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Change in plans
Monday. 3.5.07 5:25 pm

The Flamingo

The Aladdin does not have any availibitlity at the time that I want to go. That just goes to show you, "dont wait too long to decide." So we are going to the Flamingo. It should be nice. They have a live Flamingo farm or whatever you call it there. should be interesting.

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I cant BELIEVE you!
Monday. 3.5.07 7:07 pm
You know here we are at the busy time of year. I cant keep turning around to see who is working and who isn't. It is not a slow period therefore I cannot "shoulder surf". If you have been working here at least 3 months you should know the routine and get some work done. If there is nothing to do, at least LOOK like you are working.

I caught my student worker sleeping at the reception desk. Of all places to sleep. GIVE ME A FRICKEN BREAK!! I told her that if she wants to sleep to go home and sleep. I could not believe her. How can she think that I would pay her for sleeping on the job?? Common sense people, common sense!

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Analyze This
Tuesday. 3.6.07 11:12 am
I had this really wierd dream. I was wanting to smoke a cigarette. I use to be a smoker so for me it is more realistic rather than just a dream. So there I was... reaching for the cigarette, making sure that my kids didnt see that I grabbed it; found me a match and then walked outside. However before I walked outside, I signalled someone by waving my cigarette,(like saying, look what I got. Let's go outside and share it.) I woke up before I had a chance to light up. DARN IT!!! I have been so stressed at work that if someone were to offer me a cigarette I just might take it!!

I looked up my dream in an analysis thingy-ma-bob, online. This is what it said:

To dream that you are smoking or offering a cigarette, signifies your need for a break. It may also points to issues of dependency. However if you are against smoking and have this dream, you must analyze aspects of your waking life and what you are dong that may adversely affect your health.

To dream that you are smoking, indicates that you are trying to shield yourself and others against your emotions. You have trouble letting others in.

That is so freaky! I wanted to smoke it, meaning that I want to shield myslef against my emotions. I am very emotional lately and I am trying to keep it all together. And yes, it is definitely true. I DO need a break!

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Man gone Postal
Tuesday. 3.6.07 5:52 pm
I cant believe that this guy shot his cowokers because his hours were cut back. Her works at a paper misl were the manufacture paper products. Preferably paper. Amhow they cut his hours back and he went postal. he said good bye to his wife, went to work and shot the people that helped him get the jo. Then he shot himself. How stupid. As if,not working at all is better tthn 20 hours per wek?

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What? I have the flu
Tuesday. 3.6.07 11:34 pm
I cant believe that I have a fever?!! I cant be sick. I just got over a cold. I did have the flu. The stomach flu in fact. Yeah sure I am taking those diet pills but now I have a stupid fever.

I am taking cold and flu medicine but I am still coughing. bleh!! I am sooo hating life. :(

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So many options..
Saturday. 3.10.07 1:00 am
Hoorah! So Nutang is finally up. That is great. It seems like a door to a new world has opened up. We were all bottle necked into the shout box and now we have so many options availiable to us. Where do we begin?

Well, I want to change my layout but I dont know how to modify the codes... INVISIBLE help!!

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My little accident
Sunday. 3.11.07 12:59 pm
Yesterday I did something seriously bad to my back. I sneezed and then I got frozen in a forward bending position. I cant straighten up. I cant get in an out of bed. I am not sure what I am going to do. I cant even drive.

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I just remembered something
Monday. 3.12.07 1:02 am
I remember when we were not able to blog that I wanted to blog about something.. so here it is.

Everytime I dye my hair, i hate getting dye stains on my forehead or ears. Wouldn't it just be great if you could dye your hair and JUST your hair.. not your scalp, shoulder, ear, etc. I usually use clumps of vaseline along my hairline and on my ears. Have any of you tried that trick? It is such a hassel but I dont want to stain my forehead. The worse part is it is so difficult to get all the greasy-ness off your face and ears once you are done.

I just discovered there is another trick that I was not aware of and that is to use chapstick!!! How amazing. It is so greaseless and non goopy! I can even get it scented in strawberry..

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