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frostbitten/ can't stop the gods from engineering
Back on Track
Monday. 10.9.06 12:12 pm
My life is back on track. I've given up on him completely.
This is the reason why:

*taken from a friendster bulletin*

From: PLiO

Date: Monday, 9 October, 2006 3:29 AM
Subject: may sakit ako...im jus bored...(ginawa ko gawin mo rin)
Message: 1)Are you a chick or a dude?

2) Do you pray?
- ye

3) Are you in love?
- mahal ko angel ko bkit?
Translation[]: [i luv my angel? why?]

4) Ever wish on stars?
- ye..

5) Do you believe in karma?
- hmm siguro

6) What's your zodiac sign?
- sabe ni aaron worm yung akin
[aaron said it's a worm..]

7) Have you ever almost died?
- nah

8) Ever broken any bones?
- yea, ankle bones...10 times ryt...7 times left....cuz of
basketball...and...as a kid..in the park..pinaka
worst...yung thumb ko...while scootering...went too
fast...u dunt wana noe wat happend and wat it looked
like that time...i jus had the guts..to put it bakk to

9) Do you cry during sad movies?
- not even

11) Ever laid under the stars?
- sit

12) Ever sat on a rooftop?
- yea wit my lolo as a kid

13) music/dance?
- music..both..les say..

14) Could you live without the television?
- i dunt noe maybe not..

15) Could you live without music?
- NO

16) If you're in love then how many letters
your lover have in his/her first name?
- wat is the point of this question?

17) What do you dislike the most about
- people choosing "out of the world stupidness"....y
not choose sumthing positive..

18) Have you ever been to jail?
- i wont break no rules..

19) Ever had a job for less than a day?
- walah

20) Ever been fired on your first day?
- i wont let that happen

21) Ever been fired because of your
- i onli got my attitude actin up wen u giv me sun of

22) Do you get jealous of other people?
- ye....i wish i can be happy like that..

23) Would you rather love someone or be
- i wana love...also to be loved bakk..

24) What's under your bed right now?
- thers no such thing..my bed got no unders..closed

25) Ever done anything illegal?
- ask everyone..we all got same answers

26) Have you ever been dumped?
- cheated on ye..

27) Ever dumped somebody?
- in the garbage...yea..

28) How cool are you?
- i love God n im cool like that


29) Do you support abortion?
- tsk..your not supposed to do it for fun..

30) Who's your best friend?
- ivy ko.....pero..thers more..dar and char
[my ivy...but there's more...dar and char..]

31) Did you graduate high school?
- hey....i havent gotten wat i really desire from skool

33) Have you ever drove someone crazy?
- mom ko

34) Ever bullied someone?
- yea...the bullies

35) Ever done the Macarena?
- i wont say anything -_- it'll be wierd seeing me like
that though dunt u think??

36) Do you act your age?
- yea, i do my best..

37) Is it okay to disrespect your parents?
- corse not....honour ur father and ur mother..

38) Do you flush the toilet when you're
- wat kind of question is this...u tickin me off

39) How long do you stay in the shower?
- long hair makes u take a shower longer

40) What kind of soap do you use?
- yung masarap
[the delicious kind]

42) Spiderman, Batman, or Superman?
- Cloud Strife

43) Do you like your middle name?
- yea...corse

44) Has anyone ever cheated on you?
- heh...yup

46) What's your favorite animal?
- saber toothed tiger

47) Favorite flower?
- blak and white ones

48) Have you ever shaved your head?
- nah man

49) What do you think of LOVE?

50) Do you think it is okay to drink and
- not even

51) If you won $1 million, what would you
buy first?
-not buy...i going bakk for sum1 1st..

52) Do you fear terrorism?
- they shud fear their selves

54) What's your favorite candle scent?
- dunt noe

55) Do you use profanity?
- i do my best to discipline myself

**im skipping from here all the way..

67) Who's pretty??
- pinaka magandang babae na nakitat nakilala
ko...sum1 that i knew was gona be sum1 really
[the prettiest girl in the world i've seen and known..someone i knew was gonna be sumone really special....ivy..]

That is why. I don't wanna go in between two people in love. I don't wanna be the 3rd party. Too much.

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I'm Sorry, Nutang
Thursday. 10.5.06 9:31 pm
Sorry i haven't been myself these past few days, I'm down with the love bug. (ew.)


Thaitanic: The prev entry was an i-don't-care-if-anyone-comments-but-if-u-do-thanks-a-lot-even-though-u-don't-understand entry. :D

To everybody else, haven't been reading blogs a lot. Sorry... ;p

Real life is messy right now. Hafta clean it up.

Stay cool,

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Last Time I Checked I Was Damn Smitten Witchu
Wednesday. 10.4.06 3:11 pm
Di nako.

Yoko na sayo.

What's the point of continuing to like someone (as in damn "like" someone... as in i-can-kill-for-u "like")... what's the friggin point?

If he doesn't like me back the way i do? Ayt? Well, fukk that. I'm giving up on you. Hope happy na ka. No. Hope you'll always be happy.

:'( I'm giving up so much for u. I dunno why i'm like this bah oi. Tungod tngali kay gimingaw ug maayu sa pinas. Didto n lng ko sa pinas beh. That hot nursing guy is waiting for me pah... lmfao

Mahurt lang ko if ima continue with this. I've tried and i'm still trying... so hard to forget the feeling. Iba ka kc eh. Sheyt u. Sheyt sheyt sheyt... If only wa tka na know. If only walay "other"...

Sheyt. Sagpaa gud ko. Anyone! In-ani ba ko sa pinas??! Dili db!??! Had i ever been like this?!?! Gawd. See what you're doin to me. Fukk that.

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Monday. 10.2.06 5:59 pm
Okay it's not love. Love is too deep a word. Damn.

I am soo smitten with this guy! WAaaaaaAAAaaAhhhHHhH!!!

He's so different from my other types! (My friends say my type is the rakista type aka the rocker. Ahem.)

But this guy? He's ghetto! A rapper! A hip-hopper! So different from me! Waaahahahahhaa!!!!

And today i'm in heaven coz we made physical contact.......... [details suppressed]

*sigh* I so want him.

Guess what the catch is?

He "loves" [his own words] somebody else. Ouch. Triple ouch. As if i've been stabbed in the behind Ouch.

Ima go kill the girl now.

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"Papercut my heart in half and discard the evidence. x"

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