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A little bit about me...

Age. 37
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Caucasian
Location Northglenn, CO
School. Other
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Where is my second wind!?
Tuesday. 12.5.06 2:52 pm
I am still exhausted...I guess my manager came by when she got in this morning and asked how my day off was and I turned around in the chair and she was like "Oh wow...you don't look very good." I must look like death too as well as feeling that way...lol


It's lunch time at the moment, but I don't really have a lunch and I can't really afford to go get a lunch either, so I will sit here and be on the computer intstead. They got a new bottled pop machine at work, so I'm being bad...I have a bottle of Dr. Pepper, but that's about it...I've got some snacks in my drawer, so I may just go snack on that until I leave work (and then I'll go to Brian's and pig out in their refrigerator or something)...

Anyway, I shall leave you with photos of Erita. I had to scan them at work, so I apologize for the poor image quality as they don't have Photoshop at work like I do at home and I would have made the contrast a bit better and whatnot.

This is her sleeping on the couch. I guess when she's sleeping, she hogs the whole thing and my mom will go and try to move her and she'll get ornery like an old man and growl at her...lol. My mom has a blanket on the couch because of the doggy fur...

My mom had the couch in front of the window (you can see it in the background) and Erita would get up there and smear her nose all over the window, so my mom figured putting the recliners in front of the window, Erita wouldn't be able to get up there...BUT, she figured out how to jump in the chair and recline the back of the chair so she could look out the window. She's such a dork...

Here she is with her favorite toy EVER. She runs around the living room with it and makes my mom's dog play with her with it (she'll hit him in the face and whatnot). See the nice, ugly brown carpet? My mom has a green rug over that spot she's standing in now as Erita has run back and forth so many times, she's made ruts in the carpet. This carpet is from the 60's (the original carpet from the house), so I would think after 45 years of constant wear and tear, it would start to fall apart...and leave it to my dog to do it.

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so tired...
Tuesday. 12.5.06 9:50 am
Last night was not a good night at all. I went to bed at 11:30 as I usually do and woke up 2 hours later to excruciating pain in my left arm and back. Not to mention, I had heartburn on top of that and it was just awful. I tried laying there by myself for a while, but it just sucked...at that point, I called Brian and he actually drove over to my house and laid with me for a few hours which was nice. By the time he got there though, I had already done some relaxation techniques on my own and they were mostly gone by then, but it was nice that he actually dropped what he was doing and came over there. The thing that was different about this pain versus the one I had before was that I was having cramps and whatnot where the baby was. I swear, these can't be Braxton Hicks contractions because they told me these wouldn't hurt. These hurt...and why the hell would my back hurt so bad too while all this is going on? (in fact, it still hurts...but that might be because I got about 2 hours of sleep last night)...ugh...it'll be nice when this whole thing is over.

I felt like a zombie on the road this morning to work though. I was so tired, my eyes were all dried up and they hurt to close. At least I was cognizant though. The major intersection right by my work, there were some unfortunate drivers. It looks like maybe a high school kid (since my work is next to a high school) slammed head-on into a black VW (or vice versa) and they were cleaning that up as I drove by. Glad it wasn't me...lol

Brian wants me to come over tonight to play his friend's Wii, but I don't know if I'll be able to tonight. I'm so incredibly tired now. I think I just want to go home and take a nap after work tonight. I need to go over there and get the golf clubs for tomorrow, but then I just want to go to sleep...and sleep...and sleep...

Tomorrow, we have the putt-putt competition at work...then I leave and go to Brian's house as we have a tour of the hospital at 6pm and then we have to fill out all the admittance paperwork and all that. I was talking to Brian last night after he came over and was like, we really need to think of a name for this baby because what if he does come out...we have nothing and I don't know if he was joking or not, but he was like..."and his name shall be Greg." This is the name that I absolutely wanted BIG TIME, but he didn't much care for it...maybe he was listening to me all those time when I kept saying it. Maybe he was just messing with me when he was telling me no...I don't know.

Anyway, I've got to start working...

Here's a cute picture (as always)...hopefully it cheers ya'll up (and myself...lol). I figured I'd keep it up withe holiday theme that seems to be abundant...and you get a baby reindeer! They look so fuzzy:

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Monday. 12.4.06 11:05 pm
Lord knows these online quizzes are the be all, end all of letting me know if I'm a nerd or not...lol

You Are 32% Nerdy

You're a little nerdy, but no one would ever call you a nerd.

You sometimes get into nerdy things, but only after they've become a part of mainstream culture.

I would tend to disagree with this quiz a bit as there are nerdy things that I do that are not included on this list...and believe me, I think I know what an Ă¼ber nerd I am.

NOW...watch my penguin!

He likes to chill with my hamster...

