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Name: Emily
Age: 24
Locaton: Auburn, Ala.
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woo hoo!
Tuesday. 11.11.03 3:02 am
I'm soooooo happy because English is cancelled tomorrow, and I was so totally about to stay up super late to finish up homework that I've been putting off because I'm a lazy bum! Is that a run-on sentence? Anyway, I just checked my email and she said that she's sick! Well, that sucks for her but not for me! Now I can study more and finish up that darn homework!!!! I probably won't, but at least I say I will! Hoo rah! (Marines say that, I don't know why, but it seemed to fit the occassion). Anyway, I have to go read The Return of the King now because it's soooooooooooooooooooooooo good and I'm almost finished. *i'm so excited*

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Thursday. 11.6.03 1:54 pm
The best one was Kill Bill. And you can't tell on my because I was allowed to see them for free. Because my friends work there. I also got free popcorn and a free drink. Did I already mention that?

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Thursday. 11.6.03 3:11 am
today i watched kill bill, the matrix revolutions, and school of rock. in a row. for free. and i got free popcorn and a drink. that's what happens when you know people that work in a theater. i suggest that you make friends with theater workers. it's fabulous.

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damn morons...
Monday. 11.3.03 2:11 am
This moron named Mike pissed all over my bathroom floor, and didn't even clean it up! What an asshole! I'm about to go sterilize my whole bathroom because of him. I'll talk more about it later, right now I have to get to bed.

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Friday. 10.31.03 4:26 am
today i'm not eating anything because last night i had 2 corndogs, a piece of domino's cheese pizza, and about 1.000 pieces of Halloween candy. I feel deeeeesgusting. Watch, I'll probably finish off all that damn candy I bought. Damn you Halloween!!!! Oh, I bought The Night of the Living Dead, because it's one of the best movies ever.

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Did I mention?
Monday. 10.27.03 9:49 pm
That Felicia (my evil roomate) is pregnant? AND, she's moving to Philadelphia. How about that, eh? That's good stuff. You know what else? Army of Darkness is about to come on, and I'm going to go watch it, because it's a fabulous movie. Fabulous I tell you!!! Any the hoo, I have to do my stupid journal entries for English class. I will write more later. Maybe not though. Tomorrow, I'll write more tomorrow. PS- What's the best way to get rid of fruit flies? RAID? 'Cause we finally got rid of those bastard mice, but now my room is infested with FRUIT FLIES. They totally suck.

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