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04/04/07 18:42
I am...

feeling: very happy ^_^
chatting to: Timmy xD

I'm 17 today =] Yay ^_^

It's been a really good day so far, loads of people have wished me a happy bday <333 and I received £50 off my parents =D Going to Pizza Hut tomorrow evening to celebrate, and my friends are bringing my presents along then ^_^

And Ani's coming on Friday! <333 Then Timmy's arriving on Saturday!!! <333 Ahhh, I can't wait~~~ ^_^

Hehe =D

Also, I've decided to stop doing plugs... they take too long to write @[email protected] I don't get them from the NuStore... I like to write 'Plugs to the Beautiful:'... the one you buy from the store just says 'Plugs:' which I find a little plain, so... ^^;; I will, however, still put a heart for each who commented me~ Hehe ^_^

Aaanyways! Thankyou all for your wonderful comments!


@kkama67, hahaha ^^;; Not exaaaactly =p... he's my best friend ^_^ xD



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[Tokio Hotel]
28/03/07 17:40
I am...

feeling: tired
chatting to: Timmy

First of all, new avvy ^_^ Hehe I love it <333 I didn't make it, found it on... I think it was Aethereality, but I'm not entirely sure... Secondly, omw. I'm so tired... I reckon I'll give up on long entries for the time being. But anyways, quick entry before I have to go cook dinner... In fact, I just got called to go now, but I'm so tired and I can't be bothered and I have so much work to do... And I'm getting off track =3

Anyways, anyone into German Rock? XD Any of you heard of Tokio Hotel~~~? Well, they're my latest love <333 (Well, their songs... are AMAZING =D Sooo good, and really helping me improve my German =D)

I'll just show you one of my most favoured vids, Spring Nicht (Don't Jump) for now! Enjoy~ =D

Ah, I'm also thinking of getting rid of my plugs... cos it's taking way too long to type up @[email protected] Comments about this? Suggestions? I already have a basic template so I only enter the names of the people, but it still takes ages to type up each name... sigh...

Oooh, btw, I *do* take requests, for piano pieces, if you'd send me the sheet music I'll learn it and record and upload when I have time =DDD (Yes, Katrina-nee, this was aimed at youuuu~~~ <333)

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[Bento 018]
25/03/07 21:51
I am...

feeling: Happy ^_^
watching: Grease

Wooo!!! I just realised it's been 3 months since I last posted a bento!!! =O Haha... sorry all! And thank you for all those who've been looking forward to this! But YAY! I am happy to present to you all...

Bento #018 (Complete with furikake and a new bento box!):

Top tier: Rice with furikake, mummy's fish dish [the green stuff is coriander, it may not *look* too nice, but it tasted great =3] yummy~~~
Bottom tier: Chocolate mini-star sandwiches, strawberries and grapes

=D what do you guys think? ^^;; You know... to be honest, I got the furikake ages ago, and I got a new bento box when I went to London in Feb... So I'm quite surprised I hadn't made another bento sooner! ^^;;

Cept I guess I haven't really been in the mood as of late... but now it's getting better =D Easter holidays soon!!! I'm *SO* excited! Although I'm also *SO* behind on work it frightens me... >_<;;

BUT. I will get over it. And I will get all my work completed! I am determined to!

Well~~~ Thank you all for your patience! <333 Oooh, and if you look at my modules, you'll notice a new one called 'piano' with links to the pieces I've uploaded on YouTube XD

And there are 3... which means I've uploaded another one ;) Here it is! (I will do Mariage D'amour full version for Katrina-nee and LittleBrit sooner or later! ^_^):

This was kinda requested by a friend, so I recorded it for him... although, I must admit, I hadn't played it in over a *year* and only gave myself about 10 mins to revise the piece before I recorded, so yes... quite a few mistakes ^^;;

...Ah well... =3

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[Mariage D'amour]
23/03/07 22:52
I am...

feeling: tired, but happy =D
watching: nothing ^^;;

Haha I think this will be one of my shortest entries ever ^^;; I don't have much to say today, I'm really tired, and I need sleep now x_x;; Oooh, have anyone heard the German rock group "Tokio Hotel"? xD I think they're REALLY good xD Will blog about them tomorrow, maybe =D

BUT, allow me to leave you all with another video, Mariage D'amour =D

It's a little fast for my liking, and it's kinda a shorter cut-off version cos I was getting impatient with the recording heh heh, but if you guys want i'll record a proper version and post it? ^^;;

Thank you sooo much for your comments, you guys make me feel sooo special <333 G'night all~~~ ^_^

Plugs to the beautiful: iki-chan, KkaMA67, The-Muffin-Man, Dotty, Causalien, Katrina-nee, LostSoul13, Nuttz, razzly, LittleBrit, Richard




