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Age. 37
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Caucasian
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School. Other
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Friday. 11.24.06 9:47 am
Happy Black Friday everyone (I suppose that's not such a happy gesture, but eh...)

Hopefully no one's out braving the crazy shoppers this morning and if you are, I either commend you for your dedication or pity you for not being smart and just shopping online. Online = no people, not lines, no waiting in those lines = much better time!

Anyway, I'm at work this morning...oh well...it's not like I would have been doing anything else, so I don't mind being here. Our department is about 50 % this morning, so we're short staffed...and I highly doubt anything is going to go down today anyway. If I was a business that we deal with, I'd not be working today...lol

Poor Brian had to be to work at 4am this morning. I'm sure his day is an utter nightmare about now. The news was doing a story last night and they were standing in front of a Best Buy and there were 60/70 people standing in front of the store last night...so I'm sure he's feeling the hurt right about now. I think they opened at 6am or something. Not sure though...either way, I feel bad for him :( I think having to deal through that would bring out the Christmas scrooge in me.

Ugh...I didn't post much about Thanksgiving because we didn't do much of anything. We drove down to Colorado Springs and visited Brian's grandparents (his grandpa's in a nursing him, his grandma was at home)...the ride down there was an utter nightmare. Brian's dad is so jerky and in a hurry when we drive anywhere, so we were all over the road and we were jerking in and out of traffic, to and from stops, flying around parking lots, etc...I thought I was going to be sick. I certainly felt like being sick, but rather than be a bitch and ask him to drive better, I just sucked it up and sat in the back of the car waiting to hurl. It never happened, but it could have...

We went and got his grandma a Christmas tree and helped her set it up...and then we drove back to Denver as everyone really had to work this morning. I drove home after that and tried to install a game on my computer at home. OF COURSE, it didn't work...so I felt like a tard and was asking Brian every 2 seconds what I was doing wrong. From what it appears, I wasn't doing anything wrong, so we may have just downloaded a bad version. Who knows...you'd think by now I'd have figured out how to use Daemon tools...lol

Other than that, complete uneventfulness! Woo...

Anyway, better get crackin' on this crap that I have to do. I'm crossing my fingers that we get to leave a little early...then I'm gonna stop by Target and see if there's anything on sale that I want to get someone :) I'm sure I'll be asking for it after I do that.

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Happy Turkey Day!
Thursday. 11.23.06 10:52 pm
I know it's late in the day...but this is all you're gonna get for me for today...


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Wonky Wednesday...
Wednesday. 11.22.06 9:26 am
Well, the fun is only beginning. Yesterday at about 3:45, we had a power surge at work and it wiped out of all of the computers...and of course, the main program we use to do everything in our department is now corrupted. No one can get into it, so we are not functioning WHATSOEVER. Fortunately, everything that I do does not involve this program, so I can still work to my full capacity. Unfortunately, all of those who are paying bills and billing cannot function to their complete capacity as this program is what does the bill paying and paying bills (and issuing checks, etc.)...

We're SOL...it wasn't working last night...it's still not working again this morning, so we're stuck going no where yet again today.

What does this mean for me? Month end is going to suck! If we're getting behind now, just imagine how behind we're going to be when the end of the month rolls around and we have to pay everything and bill everything from a certain point forward. I suppose overtime is good...but it's November...it's the end of the year, I think we all just want to enjoy the holidays!

Anyway...I have a doctor's appointment this evening after work (we're supposed to be closing the office early at 3pm), so I might be leaving early...but I seriously doubt it. I have to leave at 3:30 anyway to make it to my appointment, but if I get to leave earlier by 30 minutes, it'll be nice too. I can stop and get Starbucks or something (I've been getting the chai a lot...I love the chai...but is it work $3.80 every time I go there to get an iced chai? Probably not...especially when I can go to Sam's Club and get a 3 pack of concentrated Oregon Chai for a little under $8.00 and make my own at home...lol)...

Thanksgiving tomorrow...and we're driving to Colorado Springs. I really don't want to go, but I said that I would. We're going to Brian's grandparent's house...I hope we don't stay there for very long. Brian has to work at 3:45 in the morning on Friday and I have to go to work as well on Friday, so I don't want to be out and about...especially an hour away from the hospital for too long. It's bad enough I live far away from the hospital as it is, but I really don't want to be down in the Springs and not near the hospital. Traffic will be a nightmare trying to get back up here and ugh...I can already just imagine it.

We'll have to bring the laptop and watch a movie on the way down there. At least pretend to enjoy the car ride...

Okay...better get started...

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Tuesday. 11.21.06 2:33 pm
My lunch is not nutritious or healthy...just plain delicious. I know I should eat more than what I'm eating, but I'll do that when I get to Brian's house tonight.

