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[Grade 8 Piano Result!]
21/12/06 20:31
I am...

feeling: SO HAPPY!
listening to:

First, I'd like to apologise for not being on NuTang for so long, and apologise for not having another bento ;_; I'll make one during Christmas, promise! I was just way busy on Thursday >_<;; So wasn't able to make one...

Anyways! OH MY WORD!!! I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And not only did I pass, I got a MERIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SOOOOOO HAPPY!!! Gosh I just wanted a pass!!! OMW I GOT A MERIT I'M SO, SO HAPPY!!! (I'm on Associated Board, by the way, it goes Pass/Merit/Distinctionm, no Honours)

I don't know the full details of it yet--gonna discuss that with my piano teacher soon and have a look at it, but WAH! SO HAPPY!!! I'll bet I failed my aurals though heh heh ^^;; OH WELL!


I've decided to continue it on; gonna do Diploma in Performance next, wooooot! =DDD Praise the Lord!!!

MAJOR thanks to:

God - seriously, if it wasn't for God's guidance there's NO WAY I'd have passed.
Mr. Dvorak - my piano teacher, cos, obviously, if it weren't for him there wouldn't be a chance in -blah- I'd pass!
My Parents - for paying for my tuition, exams, for bloody putting up with me all these years, and not giving up on me no matter how much I didn't practise so I've now FINALLY completed Piano properly!
Him - if it wasn't for his constant telling me to practise as it got nearer the exam I wouldn't have practised half as much as I did right before my exam, and there's no way I'd have gotten my merit!




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[Piano Exam]
12/12/06 17:56
I am...

feeling: Happy, but so cold!!!
watching: Sailor Moon R

Gosh, how long as it been since I blogged, eh? ^^;; =Sigh= I haven't had much time to blog lately ;_; Well, I dunno, I guess I have, but I guess I haven't had the inspiration to...? ^^;;

I've also been rather... lazy/not-in-the-mood with Bentos =sigh= Haven't made any for the past couple of weeks, but I'll hopefully make my (last one for a while due to Christmas Hols) Bento this Thursday =]

Anyways! As you may (or may not) know, I had my Grade 8 piano exam last Thursday... That might not mean anything to those who don't live in the UK, but basically, Grade 8 is the highest grade you'll really need in an instrument, so yeah, means quite a lot to me ^^;;

Erm... Well, the results should be back in a couple of weeks, so I'll let you guys know what I got! =D (Hopefully I passed! =fingers crossed=) Thanks to all those friends who wished me luck and prayed for me <333

How'd it go? Well, twas actually okay ^_^ My scales were pretty good, apart from this *one* scale (E flat minor in sixths apart) that I *could not do* ;_; I was so annoyed cos I tried it *twice* as well and I STILL couldn't get it right =sigh= Gave up on that one in the end...

The rest were okay though =3

My pieces, I'm glad to say, were okay =3 My first one: I didn't even make *one* mistake!!! I was so pleased <333 I did a couple of slips where I accidentally pressed two keys at once, but that was about it! Yay!!! =DDD

My second piece, though... Gosh I messed that one up =sigh= I basically messed up the beginning, then got back on track, but then she coughed and distracted me, so I messed up the middle, but then got back on track, then I somehow managed to mess up the end too ;_;

It wasn't *that* bad, but... =sigh= Stupid Mr. Mozart ;_; My third piece started off well, though, but then towards the end, because there were so many massive jumps in chords from one end of the piano to the other, I kept playing wrong notes x_x;;

I don't think she realised though, until I played so many wrong chords she had to look down at the music to have a look heh heh ^^;; (She was focused on my playing before then ^^;; -- you can see her reflection in the piano =3) Hopefully it wasn't *that* bad though =3

BUT!!! For the FIRST time in my ENTIRE history of sight-reading, I think I passed this one!!! YAY!!!! =DDDDDDDDD <333333

Now that the areas I've passed have been told... erm... I basically *know* I failed my aurals ^^;; I mean, singing bottom line? Hah. Telling what cadence is what? Double HAH! And my sight-singing was an absolute disaster. I mean, I basically squawked my way through it... I was like "Erm... lar... larrr lar... lar????!! =Insert more random un-note-like noises here="

She asked me if I would like to try again, and I gave her a very honest answer: "not really ^^;;" heh heh ^^;; And modulations?? Weren't gonna happen. I completely guessed, and also completely RAMBLED through what the period of the piece she played was... >_>;; I think I got it wrong anyways =sigh=

*HOPEFULLY* I've still passed though! =D I'll let you guys know when my results are back ^_^

In other news on Kuri's life: It's Christmas soon =D I'm actually just looking forward to the holiday... SO tired lately x_x;; I have so much work to do ;_; (Well, actually, it's not that much work--it's just SO DARN HARD to do it! I don't get Linear Programming at all!!!)

People ask me like... what I want for Christmas, and the honest answer is: nothing ^^;; Well, nothing that they can buy me, at least =/ There's one main thing I want for Christmas: Snow.

