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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
Tuesday. 11.11.08 10:11 pm
at this point when i am writing this entry, i am both excited and regretful.

excited because fad and i are going to the biennale (i finally got the spelling) at city hall - the old supreme court later on after work

and I am regreting the fact that the lazy bum i am din go see the exhibits when i was on leave. I am this close to kicking myself.


part 1

Let the Enchantment begin
Be intrigued by the largest and most provocative showcase of contemporary art by renowned visual artists from around the globe.

Singapore Biennale 2008 (SB2008) is the follow up to the hugely successful inaugural event in 2006 and now challenges you to wonder anew at the world you live in. Feel surprised, be awed, challenge your perspectives and ponder the profound. With both indoor and outdoor exhibitions at Singapore's iconic landmarks, itís time to reserve your opinions and immerse yourself in a new state of wonder.

SB2008. Intrigue your senses.

The theme is Wonder. So the showcase might not have any other meaning except to provoke thought and leads pple to wonder abt their surroundings, their abt their existance or merely provoking a sense of wonder.

I went to the South Beach development site yesterday evening after work. Despite the name, the site is no where along a beach but is somewhere in between raffles hotel and bugis. in fact its only a 10 min walk from raffles city.

the works were.... intriguing. I do not profess to be an art critique or even an artsy person who knows the difference between neo and post modernism. Frankly, I don't understand some of the exhibits.

what i liked
"The Breathing Room"
The artist made a small squarish room breathe. U can feel the dulations of breath and see the walls expanding and contracting with each breath. its fascinating.

A swing made entirely out of florescent tubes... swinging swinging swinging. a symbolism for the fragility of childhood. hypnotic

"Story of a Face"
Was tucked in an enclave. caught me unawares. the booklet said some v chim things abt it. But i couldn't see the layered ballerina.

This one receive some media coverage before.
its bright and colourful. i like it. lolx. not very astute observations.

"Everytime we say Goodbye"
The jutapox of charcoal and film and the reality of me wondering through them is .. . pretty amazing for lack of better words.

"Private Moon"
A light hearted piece. shhhh.... i intend to use the image for my msn

"Impossibility of the Superstring Theory"
The last one i saw before the exhibit closed for the night.
This one i understand.. where succeeding and failing will both be an exercise in futilitity

.........Its lunch time and i'm off to esplanade for more art.
updates later


part 2

back from the Central Promotory Site
(one wonders where does the govt pull such a difficult name from, and btw, the damn map the biennale organisers provide is super crappy lah)

there aren't many exhibits there, i suppose its coz of the location? bite sized art for lunch? its just behind the new NTUC glass building which makes it a less than 10 min walk from the my office.

The specially contructed building is by itself, an art piece, built entirely from NOL shipping containers.. aka the kind that looks like huge pieces of legos at ship yards

the 2 most captivating art works ...."Flight" and "Location (6)"

"Flight" has nothing to do with birds, wings, feathers, planes or any aviating object. Its about slippers. lol

Don't start imagining flying slippers smacking pple on their faces!

this is purely my own thinking, not in the book, i hope i am BSI-ing : the location of the installation lends itself as a backdrop. its near the new IR area, with construction going on. the piece is according to the guidebook pays homage to and laments tradition. hence whether intentional or not, its rather ironic when the cranes in the backgrd blends into the installation.

"Location (6)" is simply beautiful. The starkness of the snowscape particularly emphasized in singapore's equatorial weather. I'll prob be going again just to sit there and be drawn into another world.

i can't do the biennale justice with words. i promise to upload and post the photos.. erm soon. lolx.
wat u can do if u really wanna see the exhibits, either go down to the biennale but it ends this sunday. or go google images. u might find sth.

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accomplished!-food entry
Tuesday. 11.11.08 8:28 pm
as u can see, i've striked off some items from my previous post.

that means I've DONE IT!

feeling my life is fulfilling at the moment doing the things i wanna do.


MELT-The World Buffet
Lives up to its reputation as one of the best buffets ard.
totally shiok! lets see...
the salad bar was interesting .. was particularly happy with the hawaiian dressing which is sth like thousand isalnd but slightly tangy and the array of nuts. i love pine nuts and if not for the fact that they are pretty ex i'll be eating them everyday

din dare to try the cheeses since i don't recognise anything

i started with the cold dishes first
baby lobster-which was alright
steamed prawns- fresh and crunchy
and those super big crabs all thoughtfully, partially de-shelled for easy consumption

my colesterol level was rocketing to Pluto(when i was young pluto was a planet!) coz i had No Signboard just the day before. -thats another story.. hmmm.... yumz!

and den made my rounds with the cooked food.
there was thai, indian, chinese, and pasta

i tried and found the mains decent but not spectacular with the exception for the Chinese which was prepared by their famous sister restaurant Cherry Garden, the sweet sour ribs was pretty tasty. I din try the pasta tho.

the main event was the desserts. Hot crispy waffles with choc drizzle was to die for! almost couldn't stop myself from getting 2 servings despite my already super full stomach.

a 4 out 5 stars reccommendation


No Signboard Seafood
was absolutly, fabulously, lip smacking delicious!

Went to the Mattar Road main branch, that is, Geylang(fyi, red light district) and was treated(? lol) to the sight of neat and tidy rows of hookers standing a few paces apart from each other.

u know how western media portrays prevs as socially inept, lonely, fat, sweaty, clumsy individuals who drool in the mouth? ok. not exactly. its asian counterpart is skinny, cheekily and openly leering, gathering in packs.

once in the safety of the roadside zi char stall that spawned the over the top kitsch pesudo-opulent restaurants. (think chandeliers and loads of heavy gold orate frames on the walls) We were greeted by, by my approximatation, 50 odd staff. LOL. from kitchen help to waiters and professional plate collectors, there's freaking alot of staff hanging ard possibly at most 20 al fresco tables.

no signboard is really very very expansive despite the "roadside flavour".
but the food is heavenly!
i'm not much of a crab eater so i was prepared to skip their famous crabs. I was lazy to deshell them, too much effort for too little reward. But i completely changed my tune when the crabs were served. The chilli crabs were fantastic, so much so i couldn't help it but to dirty my hands trying to deshell the crabs. as my some of my friends know, i reeeeaaally dun like to deshell things.

the sauce was very very good, my mum wanted to tabao the sauce. Dipping the sauce in deep fried man tous. we literally couldn't stop.

another dish worthy of mention is the honeyed ribs. Its the most fragrant I had and incredibly, done exactly right so that the outside is slightly charred and the inside remains soft. I think i cleared half the serving by myself. yum yum.

by then again, i was hungry... was exam night and i only had some cookies before the exam started at 7 and ended 10pm. maybe i've been swayed by my growling tummy. whahaha

a 6 out 5 stars reccommendation


Shokudo-Raffles City

Went with Layeng to try the relatively new place.

By now, Singaporeans should know that its a Jap restaurant done Marche style.

Food was decent and some even delish. will not reccommend the bbq skewers tho. comepletely over done. not sure if its their practice to keep the food on the grill till we come back to collect.

tried the unagi bamboo rice-pretty decent, i won't mind having it again.
jap paper thin pizza- alrite lah
omu rice- layeng said was pretty good

mochi, azuki and corn - i like! but i'm biased, since azuki and corn are 2 of my fave toppings
cheese cake-very milky, typical jap version.

a 3 out 5 stars reccommendation (add 0.5 star for a good place for gatherings)


yes. I am getting fat. Lol

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