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Drowsing Interruptions
Tuesday. 4.8.08 9:34 am
It is morning and I am drowsing. Perhaps hoping to catch a few extra z's. Well, that is not to be allowed because

BangBangBang BANGBANGBang Clink Bang BangBangBang

Some idiot upstairs has decided to renovate. Just, out of the blue, I suppose? And I don't even know if it's the people in the apartment or just a handy guy in our building helping the apartment people or working on his own job.

I am glad I don't have a headache, because I am sure it would feel like they are jamming their nails into my skull and hammering away! Alas, I do not have one so I am better off than the other me.

Damn it. Back atcha!
It hasn't stopped and show no signs of stopping soon.

Great. Oh, how great.

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*hic* No! *faint*
Monday. 4.7.08 1:48 pm

Let me explain. I am sitting at my marble table by the bar on the other side of the kitchen wall. I was still sitting here a half an hour ago when...well, I had my cup of water on the bar, it was on my right. It had been left over from last night and I had never even started drinking it. I noticed it mid-morning and took it down. I put it to my right of the laptop and left it there.

Out of nowhere, I happened to move my hand and...you can guess what happened. The cup tipped and splashed a full portion of water right across my keyboard and all over the table.

Not much, if any, got into the computer itself. But the keyboard, or a number of keys at least, got wet. So...it went cazy on me for a few times. But it hasn't happened again yet.

Curiously, the headphone jack on the LEFT side is not working. The cup had been on the right and the left had barely gotten wet. I have a feeling it might have been the headphones itself, because it had been wet. And if you put a wet headphone-thingy into the jack, the jack too gets wet and then...

Well, I shall be trying it again later tonight.

Oh, crap! And it seems like the scrollers on the pad aren't working. Drat. That'll be nuisance.

None o' ya'll tell me dad, y'hear? Or I'll box ye ears off!

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Saturday. 3.29.08 9:17 pm
kills me. Or at least my nose.

Cold/Allergies/Spring cleaning(billows of dust)=a very raw nose and cold sores above my lip/under nose.

Ugh. Ow.

I wish they had a smilie for suffocating to death.

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House wife
Wednesday. 3.26.08 8:59 am
I've been up my arms in Comet, scratch free and with bleach disinfectant. I did half the job on Monday, took a 24 hour break, and now I'm back.

Ow, my finger is hurting...think its the Comet? I didn't use the latex gloves when I shook it out and pushed the solution into the nooks and crannies. It took me about five minutes and I just washed my hands off afterwards. *shrug* Of course I won't be bare handed when I scrub 'n rub later.

I wonder when the last time my mother cleaned the bathroom...

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Guess who?
Saturday. 3.22.08 4:12 pm

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Charice Pempengco
Wednesday. 3.19.08 12:39 am
Would you call this old? Anyway, 'finding' her was old news. Her talent is still just as awesome.

Okay, one more. Note: The above comes AFTER the video below.

See how in sync she is with professional singers with years of experience? It's freakin' crazy. The adults have no problem singing with her, in fact, they relax as the song goes on, because they find her voice natural and trust-worthy. They can trust that she won't go out of sync and so on. Just mind-blowing.

**Special thanks to papaphysix for the video of the 5 year old genius mozart girl that led me to digging this crazy girl back up. Which is, by the way, also my way of telling ya'll to go look at his entry. ;D**

I wonder how her career is doing now. I know there is a fansite--they say first official fansite--called Charicediva.com. I know she has made appearances on the Ellen Degeneres show, I'm sure you can find videos of that on YouTube. Eh, I think I'l end this here.

Good night!

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To let him off the hook or not?
Tuesday. 3.18.08 1:08 am
I wrote an entry. It didn't get published. Crackers.

Cliff Notes: Incident. School. Exam. Inky Pen. Unreasonable prof. Refused to read my completed test paper because he believed it was 'sloppy'. Should have known it was 'unacceptable'. Pen 'bled'. Shouldn't have known better than to write front & back. BTW: I checked before doing front & back. In total, three pages. Refused to read. Said it was impossible. Said he was going to give me a 65. I walked out and went to director's office. I had a problem and was going to do something about it. Director gave me the crazy privledge of sitting in his chair in his office and typing it up. Said prof couldn't object to typd paper--so NOT unreadable. Asshole acted like I made it up to him. Kept my mouth shut.

He is such an ass. I have never had anyone tell me my work was 'sloppy' and refuse to read it because my pen was inky. Never had someone say my work was unacceptable. Never had someone hold my completed test and tell me I was getting a 65 after refusing to read it.

The whole thing was ridiculous.

And the worst part was, I had tears down my face the whole time. Well, AFTER I walked out. I was that mad and upset.

I don't think I can let it go just yet. And don't know if I should.

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Sunday. 3.16.08 6:46 pm
Stimulation of 'Tang economy/Helping Randy's Business

read spam message and beyond.
Look at:

Randy has made a number of pixel-people for herself and other 'tangers. To get her business booming, we need to give 'tangers more pps to spend and thus, more wealth in circulation and thus, stimulating the NuConomy.

(is it just me or does that word look weird?)

So far, the sbox convo above has gotten a few ideas: best plan for Iki's world domination, best layout, and...that's it.

Talk to me.

(Thread is expected.)

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