We rarely, if not, NEVER get snow here ;_; =sigh= I wish for snow...

Okies~ I forgotten what else I wanted to say so I'll leave it at that heh heh ^^;; I also intend to update more often! ^^;; I know I've been absolutely AWFUL with blogging lately =sigh= I promise to blog more often again!!! I've just had my mind occupied a lot lately ^^;;

I have to say, though, even though I've been *completely* dead from NuTang lately, I must still thank you all so much for visiting my blog anyways!!! <333333 Much love to you all!!!

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@Anonymous, Heya! ^_^ Well, before I answer your questions, I'd like to ask you a few of my own:
1, Who are you?
2, How did you know I went to WUCCF?
3, Do I know you? ^^;;
Thank you very much for praying for me! <3 I'll answer your questions next time, if I get mine answered ^^;; (You don't have to put your full name down for my first question...)



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[Revelations and Discussions~]
27/11/06 10:12
I am...

feeling: happy but tired~
listening to: There is a Higher Throne - Various Artists

Ah... my uber-busy week is over! ^_^ Although I lacked a lot of sleep and was overcome by stress for quite a bit, it was still majorly fun~ =D Had an absolutely brilliant weekend too!

Omw! Taming The Tiger was *SO* good!!!!! <3333333 I absolutely loved it to pieces!!! Gosh if I'd have known talks would be this good I would have gone to the other one too!!! >_<;;

*SO* going to the next one!!! O_O;;

I also bought the "Taming the Tiger" book and got Tony Anthony to sign it straight away XDDDDDD He even drew a smiley face on it haha how cute! ^_^ Would anyone like to see it? =3 I can take a photo and put it on here if you want =]

Something interesting (to me, at least =P): I think it's really cool how I met this guy at my Church AGES ago, but he never came back, so I figured I'd probably never see him again, and just when I'd almost forgotten about him, I see him again at *swimming* in the Sports Hall haha XD

And we didn't really talk much there either, so I figured I'd never see him again after that as well... The very next week, I see him at the Cantonese Bible Study group lol. I had been intending to go there to try improve my (very limited) cantonese ^_^ Cool, huh? XD (This time we actually spoke properly and got contact details haha)

That was the 17th Nov (Michael's Bday~~~ I have yet to get him a present =cough=) lol and now I'd say we'd already become really good friends, yay~ =DDD Lol it's kinda like what happened between Ani and I, cept this time I didn't hate Him (his name, believe it or not =P) when I first met him ^^;;

What happened between Ani and I? Well... when she first came to England, we were 6 yrs old, and she lodged at my house for... I forgot how long, but according to my parents it was only about a month or so, and during that time, we annoyed the blah out of each other ^^;; When she left I never thought I'd see her again... In fact, I'd *completely* forgotten about her ^^;;

Four years later, we met again at Chinese school, but still hated the blah outta each other, then I quit cos I didn't like it and wasn't learning ^^;; yet another 2-3 yrs later, we meet again, and became best friends within a week! XDDDDD

I guess there are just some people you feel you can just... connect with straight away, and even though you haven't known each other long, you can still become amazing friends? ^^;; Am I making sense? =3

Okay in my case it takes about 3 tries to actually get to that 'great friends' status, but hey! ^^;; =P

Also tried out a different Church yesterday--omw... the worship was AMAZING... Seriously the BEST worship I've had in... *way* too long... <33333333 I'd love to go back there, but I don't think I'll be able to =/ My parents are reluctant to send me there and... yeah =sigh=

I'll blog an unedited version of my weekend some time ^^;; (although it'll be password protected >_>;; =3)

Although I had an interesting discussion with my parents in the evening XD I asked them "What would you do if I told you I'd had a boyfriend for the past 6 months?" and this was me asking my rather-traditional-but-changing Chinese parents ^^;;

Funnily enough, my mum was immediately like "Congratulations! =D I wouldn't care, I told you before, I don't mind at all ^_^" then started guessing who supposed-boyfriend was hahaha XD

My father was like "Yeah, I'd be alright with it but you should have told us *before* you got a boyfriend, not 6 months after." And also began assuming I had a boyfriend... I just laughed at them and told them I *don't* actually have a boyfriend, I only said *if* =P

My daddy was like "I think God would let us know if a guy is suited for you though", which, fair enough, but I thought surely God would tell *me* first, and then tell mummy, cos she's obviously more open about this issue =3

My daddy was quite interested in what my mummy would say about this and asked if God had given her a sign, so she just said, "Well, I think it'd all be very natural when the time comes and she'd accept whoever I chose". Yay mummy~ <3

Right... I have an R.E. essay to write about asylum seekers and the right of indigneous peoples... and how religious leader communities can help resolve the issues involving asylum seekers...

