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frostbitten/ can't stop the gods from engineering
i really am far behind in nutang.. LOL
Sunday. 10.22.06 6:04 pm
Never realized these things until now:

=recommend someone's blog thing
=the popo thing
=the lurkers contributors thing
=i have 9 unused invite codes!
=what else? hmm... i reached $2+ already!!! O_O

hahaha! :D That's it for now! :)
Mwah, Nutang world! ♥

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nails bashing through my head
Saturday. 10.21.06 10:05 am
I don't wanna think about the prev entry anymore.

Yesterday was worster (if only this word is grammatically correct, oh i would use it again and again.) It was bible study & yes, no one came again. And the church was HINTING my sis and me to bring our FRIENDS. Which we repLIED with "we don't have contacts with them. it was the other girl who got their contact #s blablabla".. Omg i'm soo embarrassed FOR THEM.

Stop this thought.


Got me a new crushness, people! But not part of my barkada (circle of friends). He's ESPAñOL!!!!!

¡Te quiero a mi novio español!
¡Mataré a su amante si es la última cosa que hago! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

(Sudden spanish tongue courtesy of www.freetranslation.com)

Adios! :)

ADDED A BANNER TO MY PAGE!!! :DDD Guys, how do i move my blog and module entries to the center??? :(( Help?

OH YEAH!!!!!! I KILLED MYSELF WHILE PLAYING EXMORTIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AW MANN U GUYS GOTTA PLAY IT!!!!!!!!!! I just knew of it now! man, if i only knew...whooooooo oh man!!! My sis even CRIED! Holy! :D
Play this game with the lights out. >:D

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10.18.06 Hate this day
Thursday. 10.19.06 7:13 pm
This day sucks! October 18, die!

Remember my "issues" abot my religion? OR something.. Anyways if u dnt remmber, here's the gist. I'm catholic and we're living with people who aren't and they're inviting us to join them so we join them since we're enw to the country and we don't know where to go to church and now we still go with them coz it would be rude to not go with them when they all know us and all that.

Okei here's what happened.. i have a friend who went there and there's like bible study right. For the youth. For their religion. And then this girl brought her friends with her. Well my friends too in general. But anyways.. she brought them for 2 consecutive mtgs and the "church" was sort of like excited and all with the new people and stuff so on the 3rd mtg they sort of prepared but guess what. Nobody from their group came. And their excuse was that it was somebody's death anniversary BUT, sucks for them, her neighbor slipped that it was actually a BF-GF MONTH-SARY of one of their friends. To make things worse, the girl sort of "promised" to bring her friends on Sunday but she didn't come or even call. So it's kinda embarrassing on my part. Being her friend at all.

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is not what this day was all about.

This morning a friend sort of mentioned to another friend (and i heard) that she isn't coming to bible study coz Remember my crush? The "religious" guy? said that it's not of our religion (catholics). And i was sort of crushed at the shallow-mindedness of it all. I didnt comment. I just listened to my mp3 and waited for the friggin bell to ring, hoping it was just nothing.

THEN @ lunch, i met the girl and she told me if i was still going and i said i don' know coz my family might be going somewhere... and then she said, SHE'S NOT GOING COZ NO ONE'S GOING ANYMORE. Holy holy. That is sooo .... ... teenager!!! So selfish! Ugh. I didn't want to eat lunch at all after that...

AND THEN!!!! During dismissal, we walked home with some people including my EX-crush...and then he asked me if i was still going to the bible study thing and then i replied again i'm not sure blablablabla and then he told me he wasn't going anymore. And i asked him why and he said because he's busy... (I mean, who's busy on a Friday night!? yeah busy with other friends!) And he also said because it was not catholic.. (yeah he TOLD me too) ... and then he added that "it might BRAINWASH him" OMG!

If ur faith is as strong as u say it is (i mean he's "supposed" to be the "most religious" of the guys), a bible study wouldn't shake ur faith at all!

It's not like they're asking you to convert! Omg. I hate this. This is so friggin ironic. A week ago, i was smitten with him. Now i'm so annoyed at his religious views. Gawd. And i'm DISGUSTED at that girl who was actually my first friend who introduced me to them all...coz she's showing how egocentric she is....

Maybe i'm just feeling this way coz i'm apporaching my period. lol omg. i'm insane.

No, for real, maybe i'm just feeling this way coz i don't know how to explain to the "church" the reason why the others are not coming anymore. I can't tell them no they're not coming anymore coz they're of a different religion. It would be so rude!!! ANd they're my friends too. This would be soo embarrassing... I hope they will just say goodbye properly. Tsk. I don't know anymore.

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So Much for Being a Nutangolic.. :)
Monday. 10.16.06 7:12 pm
listening to: Tomorrow Lillix

So much for being a nutangolic. Lol
I don't even check my nutang on a regulay basis. Unlike before. (As in summer)

School is rippin me apart, man. Whew.
Oh well. That's how life goes. :)
Still lovin u Nutang.
Alweiz will.

Lmfao :DD

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"Papercut my heart in half and discard the evidence. x"

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