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Tuesday. 3.4.08 1:30 pm
I had a few days of good singing and now they're gone. I didn't have enough time to try out my ranges and clarity before I woke up raspy.

Now I don't know how to get it back. Perhaps not enough drinking water in my diet, the crazy weather, lack of clearly seperated and sufficient meals. Like now, I'm hungry. I haven't had breakfast or lunch, just food at different intervals.

*sigh* Later at 2:30-3:30/4, I have to buy an afternoon meal/snack before I get to class. Then, I'll have another snack at around 7:30. A 'dinner' at 10pm--that is if Mommy remembers that I need food. >.>

That's my weekday feeding schedule.

What am I, a pet?

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Monday. 3.3.08 10:40 pm
So I was sitting in class. It just so happened that I finished the assignment early and spent the next ten-fifteen minutes loooking around the room, resting my head on my arms, sighing, drumming my fingers while waiting for the last few idiots still needing those "five more minutes, okay, guys?" to be done.

This guy diagonally across from me has his book out and has been reading for the past five-ten minutes. I catch my teacher's eye and take out a book of my own. He--the teacher--starts making his rounds from his place in front of the room, once, twice, five times. He stops at his own desk, then walks again.

He stops by my desk. "What are you reading there?" I smile and show him the book, then turn back to it, thinking he was just amking conversation for the last few seconds. "You reading a Chinese book?" He smiles. I don't answer, thinking perhaps I heard him wrong. He reads the first few words of the title aloud. I add the last, "Empress". "Ah, empress.", says he. I nod my head. He looks at me. "That sounds Chinese." Another smile.

I blink. "Um, it's by Tamora Pierce." A blank look on his face and I continue, "One of the most popular young adult authors." Top of the New York Times List, I add silently. More and more 'adults' are reading young adult fiction from all the great media the genre is getting. ANYWAY. "She has these realms she's created..."

"Oh, so it's fantasy?" he interrupts abruptly. I nod. "Oh." He nods, too, and then walks away.

What the hell was that? What was all that 'Chinese' crap?


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Wednesday. 2.27.08 1:02 pm
I've been getting eye twitches. And it's been such an annoyance.

I believe I started getting them Monday, but they didn't stay for long. I think I got them again yesterday. I think, because I was too preoccupied by throbbing headaches, nausea, and occasional chills. Though the chills could've been real...I couldn't really tell.

Now, they've started again. The stupid twitches. My left eye and left eye ONLY. Annoying the heck outta me. I'm trying to watch something and it's like a slug writhing within my eyelid. >.> Ugh. Oy...

Ok, it's actually not all that terribly annoying. Just wouldn't mind them going away, no? =D

Have a nice day~!

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Snow's All Melted
Monday. 2.25.08 11:49 am
First of all, the login thing is still annoying the heck out of me. I had to re-login again this morning. >.> Grr.

Second of all, first day of class! But of course, it's night-time so right now I'm pondering whether or not to take a nap. Might I get tired during class today? Does dis wittle baby need a wittle sweep?

Third of all, I had managed to find Huang Zhu Ge Ge online and spent that last week re-watching it! XD And I couldn't find Huang Zhu Ge Ge 2 so now I'm rewatching the series for the second time. Hehehe...

Oh, I love it so. It's classic modern Chinese historical drama. A must in my future library and I have to go look for the whole set. The first and second are best, what with the same actors and all. Our favorite Xiao Yien Zhi and Wu A Ge. *dreamy* The third, on the other hand, an entirely different cast and different plotline that would have been impossible with the original characters. Xiao Yien Zhi would neer have let that happen.

Originally, I had never meant to watch the third season with all those new people (who aren't all that good looking, if I may say so =P). Now, I'm not so against it anymore, I think I shall. So I believe I will have the complete set including number 3 in my not-yet-existant library. I will take another fan's advice and treat it as a different series altogether so I won't get myself all upset over the differences betweeen the characters, plotline, and probability of the possibilities. (^-')=b

Ah, I'm done. See ya'll latah!

Oh, wait. Crap. I may never go online at night again. Or at least only for a little while at a time. Damn it! Ah, well.

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Anyone else have this problem?
Saturday. 2.23.08 8:52 pm
I've been longed out six times in the past week. What the heck is going on?

Anybody going through the same thing?

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Night has Fallen
Friday. 2.22.08 7:49 pm
I have not been out to play all day. No touch of snow, no ice on tongue, no steam breaths in the cold fresh air.

Tomorrow is back to a regular day of dance. Hard to believe we had the professional performance last week. I'm still confused whenever someone tells me Happy New Year! It always takes me a second to realize it's still February and thus, still New Year. =]

We have a new teacher now. Apparently, the other one had gotten married sometime in the summer (2007) and we had never known. We've always been like a big family and had such good gang ching. It was a surprise to us that she had gotten married, but an even bigger surprise was that she had already left us! Without a word of goodbye or anything. I must admit, I feel a little abandoned. However, I also know that she's not that kind of person. So I believe, more than likely, she'll come back to us after her husband is done with...whatever he had to leave for. Whether or not she returns to teach or not is another matter. Oh, well.

The new teacher is actaully not all that new. For me, at least! She had been my teacher for maybe a year or semester when I was little. About five or so. I still remember her! Well, kinda--I do remember she had short hair and apparently, she still does. I don't expect her to recognize me. After all, I was only five!

Haha, time to go! Goodnight.

Man, I need food...

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Snow Day!
Friday. 2.22.08 8:53 am
Too bad, I'm already out on vacation. *sigh* But it's be-autiful! Y'all should really see this.

Billions of snowflakes twirling in the wind, window ledges like stairs of snow, streets covered by angel dust, roofs a uniform white. Ahhhh...

Hey! Maybe I shall go out to Central Park today. ;) I really wish I had a camera. I've been oh, so wistful for one for a very, very long time. 4-7 inches for NYC! Whoo-hoo! There's already 4 inches in Central Park.

I wanna go on the swings again. Oh, too bad they've renovated my favorite playground. It's the closest one to my house, too. The swings used to be HUGE and you could swing up to the higher branches of the trees around us. It was crazy. It was great. I loved it, one of my very favorite places. Actually, it might have been my only favorite place...

Ah, whatever, ANYWAY. Now they've renovated it and it's for children ONLY. Seriously! Man, I should take a pic of the rules they got there...with my non-existant camera. They have one basically saying NO adults, unless you have a kid with you. I'm not kidding! So I was thinking...am I allowed in?

It would be awesome to swing in the snowy world. *dreamy sigh*

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Wednesday. 2.20.08 3:27 pm
I am going to the Mayor's party tonight and so am unable to participate in tonight's session of our nightly sbox convos.

Now am wondering what I should wear...

I have a red sweater that my mother says I should wear. It's a semi-formal event so no jeans, or at least jeans that don't look like jeans. ;)


Alright, I've decided. Red sweater over blue skinny jeans and black boots. Silver necklace, bracelet, and earrings. I just hope it's not too casual...Should I bring a suit jacket just in case? Tell me! T.T


Hehe, I found videos of Huang Ju Ge Ge online. Such an old series! XD I was so little back when they started showing it. Makes me happy~

I go take my hair down from my makeshift bun now. Hopefully, I'll get the soft natural curls I strategized for. XD Haha! Eh, I gotta leave in less than an hour. Good thing I'm hungry, there'll be food. *rubs tummy*


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