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Sunday. 2.24.13 1:21 am



1. I love knowing how to cook. There’s a certain gratification that comes with being able to mix up some cookies or a good sauce without consulting a recipe.

2. Also, I love cute couples. It’s different if it’s all about emotional photos or kissing wherever… what I’m talking about, here, are couples who just glow with happiness, even when they’re just walking down the street together. They give me a lot of hope.

3. I’m big on equality.

4. But I’m also still learning.

5. My favorite musical artists are Dead Man’s Bones, Bon Iver, and The Black Keys.

6. I love snail mail. There’s nothing quite as awesome as sending someone a package.

7. Much like cats with people who have allergies, children naturally gravitate towards me so strongly that I'm afraid they're going to start to maintain orbit. NO, NO PIGGYBACK RIDES okay maybe one

8. I own an obscene amount of bathing suits, partially due to the fact that I haven’t grown since fifth grade, and partially due to the fact that I love the beach and have to have several just so my other ones can have time to soak and dry.

9. I’ve been contemplating writing my own student cookbook, since I have yet to find one that is both healthy, easy, and cheap…and all of my personal recipes are healthy, easy, and cheap.

10. I love wearing other schools’ t-shirts.

11. I’m more afraid of ending up with the wrong person than I am of being alone.

12. I apologize to and thank all the things I dissect in Biology lab.

13. But I still shake when making the incisions.

14. I like the idea of having nieces and nephews sleep over, when I own my own home and whatnot, but the prospect of having children of my own has never interested me.

15. People give me a hard time about that, claiming that I’m too young to understand wanting children. No, you’re too closed-minded to understand emphatically not wanting children. There’s a difference. Some people are not like you.

16. Sometimes I feel really hopeless when I sit on my perch, on campus, and listen to the conversations of people passing below.

17. I like McDonald’s.

18. I hate people who shame people who like McDonald’s. Making others feel sucky about their choices doesn’t make you look any less like something that would come out of a horse’s butt, so cheers.

19. I used the phrase “sweating my balls off” in conversation, last night, and now I’m thinking that may have been a date. This realization sent me into raucous laughter.

20. People pay for my dinner a lot without it being a date, though, so I can never tell. In related news, I’m not really sure why my friends all decide to pay for my meals. I love them and owe them.

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Saturday. 2.23.13 4:04 pm


So I postponed my trip to California till May. My aunt basically told me that this was a good thing, because I'm turning 21 in April, so the timing would be spectacular.

So I guess my aunt wants me to go drinking with her.

Which is kind of what I always hoped to see in my experiences with my family. Being a kid and witnessing all the weird pranks they'd pull on each other was cool, but I'd like even more to kind of be in that club...which you don't really get to do until around age nineteen, when they start seeing you as someone who's experienced something worth talking about. All they used to have to talk about with me was the list of my accomplishments, and how much can you really say about an academic achievement award...? I mean, sixteen-year-olds rarely study up on their politics, and even if they do, they even more rarely feel personally impacted by the country's decisions. Now that I'm paying for shit the government wants and having my rights restricted, I'm feeling a little more passionate, here.

Sitting at the kid table always sucks.

I think completing that 100 facts challenge a second time should be how we all complete our last five days. Twenty facts a day.


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food and food and friendship
Friday. 2.22.13 4:47 pm

So, I bought three blocks of cheese in late January, cut them all up, and stored the cheese slices in tupperware containers with other little snacks.

THIS IS THE BEST IDEA I'VE EVER HAD. I actually eat less cheese when it's pre-sliced, so I have a SHIT TON of cheese left over for next month (I buy groceries roughly once a month), so less groceries to buy! Weird useless thought. Cheese is one of the few things I buy for myself even though it isn't necessarily a healthy choice. I cut out chips, most sweets, soft drinks, most juices...now it's grapes and cheese. And water. Sometimes milk and cookies.

Tonight is my night out with Roysean. We're going to grab some dinner and I'm going to ask all about his internship, because he isn't returning this summer due to a more promising internship on his actual career path. I'm bummed out because he's really great to work with, but it's cool that he made that decision, and that he's really taking charge of his life. Dinner will be good. I always like listening to him talk about politics and history, even though I'm not typically thrilled about history. He knows a lot about (and brings up independently) oppression and perpetual circumstances, so I always like to listen and ask questions. If I could, I would definitely take a few classes, just to gain some sort of footing?

Time to go!

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what do I even talk about anymore
Thursday. 2.21.13 4:43 pm

Tomorrow, I only have one class, and then I get to help choose our eleven new employees AAAHHHHH

I have my fingers crossed for some people. We had some really magnificent applicants.

We had this discussion, in Spanish, today, on sexism and gender-charged job titles. I was astounded at the general female reaction in the class.

It went something like this: Eh, whatever.

Okay, I'm sorry, but if you don't want to live in a world where your daughters, nieces, students, or other little girls grow up with the idea that their worth is in their bodies and their domestic abilities, you need to start actually thinking about this stuff. This doesn't just fix itself, simply because the country becomes more progressive. We perpetuate what we learn as adults.

So basically, it's time to stop being fine with it.

Also, my professor seems to think that you can't hate your last name and still not want to change it to your spouse's.


I hate my last name a lot. My plan was kinda always to just change it to something when the opportunity came about. I don't want to take a spouse's, though. That, to me, is saying that marriage fundamentally changes a woman where it doesn't change a man.

Anyway that's it.

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