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Gone by May (Hopefully)
Saturday. 4.5.08 7:51 am

Music first, as always. This is Let It Happen by Jimmy Eat World. From their new album "Chase This Light".

Finally! News! We'll be gone (crossing fingers) by May 23rd. They should be signing the papers the 20th or so, and we'll be gone shortly after that. No doubt as soon as we can pack all our crap. I can't tell you how relieved I'll be to get the hell out of here. And it's not just because this place is so boring. There are so many things I'm looking forward to. Obviously, first and foremost, being in an apartment with Jenn. Actually living together. No more sneaking around, no more spending half the nights a week away from each other.

Then of course there's the prospect for a better job. Fewer bills, because we'll be in a Condo we don't have to pay rent on. More things to do because we'll be in a big city. I can't wait.

I've been doing a lot of stock trading lately. Little stuff here and there. Only recently did I begin to invest my entire savings in stocks. I found an awesome website (check my module) that lists 200 stocks that pay monthly dividends. I found one that wasn't actually on that list but which was a much better buy. I purchased 169 shares of it at $3.34. This month and next month it'll pay $.09 per share, so I plan to buy as many as I can before may. For April at least I'll get $15. Given the state of the stock market, this stock is dirt cheap, so if anyone else out there is into this sort of thing, take a look at it. The symbol on the NYSE is RHY. It's already gone up about $.30 since I bought it (which is a cool $50 for me). But I plan to buy as many as I can before it gets too much higher. Just 4 months ago (give or take) it was trading at $10-15. If it gets back up there, obviously I'll be very happy.

Anyway, not much else to report beyond that. Life as usual.

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Monday. 2.25.08 11:51 pm

Music first. This is Goodbye by Secondhand Serenade. Enjoy.

Not much to report. I watched the Oscars last night. It was okay. John Stewart is the only redeeming quality. Iím so glad the couple from Once won for best Original Score. They deserve it. That movie was awesome.

Stupid Oscars though. They did a montage of actors who have died in the last year, and right at the end they showed Heath Ledger. But the one they didnít show, who was far more famous and a bigger loss to Hollywood, was Roy Scheider. (The Sheriff from Jaws, for those of you who donít know.) A much bigger influence.

I bought a joke website on Ebay. Working on getting it launched. It needs a lot of recoding though. The guy who designed it use FrontPage, which sucks. Terrible program. Iíll post a link when I get it up so all my ĎTang buddies can post their favorite jokes.

Thatís all for now. Have a good day.

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