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100 Words
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100 Words
Day 93
6.11.07 at 8:42 am
It was a long night last night. I decided to see if their were any updates for IE since I hadn’t looked in a while and their were 70 new updates for it. I was going to wait until today to download them, but it said it’d only take 50 minutes. That’s what it said. I started at 11pm. At 2am I was tired and getting grumpy because it still had 9 more to go. I ended up stopping it and going to bed.

One thing I’m happy to say is… I finally got rid of that pesky virus.

Plugs: ikimashokie

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Day 92
6.10.07 at 10:34 am
I am having some computer trouble. Namely a virus that does not want to die. I have used avast to scan my computer a couple times and though I got rid of a lot of trojans, I didn’t get rid of this one particular virus that is causing the most problems out of anything my computer has ever gotten. It had infected my websites, too. Luckily I was able to fix THAT at least.

Besides all that, I think I have poison ivy and the bumps are starting to go up my face. Talk about a bad last 2-3 days!

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Day 91
6.9.07 at 12:20 am
I’ve got good news! I won the auction for the Dora the Explorer 4 piece toddler bed set! It cost me $15.14 total for it. $7.99 for the bedding set and the rest for shipping. After it is mailed out, I should receive it within a week. I know Aubree will love it.

Speaking of Dora, our favorite movie place is going out of business so they were selling off all their movies. Mom bought Aubree 8 new Dora the Explorer movies at $2 each as well as got some other cool cartoons. So far my favorite is Dora’s Halloween.

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Day 90
6.8.07 at 9:06 am
Today’s already starting out to be a grumpy morning. Aubree is being stubborn and not listening this morning. Mom was grumpy because doing my website stuff last night [until 2 am] kept her from being able to sleep. Even though she’s in another room. I got up before 8am after having gone to bed at only 2am because someone took my fan off me when it started out hot as hell this morning.

I’m seriously trying to find a logical reason to why she can’t just take HER fan out of HER room. Why does it have to be mine?

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Day 89
6.7.07 at 1:07 am
I am bidding on something on ebay that I think Aubree will love. Right now it’s at $7.99. It’s a 4 piece Dora the Explorer toddler bed set. Pillow cover, fitted sheet, regular sheet and comforter. It’s used, but that’s okay with me. If I win it’ll cost me less than half of what a new set from the store costs. I bid up to $10 on it. I really hope I win it.

Does anyone remember pillow people? I used to have one. It was a square pillow with eyes, legs and arms. I wonder what happened to it.

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Day 88
6.6.07 at 10:17 am
My mom is home tomorrow and Friday. That means I gotta find a way to work around her so I can still get everything I need done without staying up late.

I was once asked why mom getting home meant I had to get offline, the answer is simple. When my mom is home she is online. So on her days off she wakes up, gets online, goes to store, comes home and get online, go to sleep for the night and repeat. It’s the same for when she works, except ‘goes to store’ is replaced with ‘goes to work‘.

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