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Name: Emily
Age: 24
Locaton: Auburn, Ala.
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damn you auburn damn yooooooouuuuu!
Monday. 10.27.03 7:35 pm
Man, they got stomped on... Saturday!!! So did Alabama. This great state (ha ha, get it? that was sarcasm) is getting KILLED in college football. But hey, Oregon State beat Washington so who cares?!? Anyway, on Friday we went to T-Town at about... 6 and started drinking an hour later. Friday was pretty mellow. We watched Scarface and then Nightmare on Elm Street. Both are good flicks. Okay, Saturday was CRAZY! My dumb ass started drinking at 3. Or was it 4? Either way, pretty early! We bought 3 cases of Budweiser on Friday, thinking it would last us 2 nights. WRONG! We had like, 12 left on Saturday and Ishmael, Daniel and I finished them by 7. So we bought even more. Anyway, I don't remember alot of specific things that happened on Saturday. I remember singing some songs. Loudly. Lets see... I went MIA for about an hour because I got hungry and went for a walk and bought a calzone, and then bitched at Ish for not coming with me. I probably should have told him I was leaving... Man I'm a moron when I drink. Actually... Yeah, I remember them actually forcefully taking drinks away from me. They cut me off, good for them. I think that maybe I should not drink as much, because it deffinitely isn't healthy, and one of my cousins is an alcoholic, and he's only 23. I'm only 19 though, so I've got plenty of time to get my priorities straight. I don't know where I'm going with this post, so I'm going to end it now.

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Sunday. 10.26.03 7:04 pm
That's enough of the sad stuff! I went to Tuscaloosa this weekend and it was a blast! Right now I'm really hungover and have the worst headache ever, so I'll post more later.

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Thursday. 10.23.03 1:39 pm
today i was going to write about how fun it was getting fake arrested and how nice it was the philosophy was cancelled and that i got my paper all finished up and turned in. but now i'm going to write briefly on paul. Paul was perhaps one of the most compassionate people i knew. we worked together for awhile at a crappy snack bar, but he would always make my days awesome. he loved everyone and everything, and always had a positive outlook on life. when i had to move away from fairhope and all my friends, i knew that i would miss him more than most of my good friends. sadly, i didn't keep in touch with paul, although i should have. the best thing he ever did was surprise me with a bouquet of a dozen red roses and an awesome beatles cd for my 16th birthday. that was the best gift i'd gotten from just a friend in awhile. i had heard he enlisted in the army, and i was glad because i knew he'd do well, and from what i heard he did. yesterday though, while he was changing the tire of a black hawk helicopter in iraq, the tire exploded and killed him. i don't know what to think really, because it's been almost 2 years since i've talked to him. i guess all i want to say is, keep in touch with the people you love. you never know when you might lose them. i never got to tell him how much i enjoyed his love for life, and now i never will. Paul

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read my thong essay!
Thursday. 10.23.03 2:17 am
it's on my writing/reading page. let me know what you think, because if I get a bad grade, I'm going to throw ya'lls POSITIVE input in my teachers face.

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man i'm bushed
Wednesday. 10.22.03 6:36 pm
This weekend I'll be going down to Tuscaloosa, and it'll be so much fun cause there'll be a big ass block party and i'm going to get tow up from the flow up... yesssss... or is it tore up from the floor up??? i'm not sure... but right now i have to work on my essay, which will be WONDERFUL even though i got no help from my fellow nutangers. thanks alot. luckily my little sister wore thongs when she was a lowly tween, so i'll just ask her and her friends. anyway, i guess i'll go work on that then.

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something in my apartment smells weird...
Tuesday. 10.21.03 3:48 am
I think it's my roommate. Anyway the military ball went well. My dress only set me back 75 bucks. yeah... Thank God for the open bar. I had a lot of beer. And they don't care if you're underage so that's good too. The food was also yummy. Ummm... Both flights were uneventful except for when I accidentally kicked this guy in the knee. It wasn't even a kick really, it was more of a brush, but he was highly upset. I apologized and everything. Man he was cranky! Luckily I had my trusty copy of The Return of the King, so I could ignore his angry stare for the entire trip. Man, what an asshole he was... And my return flight got delayed by an hour, but that didn't matter because Jarett and Ishmael got lost on the way to the airport so they got there about the same time I did. Yup, that's all that's been going on with me. Oh yeah, except for that 5 page essay I have to write on tweens. IT'D BE REALLY NICE IF SOME TWEENS WOULD POST IN THE FORUMS ABOUT THEIR STUPID THONGS! I'D APPRECIATE IT! Oh well if nobody does, I don't need them anyway! I'll blame NuTang for my poor grade though. Then how will ya'll feel? Bad? I hope so! Anyway, I'm a little cranky, so I'm going to go ahead an wrap it up...

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