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Saturday. 3.13.10 9:43 pm
sorry i haven't been blogging so much. i haven't even been reading blogs on here over the past week or so... pneumonia, conjunctivitis, and sinusitis are all pains in the metaphorical ass.

after much relaxation and rehabilitation, i am happy to say that... i'm slightly better than before. i've been taking antibiotics, inserting eye drops, and hell, even downing a few swigs of cough syrup with codeine. the cough syrup didn't work, but i no longer have eye gunk, and my throat feels like... it should. i have been coughing an awful lot, which is proving annoying, but i will get over it soon, hopefully.

so how are you all doing? i need more nutang in my life! who wants to have a real party, and stuff? let's do it. someone else plan it, though. i'm too lazy.

ugh. back to work on monday. i did have all of last week off (due to this sickness) but that doesn't mean i really want to go back there. i'm still kind of sick, but i don't want to waste any more paid days off on this mess.

ok, back to my uneventful saturday night. ttyl.

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Friday. 3.12.10 7:32 am
i haven't blogged in about one week. you would think that being off work all week due to pneumonia would've meant that i would have plenty of time to do so, but the only thing i've had time for is coughing up my right lung, or downing medications that are supposedly helping.

apparently they are helping, though. i feel much better today. not 100% yet, but better. better is a start. perhaps i'll be back with a fuller blog this weekend, later today, or next week. sorry.

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Friday. 3.5.10 2:01 pm
i need some suggestions and inspiration as to what songs i should learn for the uke.

i also need to buy a new one, ASAP. that's happening very very soon.

i'm currently working on perfecting brown eyed girl as well as a better version of i have friends in holy spaces. also, for the hell of it, lady gaga's bad romance.

one of my coworkers thinks it would be funny to learn party in the USA, but i may vomit if i record myself playing that. then, if i watch it later, i may vomit again.

i can't sing anything right now anyways. it hurts my throat too much.

suggestions? inspire me.

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Wednesday. 3.3.10 11:25 am
i'm sick. :(

symptoms: headache, throat pain, congestion.
possible solutions: mucinex, dayquil, hollow point to the temple.

i got 2 hours of sleep last night. rather, it was 4am to 6am this morning. i had weird half-sleep dreams about... i don't even know. but i was frantically grabbing my pillows and thrashing around in my bed. and i was terrified, but i don't know why.

oh well.

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Tuesday. 3.2.10 3:03 pm
so a guy just came into the bank with about eight hundred bucks worth the pennies.

why would anyone keep so many pennies? yes, now you have eight hundred dollars, but if that was income you were waiting on, then was it worth it?

he could've been depositing those pennies into a savings account, or even a 401(k) where his employer could be matching contributions made. assuming that he has a substantial salary, or any type of salary, a measly eight hundred bucks in a 401(k) could produce an eight hundred dollar match from his employer, on top of accrued interest. that's at least sixteen hundred dollars.

given the current status of the economy, he could've lost some of that money with poor investing, so let's try another route.

perhaps his employer could enroll him in a simplified employee pension plan, in which case those pennies could be put into retirement accounts that are guaranteed to earn interest. yes, this is the route he should've gone. he would get the employer match of eight hundred bucks, so he would have a minimum of sixteen hundred, plus that guaranteed interest.

i hope you now understand that no, it wasn't worth it for him to keep those pennies in jars.

unless he wanted to buy this. then it would be worth it.

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Friday. 2.26.10 4:55 pm
i'm feeling pretty okay, mentally, pretty down, physically. but, i'm not letting physical pain get to me. the pains are trifles, afterall.

we had a grand reopening party for our bank last night. i was working the whole night, giving out name tags, giving parting gifts away, and welcoming guests. i consider that work. thus, i should get paid for the hours i worked, which was about 815AM to 830PM. overtime? kthx.

the good news is, that since i have to work tomorrow, i get to leave work, well, in about five minutes. still have to come in tomorrow, though, which is kind of sucky. but, someone has to be here.

i rediscovered my cd player this afternoon, and so i've been listening to say anything and mayday parade this afternoon. hooray.

going home now. niki is having a going away type of party, since she leaves for marine boot camp on monday, but i'm not attending, as my throat is sore, and i do not want to drink and sing with it (going to a piano bar).

good evening, 'tangers.

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