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21/03/07 22:49
I am...

feeling: ill...
listening to: me playing "Eyes On Me" - FFVIII

Hey all ^_^ hope you guys have been well =3

Ahhh... thank you for all the comments, especially the 'where are you, why haven't you updated' ones they really make me feel special <333 =DDD Sooo... this will be a looong entry =3 about what's been going on in my life in the past month and a bit ._.;; so *beware* xD I'm only giving one warning, so if you're afraid of reading long entries, back away... now! ^_^

Okies well, first thing's first: I've broken up with my boyfriend =3 well, actually, I broke up with him last month on the 20th Feb. =3 Surprises you guys, huh? ^^;; Well... yeah... reasons? So many... too many to name. I actually thought up 18 reasons to break up with him, and the only reason to stay with him was because I'd feel bad for leaving him... so yeah... =3

I won't go into detail about it, especially not in a non-private entry online =3 maybe I'll write a private entry and show you guys some time, but until then~~~ =3 I'll let you guys know, I did actually love him at one point... but my love eventually faded. It surprised me that people can fall out of love, I never thought it could happen, but I understand, it really can...

The main reasons for breaking up with him... well, 1) He never made an effort to see me. Okay, maybe not *never*, but like... 3 times in a *month*? Especially the first month of a relationship? Is it just me, or is that not enough? ¬_¬;; Basically, I'd bug my parents like mad - to the extent that they got *pissed off at me* - asking them to send me on campus to meet up with him... and when I realized the amount of effort *I* put in to see him, compared with the little effort that he put in to see me, I began to feel very unloved.

I always went to *his* bible study group even though I barely understood Cantonese, but I went there, just to see him. (There're 2 Chinese bible study groups - Cantonese and Mandarin, except the Cantonese one is technically called "fellowship", so I'll call it that from now on =3) However, when it came to him coming to the Mandarin one, that was a no-no... I did put in hints, asking him to come to see me and stuff but he never took them.

But honestly, should a guy, who is your boyfriend *need* to be hinted to see his girlfriend?! I even told him straight out once, that I was disappointed that he never came to see me etc. This was on the Friday before my sister's birthday. Another friend of ours, David aka my 'big brother' was coming to my church that Sunday to wish my sis a happy bday, and he'd even bought her a gift! Yet Him wasn't even willing to come to my church just to say hi. He looked so torn, and like he really didn't want to go, that I told him it was fine and I didn't mind him not coming, but any good boyfriend should have made an effort anyways. Especially on a *birthday*.

I later found out that he thought it was more important to go to his fellowship and a church that he found better as he felt that if he got fed better spiritually God would let me stay with him, he forgot the importance of spending time with me. I don't feel that excuses him for the hurt I felt though. My heart wasn't broken, it was a gradual process, and I got over him.

He completely took me for granted... He wrote in a letter after our break up that he "had always thought of me as being his future wife and therefore didn't feel he needed to make an effort"... surely if one wants a girl to be his wife he should make more effort...???

Anyways... 2nd reason is that... well, because of all this me-making-effort-to-see-him-and-him-never-coming-to-see-me-back I felt thoroughly unloved... and even on Valentine's day, he chose bible study over me... fair enough he wants to put God first, and I found out later that he was leading the bible study and it was a 'Satisfied' (big week event thingy on campus) one, surely he should at least invite me to it?

The original plan, however, was I was going to go on campus from 2-5 (since it was the only time he was free) to see him and he was going to cook me a meal, but I had to babysit that day... so I couldn't make it during day time. As it goes, that was the final straw... I spent the day in a state of numbness, and come evening, I'd never felt so unloved by a guy in my life.

If the guy claimed to love me, he sure had a funny way of showing it… Fair enough if I was *single* and was spending the day alone, but when I had a boyfriend and I was *still* spending the day alone??? Besides... I could have gone out with other friends if I was still single... and I realized how annoyed I was. That day, I text him at midnight, wishing him a happy Valentine's Day, I wished it him again on MSN, then sent him a Valentine's day "gift" on Facebook. I only received a text back. And later on him saying 'thank you for all the wishes, it really made me feel special' on MSN.

I never even received a gift on Facebook. I never got to see him, never got to spend time with the guy who was supposed to be my boyfriend, and only got one wish for a happy V-Day, and he'd just accepted all my love and never gave any back. On that day, I'd started to realize how much he didn't deserve me after all...

After all of that, I fell out of love with him...

Ah, and the last reason. I went to London the day after, to visit my best friend Tim and meet up with Lucy and Jay for a little DTC reunion, and there, I felt so loved... I really did. I felt what it should feel like to feel loved and I'd realized exactly how much I'd been taken for granted and looking at how Tim's friends treated their girlfriends made me realize how... un-girlfriend-like I was actually being treated...