I'm eating the Santa Fe Crunch mix...with little sesame sticks, cheese curls, pretzels, and toasted corn chips. It's a little on the spicy side, but eh...it's the only thing that I can eat in mass quantities and it doesn't give me heartburn! Woo!! I also have my can of Dr. Pepper (I know, not really what I should be drinking), but I can't help but drink Dr. Pepper. I did have a craving to water last night (haha...yeah...), but it has to be bottled water. I spoiled myself on the bottled water and I can't stand drinking tap water anymore. It tastes like CRAP...CRAP CRAP CRAP!! I have a Brita pitcher, so I might just go buy a filter for it and make my water. It tastes so much better...

ANYWAY, other than that...it hasn't been too horrible of a day (as predicted). I'm still a little exhausted and anxietized, but oh well. It happens.

OH, I was reading on the baby message board that I used to post on and they were talking about IV's and I just wanted to throw-up listening to them talk about it. Then my hand started throbbing (because they were talking about alternate places to put an IV rather than in your hand) and every time I squeezed my hand, all I could think about was the IV...I'm just so grossed out by IV's in general. I wanted to get educated about them because I know that they're just catheters and it's nothing that I should be afraid of, but seriously...I think IV's are on the top of my list of things that I HATE the most. I've had them on more than one occasion...once in the hand and once in the crook of my arm and it's not that I had a bad experience with them, I just do not like them.

The more I looked up information about them, the more that I felt uneasy about them, but WHY? I was reading that they use the 16 guage catheters when you donate blood (which I do all the time...when I could) and they use 18 guage ones for normal blood draws (which I have had a lot too recently). They even use smaller ones like 20 to 22 guage catheters for blood draws also (like in babies and whatnot)...so why am I freaking out about it? I mean, if we think in relation to things that I have already (i.e. earrings and piercings), it really shouldn't bother me that much. Normal earrings are 18 guage posts...I have my rook pierced, and that's either a 16 guage or a 14 (I don't remember) so that right there is as big as the damn IV needle...if not bigger. I had my eyebrow pierced, but I freaked out on that one and they put the 18 guage in when it should have been the 16 guage...lol...I REALLY HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR!!!

Ugh...here I am getting worked up over needles...I told Brian that when they put that IV in my arm, anywhere in my arm (the hand, the wrist, the elbow), my arm will be limp and I will not use it while that needle is in there. They state that they use plastic catheters so they're more flexible in the skin...but seriously, a piece of hard plastic in the skin for hours on end is not flexible...A PIECE OF PLASTIC IS A LITTLE BENDY, BUT IT'S NOT FLEXIBLE!!!! When I think flexible, I think rubber tubing, really bendy...not bendy plastic?!

Okay, I'm overanalyzing this...lol

I'm going to go now before I pass out from talking about it...hehe

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Tuesday. 11.21.06 9:35 am
Someone said I looked tired this morning...I responded with "Yes, I'm always tired...tired of life..." It's just one of those mornings already...depressing as hell.

I hate my boring commute where I'm sitting in my car all alone, I hate coming home to a house where I'm all alone, I hate sitting at work where I'm mostly alone (except for the fun communication I get with the outside world...ahem)...life is pitiful sometimes, but I still wake up every day and I deal with it. I think that's the shittiest thing about it...

But anyway, today will be slightly busy. I have a number of things to do today and I will quite possibly have someone sitting with me all day so she can learn what I'm doing. We'll see though...every time that happens, it never seems to work out and I'm back here, alone, as usual. No one will ever get trained to do what I do and I'll be back here the week after I have my baby because there'll be no one to fill in for me. That'll be just my luck.

Sometimes I regret even having this baby...I could have had so much going for me and now it's all gone. Now it's all expressed toward having and taking care of this baby. All my money for bills is going to go towards diapers and baby stuff. I can't even attempt to find a job in the field I graduated from school in because I'm having this baby. The times that I do attempt, they turn me down for some stupid reason (only because they can't legally tell me they don't want to hire me because I'm pregnant...that's discrimination)...Now it just seems like I wasted the past 3 years of my life getting this Bachelor's Degree and I'm not even using it.

On the other hand, I can't say that I hate that this baby is coming. I do think that it is a blessing at times, but I just wasn't prepared. I still think even after he gets here, I still won't be prepared. Brian is getting really excited about the baby being here, but he's not even there to support me half the time. I have half-hearted ideas that he'll actually be living with me by the time the baby arrives. I can only hope that it will be that way, but he just keeps telling me that he'll be there soon. When is soon? Next year...next month...next week? I mean, the other night when I was having those back pains and stuff, it would have been nice to have someone there to give me a back rub and help me relax (like they discuss in the baby class we go to on Tuesdays), but all he could do was sit there and talk to me on the computer. He had no desire to even come over...is it going to be the same thing when I'm in labor? Is he going to sit there and just talk to me and tell me "that sucks" and let me just sit there by myself? I honestly can't help feeling that way only because he's never proven me any different.

