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Sunday. 8.17.08 3:50 am
Almost my day off, only 4 more hours till I go home! yay! Then I can play wow for many many hours strait.

I started a rogue, Not because I was tired of my mage, just cause I wanted some rested exp..
For those of you that play wow here are my info's!

Propheci-Main, is guildmaster for
Lhiannan-Alt, rogue, is officer in guild, I don't think it counts as nepotism cause I'd have to be related to myself. That is if I remeber the meaning of that word above. I looked it up, I used it right! lol

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Saturday. 8.16.08 3:51 am
This so far is a creepy movie. Eep, I almost don't want to watch it cause graphic movies give me nightmares and the hair pin to the neck vein and the mangled body of the jumper were very graphic, but I must know wth is going on.
Ok just got to where he is talking about bees. I'm gonna write in here about it, I may accidently give stuff away so if you don't want any accidently tid-bits you may not want to read this.
Like you do anyway right? lol.
I have to keep updating because It has to buffer alot. That actor from...crap can't remeber the name of the movie, but he skips school and act sick and calls the prinicpal and acts like his girlfriends dad or something. Had the nerdy guy from that in it. I think he was nerdy, been a while since I saw that movie, and I wasn't paying real good attn to it. Ferris wheels? I dunno maybe I'll remeber it later.
Well some terrorist attack just happened in central park, (in the movie) and they are announcing it to the teachers. I don't like the teacher guy thats the one that was talking about bees, cant remeber why.
anyway its buffered enough for now
I feel like one them old people, Those that rant about how acting ain't what it used to be, (or anything really can replace acting, jokes, paint, art)
Used to you knew it was a movie, but you could almost believe for a second that they were going thru that, now you know that its an act. You can't really believe for a second that its not real.
Guess thats why I like books, Its really happening to the people there. If you are a real reader that reads like I do that'll make sense. lol

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Cant wait for WotLK
Saturday. 8.16.08 1:07 am
Its gonna be fun, I don't know if I'm gonna create a Death Knight or not. Might just stick with my awesome Frostastic Mage.

Might even create a rogue if I'm feeling bored. But probably not. I like WoW its a fun game. Respecc'd twice yesterday. Thought Fire would be better to level but really it not. Can't fight more than one thing at a time or you die. Propheci has just a little over 1k health anyway so she dies if to many things come after her.

Well. I guess I'm gonna go read. reading Summon The Keeper by Tanya Huff. Is ok, kinda stupid though, reminds me alot of ummm can't remember the name of it by Mercedes Lackey.

Anyway good night for now.


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OMG everything is so stupid
Wednesday. 8.13.08 8:28 pm
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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