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Name: Emily
Age: 24
Locaton: Auburn, Ala.
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That's right.
Sunday. 11.30.03 2:38 pm
Ha ha, look what I did as a joke. You should too. Are You HOT or NOT?

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Friday. 11.28.03 12:17 am
I hope everyone had a good time!!!!! Now sign my guestbook.

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*furious anger*
Monday. 11.24.03 2:04 am
Okay, this morning at four I was going to go to bed. Wait, let me back up. K, I got home right before 4. My roommate Ashley had a few friends over, and that didn't bother me because they seemed quiet. Seemed being the key word there... Anyway, 2 of them were on the couch. A guy and a girl. Already a bad combo. The couch in the living room is against the wall of my room so I can hear every little rustle if somebody moves on it. Our walls are paper thin. So the guy and girl were watching The Wood, and I was like, oh thats fine, I can sleep over a movie. But the movie ended right as I was getting into bed. So then I hear them start to make out. As most of you know, kissy smacky sounds are some of the MOST OBNOXIOUS SOUNDS EVER! So I turned my stereo on to drown them out. It worked for awhile, but then they stopped making out and started to talk. Loud. So I was getting pretty mad because I was damn tired, and I cannot sleep when people are talking in the next room. I just get really really irratable. Then I noticed that other people were in there too! Ashley, the girl and guy on the couch, and some OTHER girl and guy. I have no idea where they came from. And they all started talking and yelling and giggling (I believe that one or two of them were drunk, there are some half empty wine coolers in the fridge). They kept that shit up till 6 fucking 30 in the morning. And I didn't fall asleep at all. I guess they finally got tired at 6:30, because then all was quiet. Till about 8 when they left. And then Matt called at 9. And then I slept till about 12 until the people above me started stomping around. I swear, they walk louder than anyone I've ever met. I mean, I think a sasquatch might live above me. A girl sasquatch though, because sometimes I smack the ceiling and I guess it scares her because she always squeals like a little girl. That bitch. So anyway, I was in a cranky mood today. I probably should have said something to Ashley and her friends but... I didn't. Stupid me. All I wanted was to fall asleep. Oh well, Thanksgiving is on Thursday so I don't care because I'll be going home and I'll get to sleep in as late as I want and stuff my face. Oh yeah... I can't wait.

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Sunday. 11.23.03 4:18 am
Auburn is faaaaar superior to Alabama. They won, 28-22. I mean, they scored a touchdown in the first play of the game. The first play!! An 80 yard run, that's pretty good. But I'll write more about my night later, right now it's 4 in the AM and I'm sleeeeeeepy.

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Saturday. 11.22.03 4:04 pm
Auburn is going to kick Alabama's ass today! If they lose I have to funnel... 1 beer!!! (i'm weak okay?) If they win I'm going to make... somebody, I don't know who yet, funnel 5 BEERS!!!! Man, being Alabama white trash can be sooooo fun sometimes! No seriously, we don't have a funnel anymore. I'll figure something out though. And I'm not white trash. Ooooh, but guess what though? Matt's getting me a camera phone thing for Christmas. But early, so like, next week. Isn't that great? For me? I can upload those pictures onto my computer right? Because that would be fabulous. Anyway, I have to go dry my hair and get ready to watch some football. I'll have to wear the loose fitting pants, so I can unbuckle them after I eat too many nachos... There had better be nachos! Yeah, I've got to go shopping. I'll let you guys know who wins, because I know you're dying to find out. war eagle.

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Thursday. 11.20.03 2:22 pm
I just don't understand how killing innocent people will solve anything.

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