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Age. 37
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Caucasian
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hopelessly addicted...
Sunday. 12.3.06 12:46 am
I am so horrible! Here I didn't even update today because I was playing World of Warcraft...how sad is that?

Okay...I think it's very sad...but that's besides the point.

It was cold, VERY cold today. Didn't really want to go outside or anything...

Brian is being very nice and installing the 250gb hard drive I bought yesterday into my computer. We're then putting Windows on the new, faster hard drive...copying all the stuff on my 40gb hard drive to my new hard drive and then reformatting the old hard drive. All that techno-geek stuff I leave for him to do...lol

Anyway, that's my mini-update. I'm going to work tomorrow...but I have Monday off...woo! I'll make time to comment then.

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Good Morning!
Friday. 12.1.06 9:43 am
It's finally Friday...and yay!!!

Before I forget, today is xboyz birthday today, so you should go celebrate!

In other news, we get bagels this morning which is also a good thing. As long as there's a blueberry bagel for me or a cinnamon raisin bagel for me, I'm in 7th heaven. Everyone in my department likes the cheese bagels, but eh...give me the fruit!

I am hoping I can actually get Brian's gift for Christmas here in the next few days. I'm just going to go in there and buy what I think my gut tells me is something that he wants/needs and call it good. He was having one helluva time with his computer last night though. A few weeks ago, his RAM died...so, he had a lifetime warranty on this RAM since it was top of the line or something (LED lights on the side and the whole deal), so they replaced the RAM. He went and installed that, and then his computer was running horribly. He thought that maybe his motherboard was going out then. He ordered some new motherboard and that came in last night. He got off work at 6pm, so he was at home last night putting the processor and the heat synch and all that back on the new motherboard...now his computer doesn't even start up at all :( SO, if he can't mess around with it and get it to work, it might be a power source issue and he might need to get one of those now. He didn't have a lot of time to work on it last night as he had to get up at 8am this morning to go to work, but I hope he got it figured out.

I was hoping his computer would work so we could play World of Warcraft :( Okay...I'm an Ă¼ber dork now. I just want to play World of Warcraft...lol...but I must repeat, I am not like those super addicted gamers. I know when to put down the mouse and stop playing. I do not NEED to play World of Warcraft...I just have a need to want to play World of Warcraft. Since I hadn't played in 6 months, I was really torn on getting the Burning Crusades, however, I went and put my $5.00 down to hold my game so I could get one. That was more than 6 months ago that I did that. NOW, I think I might get it...but I'll need to get a new hard drive in order to do so. I am out of room on my 40gb hard drive as it is and with their monster patches and whatnot (500+ mb every time you get a patch usually), I am hurting for space! Brian was saying that they're having a deal at Best Buy where you can get a 250gb hard drive for $99.00. I may have heard him wrong, but if that is the case, sign me up! I'll be getting one of those puppies!

Anyway, enough about that...

I'm slowly giving up my addiction. There is a lady at work that loves Hello Kitty (and so do I) and anything Sanrio pretty much, but she's more into Hello Kitty. I collect letter sets (and I mean, I have tons...a filing cabinet full of letter sets) and I am actually giving some of them away to her. Being here in the midwest, there are seriously no good places to get Hello Kitty stuff. The amount of asian people here in the midwest is barely any compared to the Pacific Northwest, so we don't have that sort of stuff out here like they do in the Seattle area. Anyway, there's this store I got into about once a year when I go back to visit my mom (it's in Kent) and they recognize me. They seriously call me the "letter set girl." But yeah...I'm going to let my friend at work have some of my Hello Kitty paper. I am not really using it and it's just sitting in my file cabinet and Hello Kitty really isn't my favorite. Does anyone remember Pochacco? Pochacco is my favorite...but they stopped making Pochacco stuff...made me sad :(

Okay...time to work...

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Thursday. 11.30.06 9:24 am
Good Morning folks!

It was cold outside this morning...I could feel my breath freezing as it came out of my mouth and I had that funny feeling in my nose when it's so cold, my nose is runny, but it's so cold, my snot is sort of freezing (haha...yes...probably too much information). It's sort of an icky feeling...it feels like frost can form inside your nose at any time!

But yeah...the commute this morning was extra peachy. There were a few patches of black ice, but other than that, the roads were mostly clear. It's not supposed to snow today...and it's supposed to be sunny the next few days, so I'm sure the majority of the snow is going to melt off the roads and we'll be all set. The sunrise this morning was WONDERFUL! I wish I had my camera so I could have taken a picture because it was so pretty. Imagine whitish/grayish skies that gradually fade into a light pink...then the pink gets a little darker and then fades into a light purple...which eventually fades into the white/purple mountains. It was pretty cool (to me anyway).

I should be going home tonight, so I'll have access to my wonderful computer. I'm so sorry to everyone here for lack of comments (since I'm usually pretty good at comments). Since I've not been at home the last 2 nights, I've not had access to a computer for long periods of time...and I've not really had access to making comments :( When I'm on for the 5 to 10 minutes that I was, I tried to comment on whose I saw that I normally do...but everyone else :( I SUCK!!! I'll definitely be able to tonight as I will be home.

HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYONE!!! Try to bundle up (if it's cold) and if it's warm (and by warm, I mean you can go outside with jeans and a t-shirt and feel comfortable) where you're at, I'm so freakin' jealous!!!