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It's done...
Monday. 12.4.06 6:39 pm
My doctor's appointments went well. The doctor measured me and he was like "Oh wow...you're big!" I'm not sure if that's a good thing, but hehe. I have popped out in the front quite a bit, but he said that's normal. The baby hasn't dropped down in the pelvic area yet, so he's still up high and of course, he'll be sticking out a bunch. When he drops and does his thing, he said that it'd be a bit easier to hide him...lol

After that, went downstairs to the other doctor. She's really nice and I might just use her as the pediatrician (she's not exactly a pediatrician but more of a family doctor, so she'd be able to see me and everything). She's 37 weeks pregnant, so she won't be there when my baby's born, but she said that one of the other doctor's would be there at the hospital and make sure that my baby gets seen. They'll do his circumcision and monitor him for 48 hours (on account of my Strep B thing) and all will be well. But yeah...

Before I went to the doctors, I went and picked Brian up and we went to my bank and added him onto my checking account. It'll be nice to combine our incomes to prepare for this baby instead of just me paying for this baby. He has to work until 11pm tonight (poor thing), but oh well...for the love of retail stores!

FUCK...I was going to be nice and see if I could take a picture for ya'll with my camera and the fucking screen doesn't work on it. When I take the photos, they show up all white or black...and zooming and focusing do not help it one bit. What the fuck happened to my camera? I'm currently searching the Internet for Fuji troubleshooting to see if it can help me...if not, I will be very sad. Good thing Brian works on the Geek Squad...he might be able to help me out...I'm sort of pissed off about it! I just bought the thing in July and it's fucking up like this now :( SUCKY

Well, here's a picture I took of myself today before my camera busted...does it look like I've gotten bigger or something from the last picture I posted? I sure look like I've got a basketball under there!

I'm gonna go pout about my camera now...damn thing...

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Monday. 12.4.06 11:19 am
It was nice to sleep in this morning (yes, 9am is sleeping in for me) and it was even nicer to know that I didn't have to get up and go into work. Does anyone else get the feeling that they really hate their job sometimes and they just don't want to go there? That's what I get about my job lately...and the sad thing, I didn't used to feel that way about it. What changed? I'm not sure...maybe the baby changed it. I don't know. Sometimes I get the feeling that after the baby is here, I want to stay home with him...at the same time, I don't want to stay home with him because then we'll have no money...and then at the same time, I hate sitting at home all the time because I feel idle and lazy and I don't like to feel that way either. The latter might be different because the baby would be here and believe me, I'm sure he'll keep me plenty busy. Eh...I don't know...

BUT, I'm not going to get stuck on that depressing topic. I have too much to do today and that's fine. It just seems like a lot because I have to do some of it before my doctor's appointment and that's sometime in the early afternoon (I think it's 2:30, but I'm still going to call and make sure). I'm tired of dealing with the doctors (well, I like my doctor so he doesn't count) but the insurance deal with the doctors and all that. If you have the option not get an HMO, I would suggest it. Trying to find a doctor in the network is easy (because most people take my insurance), but with this HMO...if I don't have a referral from my primary care person, they'll charge me for not going to a referred doctor. I don't know if this applies to the baby or not, but I seriously don't want to find out! I am so lazy when it comes to this. It doesn't really matter at the moment as I'm on hold with the doctor's office (my PCP)...and I have been for about 5 minutes. I hope that they can answer my damn question!

After reading the entry about photos by crochetmama, I'm sort of excited to be able to get baby pictures done for my baby. Hell...here I am talking about pictures and I don't even have a name for him yet! I know one name that he's not going to have though and that's Brian. Brian's dad's name is Brian...then there's Brian (the jr) and then our baby being named Brian (the III)...that would be too many Brian's. Not to mention, I have a cousin named Brian...and then it just gets too confusing. Every time I see his mom, she's like "you have a name yet?" I think she just wants to know. We're not going to go with the name that I liked (aw man), but that's okay...we're somewhat playing around with Damien/Damon (which his mom hates...hehe...so Brian said even more reason to pick that name). I also like the names Alexander and Nicholas, but I think they're too common. I don't want something so common. It's bad enough to be one of many "whatevers" in a classroom, ya know. When I was in elementary school, we always had 2 or 3 Jennifer's in a class...I had doubles of Ryan's in a class...I'm sure there were a few Michael's (but I can only think of one Michael that I ever knew).

Ooof...update on the doctor thing. I have to go see the doctor today at 3pm, right after I go see the other doctor at 2:30. I guess the only thing going for me is that they're in the same building :) GOODY ME! I get to go to the OB on the 2nd floor...and then get poked and prodded on the first floor by the PCP...hehe...all for a referral for a pediatrician!

Anyway...I better get on the ball this morning. Much to do...no time to do it.

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I love this website...
Sunday. 12.3.06 11:29 pm
Since we're talking so much about animals and all, I figured I would post one of my favorite animal adoption websites.


If I had a big enough space to put them all and enough money, I'd adopt tons of the animals on this site as they're all homeless and looking for a loving family.

Unfortunately, I have my one dog...and she's a handful and that's enough for me (and she doesn't even live with me at the moment). I have an awesome picture of her hanging up in my cube at work which I will have to scan when I'm at work on Tuesday. She really does have a cute face...almost so cute that you think that she can't do anything wrong, but alas...she gets into WAY too much stuff.

