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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

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Failed Assination Attempt whats her name? Merrick
Monday. 5.17.04 6:56 am
Reported By: Aleydiz, Brought to u by: The Oldpaper! (Sg no. 2 tabloid, pardon the spelling)

An unsettling peace had fallen over the credit control dept where arrows have rained steadily over the past few days due to the unfounded accusation of theivery.

On the 17th of May, at approximately 4.26pm, yet another accusation arose from sales.This time aimed at Merrick, a small fry attachment student at Promedia Directories, The Green Book, can i please be referred to the accounts payable dept, thank u.

This situation is as such: client was miffed at Merrick for calling so many times. "like i owe promedia for many many months like that!" went straight to the sales person, a mere cronie in the minute nation that is Promedia and the ungracious, unforgiving sales person went straight to complain to the CEO, King Promedia. The King came to Merrick's dept and pointedly asked the acting supervisor-acting county magistrate, "Did u train the attachment students properly?" Merrick's reaction: pretend to be blissfully unaware and hide behind the shield merrick's dept have since erected throughout the ancient ages.

FACT: total number of calls merrick made: 3. spanning over: 5 days. Total number of calls that was actually put thru to the accounts and someone was free to pick up: 0. Obviously merrick unable to get a reply will try to call again at a later time.Note:2nd call was made according to instructions from the clients side. Up till yesterday, Merrick has given up. Records tallied with Merrick's testimony and Merrick was absolved from blame.

Sales have once agained failed miserably in their mission to exterminate the credit control county, but the story does not end here. For Credit control county is still under seige.........

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Love is stupidity?
Saturday. 5.15.04 9:43 am
love is....stupidity? in order to fall in love, one has to be stupid. and it doesn't just stop there! love seems to bring out the dumbest actions that no sane person would elicit on a normal basis just like the michael learns to rock song "love is one big illusion"

Yes, love does bring out the stupidity in pple. Why do pple hang on to a impossible situation? Losers whu crawl back after cheating again? Losers whu are so overcome with jealousy/insercurity that he has to moniter your every move? every purchase, every friend? pathetic souls that cling to a one sided unconditional love for someone whu is unable to reciprocrate? other pathetic souls that hold on to faded memories, unable to let go even when the romance has died.

Reason dictates that we should not delve into such relationship messes but people keep doing it again and again.. in fact, pple thrist to be loved and to love.love may be one big illusion, but to complete the lyrics, "i have tried to forget, but there's something left in my head" pple just do not have the ability to let go totally.

Imagine this scenerio: A, caught up with work day in day out. has no time fer anything else yet, while being squashed in the train on the way to work his mind starts to drift. to the memories of her. her mannerisms, her quirks, her smile, the way she looks. suddenly, everything about her explodes like bombs and reason, logic and sense flee aka the iraqi pple. happens agian during lunch, after work. blahz.. sounds so heart rending to a logical mind,but its something pple who have broken up can identify with. Why the difficulty? Why do pple torment themselves so?

hmm.. look at it another way. by not letting go, the person has hope. or at least the memories. depending on situation. the soreness in the heart will eventually fade , possibly into a dull throb. it will not bring fulfillment but hope/memories CAN get u thru everyday. coz at the end of everyday, u hope u will see/hear/talk etc to the other One tml and tml. it may not happen but if it does, it can bring u such happiness, it will leave you happy for days. it may not be worth the melancholy, the heart pain, but as previously ascertained, pple in love are stupid and thus would not mind being short changed.

Big qn. Commitment. So now u have found someone whom u love, and loves u. there are so many pple whu would be envious of your position. y are u hesitating? fear? not confident? afraid that u will get your heart broken is a lousy excuse. the other person is willing to place her heart on the line with u yet u are giving her such a "boost" in your faith re: both of u, that u r getting cold feet? to be blunt: dun u think u are being selfish? i've probably used too strong a word but i hope i've got my point across. whu isn't afraid of getting his/her heart broken?

to love the other person more, or the other person should love u more? it never matters to the person in love. but when posed to pple whu are still sane and logical, they will invariably ans, the other person should love more. how happy would u be if u go into a relationship where the person loves u more than u love him? an ex-colleague, H loved this guy so much. and thot it was a dream come true that they went into a relationship. but, it came to be that the guy, R did not love her as much, and was in fact thinking abt someone else E. why isn't he satisfied with someone whu loves him so much more than the other girl, E?
I know. i know, love has no reason, no sanity and no logic. but my point is, even tho there is no such thing as fairness in love, at least minimise the hurt inflicted. and not make someone else the scarificial lamb.

think i have gone on ranting long enough.

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