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If only I had wings . . . by invisible @ NuTang.com
Send Cough Drops. . .
Thursday. 4.29.04 8:09 pm
ouch........... i just woke up and i think im getting sick. i've been blaming it on my allergies but i don't think i can use that excuse anymore. I just had something to drink and now i feel sicker! Grrr....

I'm watching friends and its so sad! there are crying bcuz there moving and stuff. its reminding me of the end of the year. I acctually don't wanna leave 8th grade. i'll miss everything but the work. lol. but its sad. ppl are moving and going to different high skools.... its almost like im moving to. the only ppl i kno that are going to OHS is Derika and my ex Mike... oh well. i hope i make new friends. but it won't be the same without everyone. awww...... now i feel like crying. DARNIT!!

today at school was ok, kinda fun. 5th block ~reading~ Mike was being the usual im upset and won't tell u y. its tickin me off more. so good mike, ya here that! your ticking me off! thats probably what you want.
the rest of the day was wild and fun. and the play is tomorrow!!!!!!! i can't wait to see it!!!! all you guys are gonna do great! good luck to everyone in the play!

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Happy & Hyper!!!!!
Wednesday. 4.28.04 9:08 pm
I have acctually been happy and hyper these past couple days! I have been just hangin out and trying to think of other stuff its been worked!! I have stayed away from the sizzors but they still lye in my room. anyway.... there was an all day play practice so the cast and crew were out all day. The classes were smaller and it was more fun!!! Alot of my friends are in the play and i can't wait to see it Friday! After skool i went back to skool lol. There was play practice and i came back to skool at 4:55 and watched. There was a Open House for the 5th graders going into 6th grade. Barely anyone showed up to sing. But we still did good. Before we sang Ishboo, monica, and monkey and me went out infront and greeted ppl coming in. Monkey and I spoke infront of the parents and students. Of course I freaked out and didn't kno wha to say. so i messed up every 2 sentences, but jus had to go along with it. Monkey's speech was great. After we were done singing i had to sneek out and leave so I could go to church. I saw a bunch of friends there and we played games and had worship. Basiclly it was alota fun. there's gonna be a sleep over at the FL Christian College and im gonna try to go.

~and yes monkey, moment of silence for my dear fishi that died a long time ago~..........~ ok im done~

anywaz... time is running short and i have a "bed time" now. Hmmm lets see.. wow! i went to bed over 30 minutes ago! lol. So im gonna bounce bcuz i am gettin kinda tired soooo...

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~-~-~- bored -~-~-~
Saturday. 4.24.04 11:51 am
im soooooo bored right now!. im home alone and im watchin the movie Honey. the movies ok so far. theres nothing to do and no one to talk to. i might go out with some friends later tonight but iono if i should or not. my mom doesn't really agree but how bad can it be. i've been cooped up in this house forever and maybe it would be nice to get some fresh air. anywaz... im jus gonna hang out here for a while and blast the radio and t.v. lol. well im gonna bounce and see if i can find anything to do. PEACE

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Grr... ha ha
Sunday. 4.18.04 11:13 am
me and Mike are fighting. and though im very ticked off right now i find it rather funni. he still won't tell me y hes mad but oh well. if he wants to act like an 8 year old bitch thats fine with me. Anywaz.......... im jus bored right now, as usual. i've basiclly lost my voice bcuz i waz singing to the radio all day yezterday. My Grandma came over again and is staying a few days.
today i might go to the mall and jus walk around and shop. i might jus go by myself. i feel like being alone today, like friday. well theres stuff to do and i gtg. bu byez

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Pen pal from Japan?
Wednesday. 4.7.04 3:46 pm
In 5th block we have pen pals now from Japan! Which is cool bcuz im trying to learn how to write in Japanese. Anyway... we spent the intire class period writing back and talking and we missed a reading test! ~** YAY **~ Plus tomorrow were singing at a lil assebly thing at skool and were singing 2 songs that we've only practiced 3 times.lol And I have found my tru happiness! I've been lookin deep down inside and it waz right there all along. But right now my happiness is sick But hes getting better.
In other newz. I went to the orthidontist today and they said i might have to get surgery. yay! doesn't that sound like fun! .... yea right. Well im very right now and im gonna go

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Happiness and Sadness
Sunday. 4.4.04 6:11 pm
mood: Happy! sad...
listening to: Tha cars drive by
watching: Life pass me by

Today is 04/04/04 ! lol for the first time nothing went wrong YAY! ~~~Yesterday was so much fun!!! Monkey came over to my house and we were surgar high. we walked around in my backyard most of the time and down by the creek. we almost had a mud war and that waz fun. We also found a little path way under the bridge and so we stayed under there and were jus being stupid. my mom made us come inside after a while *:( * and so we talked on the phone for a while
I called a friend and we talked for a while while monkey was adding to her webpage. I learned that my friend was the same way as I am now. that was kinda a shock to me since when i see him he seems like a very fun and happy person. we talked bout "issues" and how to avoid them. but the little voices in my head won't shut up. They keep on reminding me of things that I've done bad. I makes me want to do it some more. but i've broken the promise already and i can't make it worse. I'm going to try to talk to mike bout it but im afraid of what he'll say. When talkin to my friend on the phone, he told me i should talk to mike, but if i can't then him or Monkey. i jus dunno. i might go with Monkeys advice and show him the poem ~> Monkey!

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