My mom was telling me the other day that she was in her kennel and she only goes in there when she's bad, but she hadn't done anything. She asked my dad what Erita did and he said that he didn't know because to his knowledge, she hadn't done anything. Well, my mom went to feed the dogs and Erita came out of her kennel to go eat, so that gave my mom the perfect opportunity to go and look in the kennel. I guess Erita had some how gotten a hold of a big flat rock from the rockery outside (a rockery is just a big wall with rocks stacked one on top of the other)...so if you imagine how big those rocks were, she somehow got that in the house. She was in her kennel eating this rock. WHY?! SO, my mom threw it in the garbage can. Erita, after she was done eat, decided to go and get her big rock and my mom told her that rocks were bad and they go in the garbage. Well, Erita knew where that was...so she stood in front of the garbage hoping my mom would give her the rock...lol

My dog is such a nerd...

Anyway, I cleaned my kitchen tonight and it felt SO good. Call me weird, but I think I really like the smell of Soft Scrub. Maybe it's not Soft Scrub itself, but the bleach that's in it...makes me feel like I'm cleaning really well. I suppose I shouldn't be taking in all the bleach fumes and all from cleaning, but hehe...sometimes it just smells so much like, CLEANING! Okay...I'm nuts...

Anyway, if ya'll want to see a recent photo of me and the baby, here ya go...

I've all of a sudden popped out there in the front. It'll be nice to get rid of that baby weight...but then I'll be carrying it on the outside, in the form of a little pooping, crying, giggly baby...is that something I should be looking forward to?

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I'm excited!
Sunday. 12.3.06 8:21 pm
I've been waiting for this football game all season :) Not that it really matters all too much, but it's the Broncos vs. the Seahawks!!

Well, in the picture, we've got it swapped, but I ganked that off the Denver website...hehe

Anyway, it's my home team...against my other home team. I can't say that I want Denver to win tonight because that's where I live right now, but I'm really rooting for the Seahawks because they're my true home team.

I cross my fingers, but we'll see...

Other than that, my day wasn't that eventful. I worked for about 4 hours this afternoon...played some World of Warcraft this evening (I have to not play my main character because Brian's at work...we play our characters at the same time so we can level together and help each other out...we're dorks)...It was horrible. I was playing this character that I have and I joined this group with RETARDS. I swear...it was about getting his quest item versus staying alive. He ran for the eggs...I got ambushed by 2 thingies and he's over there getting his eggs and I'm slowing hacking away at these two things slowly dying...AND HE'S FUCKING GETTING HIS QUEST ITEM! I hate people that do that...so, I turned in the quest and logged off. I'm not playing that character again...lol...

Oh well, time to make dinner now. I've got the hamburger thawing in the sink, so I better go brown it and make all my stuff :)

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Today will be busy...
Sunday. 12.3.06 10:42 am
I just woke up here 5 minutes ago...so if it sounds all jumbled or strange, I can blame it on me being sleepy still.

My day today is going to be busy.

First off, I've gotta take a shower. Get all clean and whatnot since I have to be around people...lol...yeah, that's not really my only excuse for taking a shower. BUT, it'll be nice to just stand in the water...the nice, HOT water since it's been so cold out. I like to stand in the water even when it's hot out. I don't know why...

After that, gonna get myself some breakfast and then head on off to work to work our Candy Land putt putt golf course thingy. I suppose we'll work on that for a few hours...then I'll actually be clocking in and working WORKING because I'm not going to be at work tomorrow. I want to make sure I get all my e-mails sent out for tomorrow, match up all my e-mails to all of that stuff this afternoon so I can respond to those and reject those that have not been addressed...then tomorrow, all the person (most likely my manager) will have to do is print out my faxes and e-mails and be all good to go) which is somewhat what we did last week when I was gone on Tuesday.

I've got a doctor's appointment tomorrow at around 2pm I think (I don't remember and I can't find my appointment card) so I'm going to call them in the morning to find out for sure. After that, I'll be going back to my appointments every week from then on as I'll be about 35 weeks pregnant next week (OMG...it's just sound TOO close to the time to have this baby) and he likes to make sure that first time mom's blood pressures and whatnot are checked more frequently and all that.

I think I've found the pediatrician I want to have, however, I have to call my PCP (primary care physician) and find out if I have to get a referrral from them to go see the pediatrician or if I can just go to this other guy. If the other guy takes my insurance, you better believe I'll be there. I guess all the reviews people have given him have been nothing but excellent and I guess he's extremely fantastic with kids (which is a real priority)...SO, we'll see. I get to do that all tomorrow...

OH, one other thing today...going to pay my rent...oh goody. That's about the fastest $700 I blow every month, but I guess it doesn't go to waste. If I didn't pay it, I'd be homeless...so I guess it's a good thing.

Anyway...better get moving...and I shall leave you with a baby deer (fawn)...BAMBI!!!

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