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Welcome to the Merrick

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
I'm in love~!
Saturday. 5.8.04 6:15 am
Kaoz.. stupid comp hanged am rewriting.

I'm in Love~! i'm bursting to tell everyone. I. am. in. love.!!!! whaha~! thot i'll nv do that rite? but i am in love, with this v v v cool guy called Van Helsing. Tho he's a wanted muderer over the most of europe, i'm sure sg can accomodate him. oyaz.. there's also the prob that he turns into a werewolf. not to worry, it has been resolved. lolz~! gave u shock yaz? actually, his name is hugh jackman. but i still love him. hmmm... but i haven't gotten over my darling, orlando bloom lehz.. how? will see be seeing him sometime next week. haiz. i admit i'm a fickle woman. lolz.

O. where can you have orlando bloom on one side and brad pitt on the other. i dun mean the movie. whaha~! think!
ans? check out the popcorn box at shaw! lolz~!

Had lunch with a whole bunch of pple, so sian, the big M was sitting juz opposite. got nothing to say. haiz. but apparently i will be out on fieldwork with promedia, meeting clients and stuff. so sian~! O shit! juz realised i haven't print my intro letter. jialat, got no printer also!

to recap yest: went to check out the co i'm attached to. its depressing i tell u. kaoz, bloody diff to find den the whole place looks like its on the verge of collaspe. sad~~ will hardly be suprised if the place turns out to be some decrepit huanting grd. haiz. dun wanna complain already le. making myself depressed.
lunch. with amy, audrey, joan, lifen in alphabetical order. walk about, try clothes till dl le. so tired. went to 7-11 buy some drinks and sat at the esplanade. So romantic, live music, light drizzle, dimmed surroundings, drinks, with my beloved amy(erm... audrey also tag along lahz) some chips and chocs. Everything underlined with the soft sound of the sea. did i mention i love the sea too? lolz. was chatting, abt all kinds of stuff. hmmm...... GUYS if u receive a msg saying that a gal fren of yours is drunk, will u come down and send her back? give u a situation:

*beep beep*(or watever ringtone u have for your sms)
unknown, fren of the gal pal: hey, your _________ (gal fren) is drunk. she is unable to go home on her own.
where is she? is she alrite?

no more reply from unknown. How? leave a comment and tell mi?
mi go do the intro letter le

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Thursday. 5.6.04 12:39 pm
cokes had: 3, almost cried:once

Whahahaha~! finally got to go swimming! i wanna go again! But weather not that sunny, got brown anyway. juz a little burned. swam out to the platform, as i lay there under the sun, wind, i actually dozed off. lol. Was thinking if can actually can find a way to have a pinic, have some books at the platform with this kind of weather, alone. its so much of a luxurious leisure.

the show so touching. haiz.. if onli this kind of love is real. highly recommanded: Ti Ba Hao Dang Pu. literally, the 8th pawnshop. that's where my side column, "How far will you go" come from.
Haiz. Why muz pple be so unreasonable when they breakup? the one whu wanted to breakup is him. but the one whu can't let go is also him. He controls everything, friends, clothes, time to go home, where to go. How can anyone tolerate this kind of control? Ask to meet but still can scream and curse vulgarities down the fone. Incessent fone calls yet he keep hanging up the line. WTF. I can't put up with this kind of rubbish. i dunno, y would anyone tolerate so much trash?

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