I have gotten as far as "Nowadays the issue of asylum seekers are becoming more and more of a problem." >_>;; Gyargh!!! I've NO idea what to write!!! I barely *don't even* know what asylum seekers are!!! x_x;;

And it's due in tomorrow... =dies=

Y'know, I wish I could just stay in my own little Kuri-La-La-Land and never come out of my fantasy world of rainbows and butterflies and sunny days ¬_¬; We've all turned the world into a horrible place and I don't like it ;_;

Hopefully if I'm lazy enough I can get kicked out of Society and Ethics then I'll never have to worry about writing essays for them again >_>;;

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24/11/06 16:18
I am...

feeling: tired...
watching: Sailor Moon XD

Ah... how long has it been since I watched Sailor Moon? XD It really confused me when I was watching it when I was younger cos I kept missing episodes and stuff, then I stopped altogether, then when I got back into it a new season had started and I was hearing all this stuff about new characters, so gave up in the end ^^;;

Hm... I've been SO busy this week... Basically, my week has gone (and is going):
Monday: school, get home, catch up with homework, practise at least an hour's piano

Tuesday: school, stay after school at consortium school to do more on German and get some German help, get bus to town, get food, go back to my school, go to Stratford to go to theatre to watch "A Winter's Tale" by Shakespeare (which was really boring... the lighting, staging, sound effects and stuff were really good though! =D), got back at 11pm

Wednesday: school, catch up with homework, practise at least another hour's piano, realised my internet was back up so went online for quite a while, then piano lesson 7:30ish-8:30ish (although it always runs over so I don't get home till around 9ish

Thursday: school, catch up with homework, swimming 7:30-9:30, got home around quarter to 10

Friday (today): school, go online for a bit (I was supposed to stay behind and do our Xmas Pantomime rehearsal, but I'd have like... NO time to rest by then... and I've been losing sleep like bleh), meet up with friends, meal, Taming the Tiger talk 7:30-9pm, go to bible study group, expecting to get home... 11:30pm ish

Saturday: chores, badminton, swimming, piano practise, homework

Sunday: church, homework, instrumental practise

And that, my dears, is my week... The most hectic week I've had all year... I'm SO tired and I've got dark rings under my eyes too TT_TT =sigh= I wasn't even able to make a bento yesterday cos I was so tired and busy >_<;; Okay, gotta go now! <333

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[Bento 016]
22/11/06 16:52
I am...

feeling: really happy!
chatting to: Tealy-Kun, Ali, Link

I'M BACK!!!! After 11 days of not having the internet, it's FINALLY back up! =D And I bring to you a whole new bento! ^_^

Actually I don't really have time to blog today, so I'll make this one quick... Ah this week is so hectic for me! I'll blog properly sooner or later though! =D Anyways, without further ado, allow me to present...

Bento #016:

Top tier: Sushi!!! =D and a couple of flower-shaped cucumbers, and a fish bottle containing soy sauce
Bottom tier: Mochi, green tea cake, cucumber, and star-shaped apples <3

Yummy!!! =DDDD Well, I'll have another one for you tomorrow, hopefully, depends how busy I am ^^;;

I need to get my homework done now >_>;; Gotta go!!!! <333333333 Ah, and I'm sorry, I don't have time to plug today, but thanks so much for commenting!!! <3333333333



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[Bento 015]
09/11/06 21:46
I am...

feeling: knackered
watching: some random thing on youtube o_O;

Wow... I haven't blogged in a week! O_O;; Heh heh ^^;; Did any of you miss me? =3

Okay maybe not ^^;; But anyways, it's that time of the week again when I post up my next Bento ^_^ I was gonna blog about how fricken stressed I am with life right now, but I think I'll leave that for another post some other time... =sigh= Hopefully everything will get better x_x;

Anyways, without further ado, allow me to present:

Bento #015~ =D

Top tier: rice with tomato fried eggs (it actually tastes quite nice =3) and croquettes fried with mini-shrimp (? not sure what it's called heh ^^;; but it also tastes quite nice =3) courtesy of my mummy~
Bottom tier: red bean mochi, GREEN TEA CAKE *_* and amanoyas (flavoured rice crackers. They tasted so good I decided to learn their name haha XD)

Just came back from swimming~ I've been so stressed lately I've overeaten like mad =sigh= seriously need to work it off >_>;;

Plugs to the beautiful: Kahne_Earnhardt_Fan, iki-chan, Dotty, dave, Cammie, von-notation, Sylphie, Chelsey, kkama67, Anita, dannixfresh, Ani, Dilated, Fangli

Thank you all for commenting, you lovely, lovely people!!! <33333333333333

And now for some answers some commenters have been seeking XD:
@Kahne, well, I got my Chicken Tikka Batch from school, and I cut out the cucumber shapes, and made the muffin myself =D
@dave, I cut it out from seaweed nori with a big pair of kitchen scissors ^_^;; was a little challenging, but fun to do! =D
@Cammie, yeah, we have open campus here too--it's only 30 mins for our break too, but I like the food my school serves =D just that when I go to my consortium school on Friday mornings I tend to make my own food ^^;;
@kkama67, with cookie cutters XDDD
@Anita, hehe you only type in the first 4 digits, but I think you've figured that out by now ;) Thanks for visiting! =D
@Dilated, nope =3 cucumbers ^_^



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