Ugh...I don't want to talk about that anymore. It's depressing just thinking about it and I really don't want to be more depressed than I already am. Maybe I'll write more later when the day has gotten even worse (as it has not even started here yet)...

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Monday. 11.20.06 11:48 pm
With my bored time, I decided to mess around with those photoshop tutorial thingies that were on the forums...

Here's something I managed to make in my spare time...you can laugh at me all you want, but I was just playing. It's sort of fun when you just mess around with it.

Just some random lilies I found online...

I love Luis Royo, so I messed around with one of his pictures...

I have no idea where this lady is from, but she was pretty...

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I changed it up a bit...
Monday. 11.20.06 9:09 pm
Okay, I didn't change much...just the banner. I can't figure out how to change the color of the bar with the links around my blog/profile/etc. It's like a bluish/tealish color at the moment and I really wish that it was white...and the links were black. I'll figure out how to do it one day...lol

I think if I made that white, the page curl would look better on my banner, but whatever...lol

Anyway, since I'm not really doing anything other than sitting here, I figure I'd post a video of one of the funnier cartoons that I've ever seen. I first watched this back in the mid-90's because my teacher brought it in to class. I was in 6th grade at the moment and we watched it a few times. Even now, I still think it's funny.

There's 3 parts to the video and you can find the rest of the links here - Part 2 and Part 3. The cartoon is about 20ish minutes long, it's just split up into 3 parts :)

If you're bored, I suggest watching it...it's cute to say the least.

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a little late today...
Monday. 11.20.06 3:07 pm
But oh well...it's not like a lot of people read my crap in the morning anyway...I'm sure I could have waited until after work to write something and it would have been about the same...lol

I called my water company this morning and damn, I think they must keep you on hold FOREVER. I took me about 20 minutes to even get to talk to a person and then my question took about 2 minutes. It sucks...20 minutes of waiting for 2 minutes of talking! I told her that I paid my water bill with my rent and there's no way that I could be severely delinquent as their letter stated to me. She said she had to call to verify it with the management company and then I'd be good to go...they'd even clear the late charge off my account. For some reason, my management company did not decide to report that I paid my water bill to the water company. GRR...way to ruin my week ya know.

BUT, yeah...that was my little meltdown. I'm sort of glad I didn't get through to them earlier this morning because I was on a rampage. I'd already gotten two shitty phone calls at work where people insist on talking over me when I'm trying to explain something. You know what...don't call me asking a question if you're going to sit there and have a yelling match with me on the phone. Just because you think you can raise your voice to talk over doesn't mean that I'm not going to do the same thing to you. AND, I sat there and listened to them talk yet when it's my turn to talk and I start telling them something they don't want to hear, they have to talk over me. You know what...shut-up and listen. This is probably why you're having so many problems in the first place.

Ugh...that little debacle put me a poor mood this morning right from the start. All this shit happens prior to 9am this morning, so I've got 6.5 hours left to work in the day when it's already ruined there.

I've had horrible heartburn for the past week or so. According to my mom, since I'm having heartburn, the baby's going to have lots of hair. We'll see about that...if he comes out balder than can be, that little old wive's tale is complete B.S. I can't even lay down at home without having heartburn. I lay down, I get heartburn...I sit in a chair, I get heartburn...I eat some cookies, I get heartburn...I eat NOTHING, I get heartburn...it's relentless I tell you! I've got less than 2 months left now...so if I can deal with it for 2 more months, I'll be good to go!

Got my 3rd clas of 4 tomorrow...then I leave early on Wednesday for a doctor's appointment...then I've got Thanksgiving off...I work Friday...I have next Tuesday off from work (decided to take a vacation day)...I have the 4th and 8th of December off...I took December 27th off...Um, pretty soon here, I would imagine that my doctor's appointments are going to be weekly, so I'll be doing that here pretty soon...THEN, hopefully on or around January 17th, this baby will pop out. I really don't want him to come before. I'm not ready for him yet...and my mom won't be able to be out here yet. I'm suppposed to ask the doctor on Wednesday if he thinks I'm right on track to deliver on my due date, but I mean, he could tell me yes...and then next week, the baby could decide that he wants to come out. I mean, it's all unreliable. When the baby wants to come, he wants to come...so I feel bad because I can't tell my mom when to come out. I think she should at least come out a week before my due date and then at least if he comes, then it'll be good...and she'll be there. I don't know if she'll be able to do that though :(

I wish my mom lived closer...or I lived closer to them. It just sucks.....

ANYWAY...gotta get back to work. Lunch time is O-V-E-R!

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