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Welcome to the Merrick

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
Friday. 5.14.04 10:11 am
Will write elsewhere and put here when i get home.

Spotted in the ladies' [email protected] work place:"Please throw the rubbish inside the basket" Erm, then what is the cleaning lady's job scope huh? u mean muz we take the rubbish out from the basket and throw it outside??? DUH! lolz.... Still at work. stealing some precious time away from work to write this blog.

went to make a guest appearence at the grad's ball yest. cool man~! the setting,the door gifts, the amazing get ups. MY piano guy is still sooo shuai! din see 'vJ utt' nor his fren. BUT OMG~! Keith is incredible! Keith(our fac fer yr 1) first thing i blurted out was: "OMG~! KEITH WHAT HAPPENED TO U~!" and went totally dumbstruck. can only act as if like a broken record, keep repeating the same thing. start imagining that he was in some fancy cross dressing. LOLX! Nah... he said i confirm cannot recog him and he was right! i totally couldn't recognise him. he was standing right in front of mi! shall not keep you in suspense any longer. he had like orange fringe. white suit and a orange/beige/coral? shirt. OMG! Contacts! WAH~! the power of make over. incredible. Keith looks like THAT and this keith is sooooo soooo soooo sooo diff! Not sure if its a good or bad thing. hahazzz!

Work is getting better. the auntie likes my hand writing~! lolz. doing ok, getting the hang of stuff. hahaz. and i'm supposed to be sensible, mature, tactful, and knows when to be firm!~according to the acting supervisor! lolz~! and the other girl with mi is encouraged to learn from mi! lolX!!! totally tickled!

Its finally fri! whuu hoooo~! and i finally got a decent meal! the food ard my place sux! kindof going vegetarian, coz that the onli edible food, been having that for lunch quite often. anyway, purely on a spur of the moment, called audrey and got her to call amy to have dinner. experienced such a state of bliss regarding dinner that up till now i'm still savouring the memory........lolz. tml's sat! I DON"THAVE TO WORK! life has turned beautiful again! forgive the excessive use of exclaimation mark. am in a very good mood today~ coz no one kup my phone and i got decent meal and i dun have work tml! O have i said it too many times? lolz!

currently wondering the state of affairs with the yearbook. hahaz, if T sees this he is gonna ask mi to heck the yrbk. lolx.

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Read all abt it~! Is itp rawking at promedia?
Monday. 5.10.04 9:32 am
no. of cokes:1, no of friends made:9, no of hr spent rotting;2++

I DID NOT arrive late~! thats acheivement no.1. lolz.... was sent to this room to wait fer product briefing. took the instructor 2 whole hrs to find his way here. so was trapped for 2hrs at this stupid place. this is the conference rm. looks eerily like the crimson rm ya? cepts its white. white walls white board. bare table...ke.. can't seem to upload properly so liddat
the white room

O i should start setting the scene with working environment..lol... kindof lok kok.. but the pple seem nice enough. met this girl while waiting fer bus at bishan interchange. she has more horrible sense of timing..lol.. 8 start work, 8 still at interchange..lol... she works for promedia too and is on her first day of work. her position is sales exec. branded head to toe sia....general theme of colour is pink.. reminds us of somebody yaz? keke. thats fren no. 1.

den met these pple from EEE sp at the conference rm, whu are on attachment too. bloody pissed. am the onli one in formal. sianz. biz student, give good impression. bah! those are frens 2-7. haha.. thats them minus 1 coz she says her eyes swollen and we need photographer..ke..
US Newbies

den lunch. den sent to my dept. guess what? its the credit control dept. in simple eng thats the loan shark dept. lolZ! chase debts. starting tml, v nervous. can u imagine mi? 'mild' mannered and soooooo 'good tempered' collecting debts? got quota summore~ 100 calls per day. seems that i have to be v polite and all... sian... first day did filing. kenna paper cut le...sob. thats where fren 8 and 9 come in. 2 guys.

they are soooooooooooooo adorable~!!!! 16 or 17 onli. nephews of the boss, cousins to each other. (will try to snap their fotos..ke) boy1 is like skater boy liddat. bright T, a bit baggy jeans, styled up hair. apparently is gonna do some grafitti with frens tml. with freckles running across his face aka archie andrews. lolz. cute! nice guy also, know we first day of work, everything blur blur, prepare everything properly fer us, explain to us abt the work patiently and din get fed up with our incessant qns~ the boy2 is is those looks si wen kind, but tanned lehz... nice smile. like this one better. here's y.

coz one of the auntie at the dept accuse mi of detaching some docs from the original papers. plz lor, mi first day, wat papers u think i will dare discard? i onli did wat i was told wat. onli took out the 1st piece. den this auntie insist that i took out stuff from behind. but she din scold mi, went to scold b1 fer not teaching mi properly. felt so guilty. den b2 sort of defuse the situation with a witty comment and said that if the manager asks he will settle! so sweet! hahaz.. tho he prob doesn't mean it but at least he shut the auntie up mahz! so sweet rite? den console mi, say that it happens, not my fault etc. soooooooo nice rite? apparently he thinks i'm like those vvv good girls and am suprised when i start talking with undesirable lang. peppered in between and he heard that i go cheong, he say i dun look like. i concur. muz maintain image le.... keke..lol. Oooo.. juz rem.. dun haf their no.! muz get their no. tml...! b2's coming to sp when sch reopens suitably to wu dang shan EEE. where else can u get guy guys? lol! b1 ite dover lehz.. hmm.. minus a lot of pts le. but speaks suprisingly good eng.

anyway did filing till cross eyed all the way to end of the day. realised i got direct bus to the place. so am no longer taking bus to take train to bus to walk. now its bus to bus to walk. that means onli need bus concession! did i mention the other attachment pple are living in yishun too? we're gonna meet in the morn every morn and go to work together everyday. isn't that great? i got company le! did i mention dun need wear formal? t shirt and jeans will do. fantastic!

whaha! hope everything stays this way. tho they are giving leeway coz we are students... O... i get sats off! ben gets to work alternate sats and fad works all sats! so i'm kindof lucky. but am gonna be tested on the lamest of thing. how to use the greenbook, if u dun already know its the sole product of promedia. blah~

misc stuff: hours 8am-6pm, bus ride 20 min, payday abt 8th of next mth. wat else u wan to know? ask.

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