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Age. 46
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. Nikkei (日系)
Location Yulin, Guangxi, China
School. Univ of Alberta
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September 2021

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Long time no post
Sunday. 3.25.07 10:18 am
It appears that my last post was March 13 or something. Well I guess that shows that I have too many things to do and not much time for blogging. Lets see a little bit about what I am doing at the moment to prove to the world that I am actually doing something. I teach Japanese language and culture at Yulin Normal University in Yulin, Guangxi if you don't know where that is I suggest downloading Google Earth because you can see my appartment very clearly and if you and patient enough or lucky enough you may be able to see me waiving from the street below. I teach second year communication and composition, first year communication and listening as well as a cultural corner for anyone who wants to attend. A total of 10 hours a week 4 days a week. Yes I have a 3 day weekend. Well ok I guess I don't have much excuse to not blog on Friday but I rather get out of the house and photograph than stay indoors.

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Warmer Weather
Monday. 3.12.07 7:36 am
The weather report for Yulin calls for light rain with a low of 19 and high of 26. Quite a difference from last weeks temperatures of 9 degrees but more rain just means more added humidity in the air. I was thinking perhaps if there was no rain we will not get the hot humid summers this place is used to. Not that I like them it just Yulin will not be the same without the sauna atmosphere. One reason for all the greenery is the result of all the rainfall as well. So I suppose we cannot complain at that much about the humid climate.

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Advertising = Graffiti
Sunday. 2.18.07 1:14 pm

We see nearly 5000 ads a day or more seems like a lot but consider for a moment every single ad from labels on the back of a car or bus to bicycle to the supermarket. Obviously and hopefully people don't go shopping everyday but look around at work school every place you look it is hard to not see ads. Ads have become a sort of graffiti damaging the natural beauty of the earth. What would life be like a 1000 years ago or even a hundred years ago.

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Tuesday. 2.13.07 8:56 pm
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