here every morning and afternoon, the non responsible neighbour will have his' lorries engine run and eliminate all the polluted air... i hate it....

at Bali... although Kuta's air abit dirty due to heavy traffic, but is still better than the place im at now... and yes i can actually walk at Bali... and here... my life is in danger if i walk... cause who knows when someone might bang u over w their vehicles...

i learn cycling from my little cousins that i baby sit... haha (they keep laughing at me) maybe next time ill cycle around the places i travel...

i love to travel to different part of the world, but my main obstacle is my parent... they dont TRUST NOR BELIEVE ME so... i always stuck at Malaysia, Penang Island.... specifically my house...

yeah their thinking.. i cannot travel alone... if u want to travel get a friend along... holy cow.... where can i find ppl that can travel w me often... is so not logical...

one day ill be flee... and off me go to different part of the world to witness the culture.. and all the unpolluted land... b4 it dissappear forever...

maybe homestay is good... where u can actually learn local culture from the family instead of culture heavily promoted by the tourism board of particular country....

Mother Earth is big..... i wonder will i able to see her... b4 my last breath... or hers

places that i wishes to go......

Egypt.... before the pyramid dissappear.... or destroy..... (i always wanted to be either astronaut of egyptologist... but.... )

North/South Poles - before they fully melted...

China - the great wall of China

Cambonia - Angkor Wat ( always my fav after reading history... haha)

Temple of Zeus at Olympia... t always my fav too.... due to some personal reason... i fancy the Temple and the myth so much

and many more...

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
Bali Trips Day 2, Monkey Forest, Temple and Sunset Beach....
Tuesday. 3.10.09 10:16 am
Dear Diary,

Disclaimer : Lots of Pictures
Second day at Bali, I woke up at 6am because I hate to queue for the bathroom, since the pickup was at 730am, so after everyone was ready we went down for our 1st breakfast at Bali in the hotel…. American style… haha complimentary by the Hotel… aren’t it good ? :D

So off we go to Ubub, and headed down to The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary - [Padangtegal Ubub-Bali] for 1st location photographing while me and gangs busy luring around the forest to take picture of the Monkey.

Monkeys that live in this sanctuary are called Balinese Macaques a.k.a long-tail macaques Quotes

On the way to Ubub

Monkey wrestling… kawaii ne

Cari kutu lol

I love this shot, I stand so super near to the monkey…. And no I don’t use zoom lol

Having a serious discussion w the monkey

The tree at the forest

View at Monkey Forest, cant access into the space tho…

Aren’t this lovely?

Monkey at the roof

Gosh, some monkey robbing the wedding gown

The monkey decided to be the center of attraction… haha pity Dedik :P

Statue of Kodomo Dragon

Monkey decided to become the bride of the day….

After Monkey Forest, we headed up hill for our lunch… which I do not know where was it because I falled asleep in the car… however…

We have our lunch here over see the greenie field :D

Us at restaurant~

After lunch we headed to the temple, which I failed to remember the name of the temple, because the entrance ticket did not have the name on it… @@’’ but I still manage to take some pictures, it was very hot during that day, around 1pm… so mostly we just hide under the shade.

I loved this the most… ahh now I misses Bali so so much

After this hot weather activity, we headed to sunset beach which located near Kuta I think, too bad is not really a beach but a cliff but the sea was clear yet the waves were strong. :D

Is a perfect place for wedding photo… but remember there are no escalators or lifts provided. You needed to climb down the cliff to reach the beautiful ocean. Dedik and the gang was telling me there were escalator to go down the beach and I trusted them… only to realize I got prank by them :P.

After that incident, Dedik’s nickname = escalator haha

The sunset

Beautiful View from top of the cliff


After long day of activities… we headed back to our hotel for a rest and ended up in a Black Shop foot reflexology…. @@’’

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
Bali Trips.. Day 1 ... Upon arrival... :D
Monday. 3.9.09 10:36 am
Dear Diary,

Disclaimer: Lots of pictures to see.

I’m officially backed from Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. Seriously the day I step myself into a foreign land (my 1st time in my life) I got so excited, according to my SIL, I’m taking day off from prison… which I find it very true.

Got excited once we reach the destination, as usual busy snapping pictures at the airport and this was the thing that welcoming us.

Past through the immigrant and such and tada, we reached outside the airport, having the hotel transport holding my SIL’s name, so we have our 1st ride at Bali to our hotel Febris Hotel and Spa with Suzuki APV… immediately we fall in love with the car :D

Check into the hotel and we have our room at the 2nd floor and far away from the lobby, haha so we have to walk a distance (not really far just far) before we reach our room…

But seriously the room is marvelous.. and is clean … although is budget hotel, but I super loving it…

The swimming pool

The room n toilet lol

Later we decided to have our dinner, since upon arrival is around 7pm, the sky was dark n we were feeling hungry. As usual, the 1st night of dinner will be expensive because we do not know where to eat YET…. :D

lots of horse ride… along the road… :D

Haha KFC :P

The restaurant we dined in

Fried Rice

Roast Chicken w Rice

Curry Fish

Laksa Ala Bali

Bali Chicken

The Rice

Later after the dinner, we headed back to the hotel to recharge our energy for tomorrow… since we start our journey a 730am the next day….. :D

So Bali trips…. To be continue… :D

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----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These little long stories, belongs to my crazy little mind, these fancy funny photos, belongs to my crazy little eyes, so please dont plagiarize, or my little angry devil will come into your mind. Hence~ All contents here Copyright 2006 - 2100 mizutama.
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