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Thursday. 3.31.11 11:17 pm
buying umbrellas
umbs, as michael calls them
windowshopping more like
not really a lot of cool ones to chose from
a few eye-catching ones here and there
too garrish
too gimmicky
one sturdy, durable looking one
super expensive though
now I'm torn between two
no fun

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And with a flourish,
Sunday. 3.27.11 9:44 pm
Spring Break is coming to an end. The adventures were grand, and included:

My first REAL all-nighter, working on an English assignment from 3 PM Thursday afternoon until 5 PM Friday afternoon with several breaks to eat and go to class Friday morning.

Missing my first plane Friday evening at 8 and going on a wild race against time to procure a new ticket free of charge.

Taking on the Atlanta taxi system with no previous experience (never ridden or ordered a taxi) at 3 AM Saturday morning, after taking a quick three hour nap.

And to end my sleep-deprived stint, I attended my newer Youth Pastor's wedding at 2 PM Saturday after approximately 7 total hours of sleep. I spent the rest of the afternooon napping on and off, and was right as rain by Sunday.

For the rest of the week I didn't do anything stupendously awesome until Thursday when I drove two and a half hours to another college to visit friends. I had never driven that far without my mum or a GPS, and I didn't even have real directions for the trip back (because I'm an idiot I suppose). At one point I was parked on the shoulder of some back-woods road with nothing in sight but more road, and no idea how it had come to this. Thankfully my phone didn't run out of batteries and was able to more or less guide me home. Somehow I managed to arrive within my original time constraints, so I guess all my detours took me in the right general direction anyhow.

And now I'm back at Tech, after spending a Sunday doing not a lot at all. Hooray for Lazy Sunday! I read for English and now I think I'll do some house cleaning. w00t w00t

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Wednesday. 3.16.11 1:00 am
I swam today. Momentous, I know. It was sort of fun, and I felt super great afterwards.

Now to deal with this shit-storm of a week and I can get on to Spring Break!

Building a Pandora station is pretty fun, but using a pre-built one from a friend is even cooler. I've stumbled upon a mass of genres that I didn't even know existed. Lots of game music, too. Halo and stuff. Lots of Lion King type music, sort of World Beat. Lots of symphonic music. goooood times.

Nobody ever seems to notice these, but I'll put them up anyway.

Trailblazer by ~middaymoon on deviantART

Falls by ~middaymoon on deviantART

Crest by ~middaymoon on deviantART

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What a mess
Sunday. 3.6.11 6:42 pm
Two things I'm not pleased with. Well...more than two things, but two things that are easy to articulate and not too personal:

1) My room is getting annoyingly messy (and it's nowhere close to being all my mess).
2) My sleeping habits have degraded so much this past week that I've basically become nocturnal, which is sort of neat but sort of a pain in the real world.
3) My laptop has this really annoying habit of losing focus on a window I'm typing in when I activate any of the LOCKs...like caps lock. Basically I have to stop typing and wait more than a second for it to switch back before I can continue. It's really strange and nothing I've done to fix it has worked. I have to disable all the quickset notifications to avoid it...that means no telling when I switch any of the locks, change the volume, the screen brightness, etc. Sort of annoying.

Hey look! I thought of three.

Also Roomy keeps it too cold in here.


Started speaking with Lauren again. It's nice...I guess no hard feelings, which is a relief. A huge relief! We've actually only conversed two or three times. We don't have much to talk about I guess. I think what matters is that we are, in fact, on speaking terms. No need to strike up a conversation every time someone crosses my mind! Actually, that's sort of been my motto with a lot of people lately. Color me cautious. Might be seeing her, Em, and SuZZ at the end of Spring Break actually! I haven't seen Em since school began, and Lauren since...gosh, at least since summer began. So I'm excited for that. I hope SuZZ doesn't become jealous for my time! I can only take so much abuse from her friends, after all. Ha!

The reason I've been up so late is completely my fault (and completely worth it!); I've been doing some "partying" of my own. Future Roomy (Alex) and I went on adventures two nights in a row. First we went to IHOP with Roomy around 2:30 two nights ago, and had a ton of fun. That set up a craving for Krispy Kreme because we had to pass by it twice...so last night Alex and I went there grab some delicious cake (doughnuts). We brought along a mutual friend named Kyle and had a right old blast. Both times I went to sleep at almost 5 in the morning. And even before those escapades I've been up sort of late every night watching Shaman King (yup), reading, and listening to Daft Punk and Tetrafusion, so it's really starting to get to me.

More later...I have to watch this episode of Digimon (YUP) and go eat some dinner. Next time!

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