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Most productive day ever!
Tuesday. 2.8.11 9:48 am
Bring it on! I'm ready for cold, wind, emotional turmoil, Facebook, and bouts of sleepiness. I've got a backed-up laundry bag, a book to buy (and read), a blog to write (for English), two tests to study for, a Valentine's Day card to make (for a friend, mind you,) and...I have to go to the gym because I haven't gone in like a week.




Both awesome and appropriate.

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Time Capsule 11
Saturday. 2.5.11 7:59 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Friday. 2.4.11 8:27 pm
How does this happen to me twice in a year? SO beat up.


I wonder how many of these posts I have laying around that I'm not going to recognize if I got back and read them later. That's...something to think about.

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Alpha Omega
Thursday. 2.3.11 1:32 pm
I was trying to hook up with one of the Christian groups on campus a couple of weeks ago, and by complete chance I stumbled upon a completely different but fairly awesome group of people. In fact, I thought they WERE RUF until I mentioned it and they gave me a very confused look. That was a hilarity.

I was hanging out with them again last night, and they gave me real hope for the future. Truth be told, I really miss my youth group. It's more than just the friends I have there...I miss them separately. I miss having a body to worship with! Even at the church I go to now, I don't really know anyone and I'm sort of uncomfortable with the friends I go with. But these guys are just...so awesome. I only know Jordan, and even then I've only known him for like 2 weeks. But it felt so good to be there them! I'm super lucky. Super blessed, even! Though I really always have been...

I'm already using Photoshop pretty heavily. Definitely worth the purchase. I found a contest on campus to design the tee shirt for Earthday Birthday, with a $500 prize! How awesome would it be to win? I'll tell you. So awesome. More than $500 worth of awesome!

The only problem is that I had to redo my design because the dot size I was employing was way too small and now I'm having trouble making part of it look right. But that's OK! I have a month, sort of. So I'll take my time and DO MY HOMEWORK.

Speaking of which, gotta go and take a quiz. Add this to my record for FASTEST ENTRY WRITTEN EVAR.

(1:43 PM)

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