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Age. 47
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Redneck
Location Spokane, WA
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Another Dumbass Attack
Friday. 11.12.04 1:58 am
danial> do u have account on yahoo
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> yes
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> i have about 15 of them actually
danial> tell me
danial> ahhhh!
danial> tell me one of them
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> why do you want to know?
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> why should i?
danial> i think u doing cheating over there, not chatting
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> dude... you can leave me alone now...
danial> yea u always alone...
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> dude... quit
danial> i m not making u alone baby
danial> u really make pplz cheating cos u have too much acc on yahooo
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> i prefer to be alone... i LIKE to be alone
danial> may be u have Msn too
danial> dont be cheater ok
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> i have MSN, AIM, ICQ AND Yahoo
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> that's none of your business
danial> otherwishe u will be alone from ur life too
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> well.. I'm OK with that...
danial> i hate pplz like U r
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> well i truly can't stand people that seem to think they know anything about me.. when in fact they donot
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> i'm not forcing you to talk to me
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> as a matter of fact.. i ASKED you to leave me alon
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> alone
danial> u totally are fiction motor..cos u dont seem tobe having facts
danial> go away cheater
danial> i also dont like U
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> come back when you know how to play nicely in the sandbox...
danial> sandbox is not a part of ur home
danial> if is then dont worry
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> actually.. it is... my daughter has one in the beackyard
danial> i be there to
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> backyard
* General_Crespin has joined #Lobby
* Sentinel sets mode: +v General_Crespin
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> look kid... just quit bothering me
* GeneralCrespin has quit IRC (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by General_Crespin)))
danial> chup dont say anything more..
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> ya know... I think i'm gonna make you famous.... You've just won my dipstick Idiot of the Day Award
danial> hahahha but i dont think so....pplz make famous ppplz but u forget the person also have guts to be famous not like U
danial> after doing racing
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> yeah... whatever..
danial> may be racing of cheating....LOL
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> youprobably don't even know how to drive...
danial> even u cant imajine how can i drive.
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> just keep in mind that lots of people are going to be reading this conversation...
danial> come on yahoo i will drive to u too
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> boy.. i'm already ON yahoo... but i'm not going ot give you my login
danial> yea i know man then telling u come on yahoo i wil learn how to make cheating in the racing or pplz
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> IF i was going to cheat on my man.. it would NOT be with someone like you
danial> then dont try to msg me again cos i dont like cheater pplz
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> i have FAR better taste in men
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> i didn't message you the first time
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> get your facts straight
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> danial.. don't do that again
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> Danial... i'm not going to communicate with you in private
* PDmon is now known as PDmon|Gameage
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> talk to me here.. or leave me alone
* [Hexey]Alice is now known as [Croquet]Alice
* Mowsetrap_Motorsports wishes she could op in here...
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> i'd kick this little cretin to mars and back
danial> LOL
* Jasper Brings ShadowMan_ZZZ a jingleball as a gift.
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> there we go... i'd kick him in his jingleballs
danial> cut ur coat according to ur clothes otherwise u know the would be something wrong by u
danial> dont try to run ur oldest motorcar here mous
danial> oh sorry mouse
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> how old are you?
danial> only and lonely i m no one is here told u this ...cos i dont wanna too
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> just what i thought...
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> this is gonna be one long entry on my website...
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> lol.. but i'm gonna have fun with it
* FXWGBill has joined #Lobby
* Sentinel sets mode: +v FXWGBill
danial> fun fail sometime when ...
danial> facts comes
* FXWGBill has left #Lobby
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> so... do you make an idiot of yourself often?? or is this your first time?
danial> yes i make while cheater comeover me
danial> like U mouse
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> ok.. blah blah..
danial> just do it as in place of ..Mows...Mouse
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> i'm more man than you'll ever be.. and more woman than you'll ever have... sorry kid... i'm WAY outta your league
danial> hahhahah
danial> but dont forget i love u this way
danial> that u cant never imajine lol
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> oh gods.. you love me huh?
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> this gets better and better
danial> oh gods no tell Oh GOD ..u know GOD is one and is great too
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> i bel;ieve in several gods thank you... don't tell me what i believe
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> believe even
danial> GOD ok
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> Gods
danial> only one is there
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> nope
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> there are many
danial> cos u dont know well
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> LMAO... you're funny
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> looking
danial> cos u have many msn and yahoo ID so why u will not keep GODS
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> i HAVE 15... iuse 1
* Mowsetrap_Motorsports casts an evil spell on all of pakistan..
danial> but dont say again have many GODS otherwise i wll be more dangerous than that
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> i have many gods... seal with it buckwheat
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> deal
danial> when i wil broke ur seal then u should what happen will be there
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> get dangerous on me... i'm SO not scared
danial> so not but u feel to it LOL
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> can i have that again.. in decent English.. so i can at least KNOW what i'm laughing at
danial> American u know already scared and they are totally schy
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> It's kinda hard to be scared... when you're laighing your ass off
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> schy?
danial> u r my child ok dont be silly to going this
danial> LOL
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> if i was your child... i'd kill myself
danial> but late be it done ..
danial> otherwise i will kill this child
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> i am a child of the goddess and her gods...
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> oooh.. was that a threat?? I love it when idiots try talking crap
danial> LOL
* Princess95 has joined #Lobby
* Sentinel sets mode: +v Princess95
* Princess95 has quit IRC (Quit: gotta go)
danial> bye meet u sya my darling
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> if i see you again... I'm leaving
danial> but dont forget that u r my lover
* Roadieee has joined #Lobby
* Sentinel sets mode: +v Roadieee
danial> bcos i love u sweatheart this way that u never forget
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> you're not man ehough to be my lover...
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> enough
Roadieee> holy moly
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> you should see this guy... thinks he loves me
Roadieee> what the hell is goin on
Roadieee> did ya read his name close mowse
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> he's in love with me or something...lol
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> yeah... danial.. denial
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> lol
Roadieee> do you know him
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> nope...
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> my ignore isn't working either for some reasom
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> reason
Roadieee> thats bad
Roadieee> he seems to have shut up
Roadieee> danial are you a bot
Mowsetrap_Motorsports> nope... that aint a bot... it's talked three pages of crap
Roadieee> gee mowse i feel powerful
Roadieee> hey jeff are you about
* Jasper Decides to claw up the carpet a little, right next to the unused scratching post.
Roadieee> hello jasper
Roadieee> and what kind of kitty are you
* Mowsetrap_Motorsports points jasper in the direction of danial.... get it!!