So when I got back, it was a Saturday, I was absolutely knackered due to lack of sleep, but it was Chinese New Year, and also rather late... and by then, I guess it was just a matter of time before I broke up with Him? Yet that night, he asked me face-to-face if he ever beat me up, would I please still stay with him...

No you didn't read wrong. Basically he'd text me before asking if he ever took out his temper on me would I please give him a second chance? This was because his mother had warned him that a friend of theirs' girlfriend broke up with her boyfriend because the boyfriend had a nasty temper... and he was worried that I'd leave him because his temper is sometimes not the best...

So I text him back saying "haha well if you ever hit me I might give you a second chance, but if you ever *beat me up* I doubt you'd even want one" and when he saw me again, he brought that up again... considering how it was a CNY party at the Mandarin Bible Study Group and my daddy was standing within 3 feet of us, I was like '...' He asked me basically what he asked in his text... and I replied basically the same. And this time, he asked '...can I still have a second chance?. after I made the 'beat me up' comment. I was like '...are you serious?...'

...Yes... anyways, apart from that, nothing much else has been going on. I'm still trying to catch up with work and failing... oh yes, today, I was so ill/tired I came home and slept from 1-6pm... I had a raging headache but still wanted to go to school, couldn't afford to miss last pieces of maths, but I *really* wasn't going to be able to handle doing *further maths* in the afternoon too...

Aside from that, I'm also months behind in work... gosh... wish me luck >_<;;

Oh yeahhh... I never said anything about the London trip, did I? ^^;; It was *amazing*... SOOO much fun <333 ^_^ With wonderful memories =D I must say one of the best parts were the lot of us snuggled up in Timmy's bed watching movies. =] I saw "The Prestige"... it was a lot different than I'd thought it'd be... it was alright, I guess, but some of it freaked me out >_<

I might go into more detail about the trip later maybe =P Anyways! Aside from that, I cut my hair =D Haha… there's a new photo of me in the gallery, but you can't really see it that well ^^;; And yes, *I* cut my hair xD I'd wanted it cut for ages, it was annoying me, so since it was irking me SO badly, and the salon needed bookings, and mummy was busy, I went to the bathroom, got a couple of mirrors and went snip-snip =]

It's not actually that bad, I don't think =P

Oooh, and I recorded myself playing Eyes on Me yesterday… if you'd like to watch it:

^_^ If you wanna comment on youtube the link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iECbX3ssars =]

And now I reaaaally gotta go… goodnight everyone <333

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[Birthday =3]
13/02/07 22:09
I am...

feeling: Bittersweet
listening to: The Rose - Westlife

Well, it was my sisters birthday yesterday ^_^ Yay~ She's 7 now, bless her =] I took her to town (city centre), bought her sweets, a CD, a necklace, a letter writing set, and then took her to see The Reef, if anyone's heard of that, then took her to McDonalds hehe ^_^

It was a good film, fun day, although I could have done without the rain... =( She annoyed me quite a lot too, cos she was so... rude _;; Very ungrateful, completely forgot her manners, but I left it cos it was her bday, but seriously, grrr. I got quite annoyed since she never said 'yes please' if I offered her something, she was just like 'Yeah.' in a nochalant voice, and never uttered a word of thanks without my prompting _

Nevermind, I guess she was just overexcited, it was her first time actually going around town, after all, bless her =]

Anyways, a few photos, taken in the Odeon before we went into the film hehe ^_^ (twas a good film too =D):

^_^ Last photo shows the pick 'n' mix sweets thing I got her from Woolies hehe XD

Anyways, today was the anniversary of my parent's 13th year in England! =D Gosh we've been here so long! I forgot the date when I first moved to England, but oh well~ =P It's only a year after them, at least ^_^

We were gonna go for a buffet lunch, but ended up getting in an argument on the way there =sigh= so yeah, never happened...

I was also going to see Him tomorrow for V-day, but found out today that I *really* have to babysit my sister TT_TT My parents are really busy with work lately and--yeah... sigh...

But it's okay, we've decided to have the celebration on Sunday instead and spend the day together ^_^ In a way I prefer that because otherwise we'd only have a rushed 3 hrs together tomorrow cos he still has lectures, whereas we can spend the whole of Sunday together <333 Also it's Chinese New Year that day, so a doubly celebratory event! ^_^

Hehe he's going to cook for me <333 He's been learning how to cook, just for me, I feel so special--all warm and fuzzy inside (^_^#) Do you guys have any plans for V-day? ^_^

Plugs to the beautiful: LostSoul13, frostbitten, Dilated, Zurie, Richard


@Dilated, the groom's a member of our Chinese Bible Study Group, my parents know him better than I do, but I do still know him ^^;; I didn't know the bride until she came over though =3



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