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Feeling my age or older..
Monday. 9.18.06 3:55pm
*sigh* I am feeling so old lately..I hate feeling like this. Even though I try and keep young at heart and not take on too many 'adult' things in life I can't seem to avoid the ticking of the clock and the journey of growing up. It is impossible to put aside, because everyone around me is developing, becoming more mature and settling down whereas I am still loving what do. Somehow reverting back to my teenage years of what I love. I dont know whether I can see myself back in the office, working a 40 hour week and paying off a mortgage etc..it all seems too far away.

But it really hit me, on Thurs night at MSU that my friends and I are all growing up. And there will always be another generation after us to do what we did as uni students and highschool students. Enjoying their youth. To be surrounded by a bunch of carefree, clowns, high pitched, screaming 18 yr olds was enough to annoy me. I was just in the wrong place, around a group of people who I no longer belong to. Quite sad actually...to think that I would trade it for a quiet night with the bf and hang out at home.

At uni even, I dont care to dress up anymore. Whereas the first years wear the lastest fashions and plod on the make up. Being a 18 yr old female, its like a sea of courtship at uni during first yr. It was how I was like...a long long time ago :p I just laugh at the stereotypes and the people who do not come to study but to socialize and main aim is to get a future husband. I guess cuz it is my last yr at uni and my goal is to finish my degree and get out. But also how ironic, that I want to stay in uni and observe these young people, cuz they bring me such humour.

*edit* "20th century universities were just big child care centres"- Futurama.

The ball was excellent though, the drinks were unlimited! So it was funny to see everyone run around like maniacs and dance like fools. Got heaps of photos taken, so I'll add them to my flickr if u wanna take a lookie :) Let me know what you think of em...

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MSU ball almost here!!
Wednesday. 9.13.06 6:45pm
I'm actually gettin quite excited this yr by the MSU ball. It will be on tomorrow night! Cant wait. hehehe. I think it is cuz it will be the last yr me and my girls Yo and Tiff will party together in Perth ;) I will take a lot of photos to remember the times we have fun. Cuz I know it will hit me like a ton of bricks on the day when I say goodbye, I dunno how to. It has been 7 yrs of friendship with this girl...and I am one of those people who has only bestfriends or no friends. Im very picky to make friends and keep them, unless I know that they will be loyal to me forever. And even when we are years a part, and we meet up again we can still go on as we always did. :)

This yr I am gonna do everything by myself. Hair, make up...even if I stuff it up I dont care. Just gonna have fun this yr and make it memorable. It was all very last minute, and I had hoped for others to join us but MSU has been chocos this yr with no more ticks left :( I had tried to get F's bro,Carlos a ticket but no luck. Even though the girl who tried to help me said she got one. *sigh*. Stupid people, set our hopes up high and then disappoints us... why do people do that? It is really frustrating when they are not truthful the first round.

Funny how they made it on a thurs night. That is silly! I got work the next day too at 12pm...hmmm lets just hope the night doesnt get too late lol! ;p Will get some photos of the glitz and glam once the night is over.

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The chosen one
Sunday. 9.10.06 9:43pm
I'm starting to get a headache for being on the computer too long waiting for my group mates to send me their parts for a presentation we are having tomorrow. :( Stupid projects, I hate it when the group mates are not organised and now it is left to me to compile everything. *sigh* I guess I am the only one who cares...

But yes...I am the chosen one. The person who is the backbone of most of my group projects. And I suffer dearly for it! Pimples breaking out cuz of stress, worry about MSU ball this thurs (havent organised properly yet!), working all weekend, staying at F's place and just going crazy with saving money for my trip. *hiaks* It's all my fault for creating such stress...

