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If only I had wings . . . by invisible @ NuTang.com
jus sittin here alone
Wednesday. 6.23.04 10:53 pm
i talk to monkey a midnight! she got on AIM and it waz pretty kool talkin to her. she told me shes been doin good up in Las Vegas and thing are goin ok. She made a few new good friends and im glad shes happy. for the rest of the day. . . boring. dads been at work all day and mom iz still in the hospital. but she calls and calls and calls! she should be coming out tonite or tomorrow morning. I think some friendz wanna plan something soon. and my friend Erika IM'd me and i wazn't at the computer. Gr. i wonder how shes doin? oh well i'll talk to her lata. i talked a bunch of other friendz and ppl online and thats about it. how fun... anywaz i'm goin Geocaching soon. Ooo and Julie i hope things go well with u and u kno who ; ) well imma go find something better to do. LuV yAz!!!

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disney world
Sunday. 6.20.04 4:24 pm
yesterday i actually did something! me and Sam went to work with my dad. Lauren came along to. we had six hours to walk around the resort and we had a great time. we got lost a million times but we still had fun lol. the weather got kinda bad and we hid out in the break room where my dad stays untill the weather cleared up. basicly we all had a good time. other than that nuthin else really goin on. a few days ago we discovered theres a 10 or 11 foot gator down in the creek and hangs around our backyard. i've learned my lesson about gettin to close to a gator so im goin no where near the water untill we catch it or kno its gone. well im gonna go find somethin to do so PEACE

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Tuesday. 6.15.04 5:54 pm
I took another quiz and this one iz what color are you. i took the test and jus before the results came up I said it better not be pink. and guess what color I am. LMAO!

You are Pink
What color are you?

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anywaz, mom is coming back tomorrow, pluz i talked to Chris today and that waz kool. he said he might be able to go to OHS and that really koolerz! other than all that today wz pretty much boring. well i'll make another entry soon

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Monday. 6.14.04 5:13 pm
today Dad, Sam and I went Geocaching and it waz alotta fun. Dad looked up a few coordinates online and we typed them in2 the GPS and went looking for the first site. we had 2 rent a canoe and walk trough a swamp. although we got wet and dirty we had so much fun! we couldn't find the cache site and Sam and I had an orthodontist appointment and had 2 leave. after that we went searching for another cache. and the coordinates we printed off the computer had hints and it said "don't let him see you". it ended up being next to a gift shop parking lot that had a big Merlin head on the building lol. it waz a magnetic key safe and we signed the paper inside. the last site we went to was near our house. this cache was a film container with a small rolled up paper inside. we signed it the Goobly Squad (our Geocaching name) and were done for the day. plus when we came home 2 clean up after we went walkin through the swamp Monkey called and i talked 2 her a lil bit. shez doin great and im glad shez happy. =D pluz mom is coming home on Wednesday. well thats about all thats happened today so PEACE

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Can't fall asleep!!!
Sunday. 6.13.04 1:25 am
Gr.. its almost 1:30 in the morning and i can't fall asleep! Lori called me around 6:40 and we talked for a lil bit. We talked about how me and Mike are fighting and we had a good laugh about that. yez mike, i said laugh. lol! she talked a lil bit about whats goin on up in Las Vegas. well she seems like shes doin good and i miss her so much. it waz great to talk to her again. and once again when mom gets back me my mom dad and sister are gonna try to go to the beach since it didn't work out the first time. i really hope we go this time bcuz i reeeally need a tan! well, imma try to fall asleep now. goodnite. or should i say good morning?

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la la la... IM SO BORED
Friday. 6.11.04 7:20 pm
hmmm... wha is there to say... i've been bored outta my head. I didn't go to disney today and im kinda glad i didn't. i feel sleep deprived. my sister is been a real B!TCH and its drivin me insane. jus bcuz shes 2 years older she expects me to listen to her he, yea right! i have to be alone in the house with her every freakin afternoon untill sunday! Oo and Monkey emailed me! YAY! shes alive!!! Im so happy to hear from her. Carmen has been drivin me insane!!! well imma go take her out... again.

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a few changes
Wednesday. 6.9.04 1:12 pm
well things have gone a lil different.... Im single.. Chris found out he can't go to OHS and we broke up. he got kinda upset and asked me back out but i said no. .::STUPID, bangs head on desk::. and i've been talkin to nick. hes pretty cool and he no longer calls me hot chick. I hated that name, it really doesn't fit me lol. he told me if Chris didn't make a move he was gonna ask me out. he he... w/e. thank god he has a girlfriend now, and he has some issues that i don't really like. other than that he wants to hang out sometime. anyway... mom is back in the hospital bcuz of her stupid back, but shes gonna got outta there soon. well im out...

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Sunday. 6.6.04 12:59 am
its early in the morning and I got back from Lily's party a few minutes ago. its waz kinda boring in the begining but it got pretty cool as it went on.I saw a few ppl from school again and it waz fun to hang around. but I felt really stupid! everyone waz in suits and prom dresses, and I came in my light blue sneakers, jeans and a redish and white shirt that says liberty all over it. lol. Oo yea... and Tye is coming back from Virginia tomorrow.. he doesn't know im going out with his best friend chris.. HA this should be interesting... and Monkey called me! omg I'm so pissed I wazn't here to answer! shes around Tennessee right now! I already miss her ~>tear<~ I haven't talked to here in over a week now. I wish she stayed long enough to come to Lily's party atleast. it would have been really cool to see her again. well... this is life and I have to move on. anyway... we might go camping near the beach sometime soon and thats great bcuz I REALLY need a tan! lol. well I guess the summer is going kinda well so far... well I'll write again if something interesting happens. till then..

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