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Wednesday. 11.29.06 9:25 pm
It snowed for most of the morning and it stopped early this afternoon (about 2 or so)...but I still had to leave work 2 hours past my normal time...ugh...oh well. With the 4 hours I worked overtime on Monday and the 2 hours I worked over today, I almost have one entire day extra to be added to my paycheck...lol. We may have to work late tomorrow too, so I might actually have a complete extra day to add to my paycheck.

Other than that, since I was employee of the month in August, I've been entered into a drawing to receive an extra $500.00 bonus this year at Christmas. To be honest, I wouldn't mind getting this extra bit of money. It's not really a drawing either...the whole entire company nominated the employees of the month, so they get to vote for the 2 lucky people that get the extra $500.00 (yes, 2 people get win). I'm up again 11 other people to get the bonus and I feel I have a pretty good chance. It's all up to who's more popular (and it sucks...but lol...that's how it usually is), so I really don't have any advantage over any other people. All votes need to be in by Monday, so we'll see. I cross my fingers :)

Brian's out at the store getting chili seasoning so we can eat yummy chili tonight :) His dad makes FREAKING SWEET chili, so I'm looking forward to that. He's going to get me some nice, yummy apples too. I've been craving apples...and I want some and he's nice enough to go get some just for me...yay!

Other than that...I'll probably be staying at Brian's house again since the roads are ice-tacular right now (black ice everywhere) and just in case he has to drive me to work tomorrow, he can do so and whatnot. Most likely, I should be okay...so I can go home tomorrow night (which will be nice...I like vegetating at my own house sometimes).

I have a 3-day weekend this weekend. I asked for Monday off, so that will be nice...I also have a 3-day weekend next weekend too (I asked for Friday off)...AHH...I better get in all this vacation time now because I won't be getting any vacation time next year...darn baby!

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Wednesday. 11.29.06 12:38 pm
It has been snowing all night...and all morning...and I keep watching the snow plow truck drive through the parking lot at work and it doesn't look like it makes a difference at all. He plows...it just gets all snowy again...he plows some more...gets all snowy again...

Oh well...at least I didn't have to drive to work in this. Brian's mom was nice enough to get up this morning and drive me to work. She has to work this afternoon, so Brian will have to come pick me up from work, but hell...at least I'm not out there driving around in this crap weather.

I'll update more later. We're ordering Chinese food for lunch (hopefully the delivery man will drive over here and make it okay) so I'll be eating in...I can't wait for my chicken chow mein to come :) with my wonton soup, crab cheese wontons...and fried rice. YUMMY!!!!

Anyway, back to work...

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I'm off for the afternoon...
Tuesday. 11.28.06 3:17 pm
I made a few subtle changes to my site. Nothing major...I finally figured out how to change the colors of those navigation bars per the NuTang Hacks page. I had to try a few different things until I figured out what the hell I was doing (yes, I'm just that code illiterate), but I finally figured it out :) YAY!

Other than that, take a look at our nice weather for the rest of today going into tomorrow:

All of this is supposed to start happening about 4pm today. Of course, I have that baby class tonight so we'll be out there driving around in this...and I've got work tomorrow...so I'll be out driving around in that tomorrow. Brian has offered to drive me to work in the morning as it is supposed to snow ALL night and the last time it snowed, my car didn't do so well. That was nice of him to do...hehe

Anyway, I think before the weather gets too shitty...I'm going to attempt to go see if I can find something for Brian for Christmas. I was going to do it when we went out for lunch today, but he forgot that we had even talked about doing that today and when I called him, he was already on his lunch and he totally spaced to call me (SURPRISE)...oh well. It happens. I won't hold it against him.

I will leave you with a picture of a baby raccoon! HANG IN THERE LITTLE GUY!!!

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Tuesday. 11.28.06 10:30 am
I am not working today and BOY, it feels fantastic!

I didn't really get to sleep in this morning (8:15 was long enough) as I was getting all crampy and my arms hurt and all that. I hate now that if I lay on the side in some positions, my legs automatically fall asleep or something.

But yeah...I was all shot up the ass about playing fantasy football this year because it was going to be fun and all that but I'm not having lots of fun. My team was doing freakin' sweet! I had Donavan McNabb on my team and he was racking me up TONS of points...and then he gets injured. He's out of the rest of the season...I had Matt Hasselbeck as my back-up QB, he's been out for a long time (and since Shaun Alexander is out for the entire season, Hasselbeck's been sucking anyway)...GRRR....

The shitty thing about this whole football situation, I was actually trying to play and switching out my players and trying to do good. I am in 8th place out of 8. Brian, who doesn't even look at his team (for example, he has Drew Bledsoe as his QB and he's out on the injured list...he does not remove him from his roster because he never looks at his team)...he beat me last week. BRIAN BEAT ME IN THE MATCH-UP LAST WEEK! Brian has 2 players who are not playing because they are injured on his fucking team...and he still beats me! He beat people with half his team on bye week!!!! He's in 4th place and he doesn't even look at his team!!!

Anyway, enough about fantasy football...

Hey, you all should go over and visit etheracide and wish him good luck! He's got a big show tonight with his band (they get to play the main stage...yay!) and I'm sure he could use all of our good wishes

And, I shall leave you with a cute picture of a big turtle who adopted a little baby hippo...how cute! The power of caring (and sharing)...

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This is pretty nifty...
Tuesday. 11.28.06 1:27 am
Hey, I was searching the internet and I came upon this site:

Choose and Watch

Basically, you can watch tons of movies on the web (streaming) for free...and you can watch TV shows too.

I thought it was interesting, and I thought I would share to those who are extremely bored and want to watch a movie. There are TONS on there (over 600 the site says)...the quality isn't that horrible either.

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