Also yesterday my boss from the Thai Restaurant asked me to come in early. I was wondering what for! And then I realised one of the Chef's had the night off. So the other chef asked me "Do you like cooking?" haha and I said "yes". She says "How would you like to learn cooking here?" and I stupidly said yes hahha. Now I am in training to become a chef. I cooked a few dishes in the kitchen with the wok and spatula, man it is so cool! And you actually get recognition or people look up to you if you are the chef ;) Why didnt they ask the other waitresses if they wanted to cook hey.... hehehe! I feel privileged to learn from the masters. I would like to have free cooking lessons, to become more multiskilled and start cooking dishes for my family and my bf. :)

I'm having too much fun learning new things lately, that I forget about my other priorities like my studies. *sigh* But studying is so boring,... I think I would enjoy being a chef, or have a side job as a chef. Maybe one day I can put my management and chef skills together to open a business. hehe. Me and my bright ideas about business.... :p

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picking up an old love
Friday. 9.8.06 6:57pm
I have been picking up my old electric guitar just recently...I have not touched that baby for 8 yrs! It has been stuck in my storage for so many years, I have ignored my love for the electric guitar. But since listening to my rock music again it has made me remember why it was sooo excellent to be a rocker. Hehehe. It is actually admired and people respect you for taking up an instrument and giving the time to making music. I have also been getting lessons from F's friend,Rob who is tutoring both F and I into playing the guitar. :)

It feels nice to go back to something I love, my baby... Just practising now...so hopefully I can become a rock goddess in no time ;p Hahaha it might take longer actually...hmmm depends how committed I can stay to this for. But I love my music, I am gonna stick to it this time ;)

Funny how after all these years I am back to square one...

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Steve Urwin will be missed
Tuesday. 9.5.06 1:42pm
It is so sad to see on the news that the Croc Hunter has passed away and in such tragic circumstances. To have a sting ray pierce his heart it is quite ironic as he is a lover of animals, and they are the ones to end his life. He was such a great advocate for animals all around the world, he wanted to protect them and save them from cruel environments. I'm sad that such a lovely, compassionate animal lover has to die so early on in his life and leave his family behind. It is always those who do not deserve to die go first... hopefully everyone will remember him for being a that crazy, 'crikey', funny, entertaining, loveable guy who wanted to share his animal experience with others.

It is sad to see the flowers and drawings done by lil kids placed in front of Toronga Zoo, Queensland. He has certainly touch the lives or tv screens of every aussie. :) Even though I thought he was crazy and insane to do the things he did, and knew that one day he would be killed or hurt by the animals, it has come true... In our hearts we thought he may be invicible and know how to handle these animals unlike anyone else...but it comes as a shock that he died for the thing he loved to do.

RIP Steve Urwin...you will surely be missed for the things you have done for Australia.

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Wish I was a punk rocker..
Wednesday. 8.30.06 7:25pm
'Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair..." by Sandi Thom. I love that song, its so cool :) My hair does look like a punk rocker now, cuz I went to get it coloured crazy with bright red and blondish streaks. Now it kinda has fused together when I washed my hair and it looks pink. lol! But it is wicked and at first I thought it made me look like a goth, cuz it is against a purple/black base. Costs about $44 to do that at Artistic Visions in East Perth, I know I can do it myself if I had the tools. If you all remember bak to my Murasaki*Dream blogging days I had turned myself into a purple punk. ;p I'll have to post some pics up soon.

I was uni today, it was very productive. I went there at 7:30am and then did some law research till 10:30 and then met up with grp mates to talk about small business and then finished at 2pm. Usually I would get distracted at uni and wana go home early, but I was proud of myself for sticking around to complete work which needed a lot of attention! This semester I am quite happy, cuz I am giving more attention to making friends in class. My other self would run home straight away and not bother about hanging around to have lunch with them. I have met a girl from Botswana and another girl from Shanghai. And I forgot how great it is that I can meet international students at Curtin. So when I do go around the world I can always have a friend to meet up with in every country. :)

I cant wait till I go on this trip in Dec. Every day I get a little more hyped up about it. I have paid for the insurance, yes I need insurance!! Cuz supposedly if I go to Canada and land in hospital my parents may have to re-mortgage the house! Scary... there is a lot of things that scare me too about travelling, but I should rest those fears or then I will never go or do anything in my life. With all the media splashing terrorism on their front pages and air plane crashes, it is normal to freak me out! It has been 3 yrs since I have been on a plane, and all I can remember is the turbulence and feeling airsick and praying to God to save us! Yes, bad experiences can play on your mind and stops you from making that decision again.

Anyways I have to keep it short, I have to eat dinner. So hungry!! Laterz everyone! Hope ur all having a nice week :)

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