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Tuesday. 3.6.07 5:30 pm
Well, my dad had his surgery yesterday.
My brother and I took off after church (which, my mother was upset that I attened) and arrived in San Antonio around 4.

They checked him into a Cardiovascular level of the hospital to keep a close eye on everything his heart does. He was in quite a bit of pain the whole time and couldn't lay flat for more than a few minuets at a time. He spent the night there and was scheduled to go into surgery at 6 in the morning.

My brother, mom and I went back to my grandma's house (who, FYI is in Veracruz, Mexico for spring break) and got what little shut eye we could. Woke up around 4 o'clock in the morning - got ready - and took off back to the hospital. We waited and waited until finally aorund 7 am they told us they were taking him into surgery. They took him in and we were in the wiating room when the Doctor himself comes to the door and asks to speak to mom. I couldn't hear much of what he was saying besides "I'm sorry". She comes back to my brother and I and informs us that there's too much fluid around his heart - they have to do a far more serious type of surgery. So, up we go back to his room. At 3 o'clock they tell us that the Dr. has arrived and they're taking him back down to surgery. We wait in a holding area type of deal, talk to the doctor for a little bit and they take him into surgery. After about 25 minuets we get word that it's over. We go up into the Cardio Vascular Intensive Care Unit for Post Op Recovery and go into to say 'hi' to my dad. He's lying on his stretcher with some sort of mask literally tied to his face, hoses are coming out of everywhere, and he has a needle sticking out of his neck. When he saw us walk in he reached out his hand to my mom and she started to cry. She leaned down to ask how he was and he said "don't get sick, it sucks". Every a joker - my father.

Well, it turns out that they took enough fluid out of father to fill up a 3 liter soda bottle. His heart had been incredibly erratic before he went in, but as we watched the line do a little dance across the monitor we realized that it was beating much better than what it had. So, this is good. However, they're fairly certain (how certain....not sure) that the fluid was cancer. That means it would have spread from his kidneys. We're not sure though, we're waiting for results.

I just got off the phone with my mom - he's in much better shape than what he was but hes still not good. As soon as he's ready, they'll be removing his left kidney. Aih - my father.....

And I woke up today feeling incredibly crappy. I have a fever and a really bad case of nausea.
Boo to this I say.

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well, it's not good...
Friday. 3.2.07 12:06 pm
but it's not as bad as I had hyped it up to be.

Apperently at the hospital here in Laredo they misread/took crappy quality x-rays of my dad during the whole catscan thing. They told him, while here was here, that they found spots in both kidney's and his lung.

Well, the specialist over in San Antonio took new x-rays. The prognosis? My dad does have fluid around his heart. On the one hand, that's pretty much easily removed. All they have to do is go in w/a needle and siphon it out. They would have done it yesterday but the labs are closed over the weekend so they're waiting 'till monday. After the surgery they'll send the fluid off for tests to see if it's infected or cancerous. Now, the good news is...there's nothing in his lungs as far as anyone can tell. His right kidney is also what the doctor called "in perfect health". His left kidney on the other hand, has a cancerous tumor the size OF his kidney. From everything they can tell, it hasn't spread so this is also good news.

They would have also gone in and taken out his kidney yesterday, but they don't wanna do that until the cardiologist says that his heart can take it. So, we have to wait another couple days for that. Possibly mid-week if not this upcoming weekend.

So, it's not good. But it's not bottom of the barrel.

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There are no words left to speak
Wednesday. 2.28.07 11:18 pm
My dad has been having issues with his health.
I've written about it.
We all thought it was something semi-serious.
Pneumonia, Food Poisoning, Gall Stones...something.
Well, he had his appointment.

This morning as I woke up late for my 2nd interview for a 2nd job. I realized mom and dad were fully dressed. That struck me as odd so I inquired. Mom responded with "well, the doctor said your dad needed to see a specialist so we're going to San Antiono". That never bodes well.

Mom called just a few minuets ago.
They figured out what was wrong with my dad.
He has fluid around his heart.
I don't really know what that entails in all it's horrible graphic nature - but I know it doesn't sound good.
They also found spots on both his kidneys.
On a scale of 1-10 that comes in at around an 8.

They'll be staying in San Antonio for another day so they can run more tests on my father to figure out exactly what all is wrong with him. I made a few calls to a couple people to ask for prayers. I don't know the full scope of this yet - it hasn't sunk in. It wasn't until I had told about 3 people that I started to cry.

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Before I go to work
Sunday. 2.25.07 5:53 pm
I go in at 5:30. When do I get out? I dunno. Hopefully not too late.

I had church today. I love church. It seems that's the only time I feel completely ok. After service ended I went out to lunch with a friend of mine whom I haven't seen in a good while. We went to the mall's food court.

We talked about God, life, and our plans for our respective futures. She invited me to go on Stint with her next year. Basically, it's a year long missionary trip in Greece where we would help start a college program on a couple univeristy campess (sp?). I don't know - it's a long way off and alot can happen between here and there. I'm hesitant about making plans of that sort right now.

I am however very intrested in being baptised. I made an appointment with Karen Paulson (whom is the lady that was there when I accepted) on tuesday to talk some stuff out. I'm excited about it. I worry that I may be doing too much all at once, but at the same time I feel as though it's right. So, I'm going with my gut on this one.

Life in general continues on. My dad is getting sicker by the day and we still don't know what's wrong with him. We've been telling him for years that he needs to slow down, work out, eat healthier and so on but has always pushed it aside. Well, now it's come to kick him down. He had to have a catscan, we find out the results on Tuesday. This may not go well. Things between us aren't going so well either. He tries to put his best foot foward, but it's a big clumsy misguided RUDE foot. So, he keeps pushing me away and getting more upset that I'm pulling farther away. Mom is doing fine. She's cooking and even did the laundry this week. She's been walking in the mornings and things seem well from her end of the story. My brother? Who knows. He leaves in the morning and comes back at night. It's either work, his girlfriend, or his friends which keeps him busy.

That's about all that's happening here.
Well, I suppose I should be off to work...

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