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The best classic rock on the planet!! IRock109!! Chat, Music and Friends!!! Click Here for more information on how to listen and chat!!!
Thursday. 11.11.04 11:26 pm

Ok bitch... i'm not the one who said i going to throw a helpless fucking 4 month old against a wall..... I'm not the one who got the first attitude.... Sure i ignored you... btu for the love of fuck you stupid cunt... I IGNORE EVERYBODY... so now... what i want you to fucking do is pack your goddamn bullshit and get the fuck out of my house... AS OF NOW... you have made an enemy you DON'T want... stay the fuck out of my way... and i won't fucking hurt you..... now FUCK OFF AND CHOKE ON YOUR OWN VOMIT YOU PARANOID TWIT-

gypsearayn : I also want you to know we are not eating your food,nor are we using your coffee,Rob has his own coffee,and I have been buying our food. As Rusty saw the other day when he was with Sara at the grocery outlet. We are not using anything of yours in the kitchen as far as food goes. don't think we are,we are not thieves as was insinuated today


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The best classic rock on the planet!! IRock109!! Chat, Music and Friends!!! Click Comment! (0) | Recommend! | Rate!

The best classic rock on the planet!! IRock109!! Chat, Music and Friends!!! Click Comment! (0) | Recommend! | Rate!

The best classic rock on the planet!! IRock109!! Chat, Music and Friends!!! Click Comment! (0) | Recommend! | Rate!

The best classic rock on the planet!! IRock109!! Chat, Music and Friends!!! Click
Darryl Waltrip said it best in his article on foxsports.com...
"If you lost your son, that would be devastating. What a tragedy! If you lost your brother, what a tragedy! But when you lose your brother, your son, two nieces and all of the people who were on that airplane, it's just devastating. One person doesn't have the capacity for that kind of grief so it's going to take all of us grieving together to help Rick Hendrick, his wife, Linda, Ricky's girlfriend, Randy's wife and Johnny's wife. It's going to take all of us praying, caring and supporting that group of people to get them through this devastating experience."

I saw that happen yesterday.... and it is a powerful thing... I'm proud to be a part of a community that... even though we have our guys to root for.. when the shit hits the fan... we're one big crew....

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