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Friday. 2.22.08 7:31 am

Music! This is ďA Twist in my StoryĒ by Secondhand Serenade. I absolutely love this guy. I freely admit that I will download most cdís for free on a torrent. This guy is the only one whose CD I will always pay for even if I can get it free. Hands down. Enjoy.

I saw two really good movies the last few days. Martian Child. Which is about a widower (John Cusack) who adopts a young boy who thinks heís from Mars. Cute story and the kid was surprisingly a very good actor. I also watched The Nines, with Ryan Reynolds. I would definitely recommend that move. I canít tell you whatís itís about, honestly. It all makes sense in the end but itís a hell of a ride getting there. You should watch it.

Jenn and I are still tossing around ideas for books and movies. We came up with another cool idea that we may actually turn into something real, if we can both stay focused on it. Hard to do while weíre here, but once we move weíll give it a shot.

For myself... itís very frustrating to have ideas for things that you know you canít pull off. I have ideas for different websites, but 1) I donít have the skill to design them, and 2) Iíd never be able to get the ball rolling. Very annoying. Ah well. Maybe some day.

In the meantime, enjoy the music. Iím going to try and write something.

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Music and (sadly) 1 picture!
Tuesday. 2.19.08 12:03 pm

Music! This is ďOld SchoolĒ by ďHedleyĒ.

Okay, so I know I promised everyone pictures, but it turns out my cameraís battery is dead, and Iíve spent the last few weeks trying to find it. With no luck. =(

But! I do have one picture of myself that I can post up, which youíll find down at the bottom of the post.

So for the updates. Still here, still waiting. Making plans for the future. Iíve started getting into the stock market, which is working out awesome. Iím spending my savings buying up Apple stock. Itís low right now (125 per share), but 3 months ago it was up at 180. And I know Apple will come back up because... well.. Theyíre awesome. So once this recession is over, however long that is, Iím hoping to make about $20-$50 per share that I own. Which could be a lot depending on how many I can get before it starts to go back up. Right now I have 6.

Secondhand Serenade finally released a new cd. Woot! Bought that right away. So youíll probably be hearing stuff from that cd soon.

Iíve found a new game obsession. Iíve started playing The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. Awesome game. I love free-roaming environments. And this game has them in spades.

Thatís about all there is to say for now.

As promised, hereís that picture.

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