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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
Wednesday. 5.19.04 10:53 am
My boss is back from reservist. stress man. he has been standing beside mi to listen to what i say to the clients. jialat. getting severely tongue tied. somemore kenna complain say cannot ask for status. muz teih~~ the males who ans the fone...erm... how to say.... er... u know.. talk in super sweet-puke inducing voice and giggle *PUKE and ask NICELY~ ask mi to do this... siaoz.... i'll go crazy after the 3rd client. first 2 are female clients. lolz. Den he come back nia suddenly got alot to do. got a lot to do nvm, he had to give briefing every morning, up till now, avging ard 2 hours per briefing. wah lau. liddat my morning all gone. i got no time to do my work. oya~ did i mention one of the auntie working there is on MC. so i took over all her morning duties. cool siaz~ banked in 50 000 over dollars today. paltry amt i know, but mi poor country girl.. nv had so much money to be responsible for.
Today had to escape while the boss stepped away. the other girl in the same dept with mi was not so fortunate. when i [email protected], she was still not back. he called her to write/draft standard operating procedure. @5.30. official time to get off work @ 5.45. supposedly he thot the girl can write better, since she was not speaking up when he grilled us on monday. the woman sore throat siaz. O~ like i said crm is suddenly v useful. he asked mi what is the importance of having good customer relationship? whahaha~ gave him textbook ans, he was suitably impressed. coz din tell him i got take customer relationship management as a module. lolz.
anywayz, the moment he stepped away i kept everything, locked the cupboards finish my daily report and siam. on my way down den i called the boss say that i left. lolz. think he likes the other girl better coz i tio complain even b4 he came back. hahaz.. nvm.. 1) the other girl is supposed to "work closely" with him, in english that means "do more work" 2) the auntie there likes mi, so i'm not all alone. eg: she din wanna go out fer luch, say tired. i open my mouth ask her go niaz she grudgingly agreed, went arm in arm somemore. haha~ the other 2 guys tried to psycho her fer like 10 min b4 i decide to talk to her. lolz~aiyaz... not adverse to work but work muz have value~ 420 bucks is not enough value fer mi to work and do free OT and provide innovative ideas and......
LO came today. talk crap. keep mi from the work. end up cannot finish my things. so irritated. the other girl so slow somemore. den she v cute, everything ask mi... how i know siaz???? tried to answer her best i can using common sense. but after a while gets on your nerves ya? den the seniors tell mi not to ans her, let her think. if after 10 min she still cannot ans den tell her. sianz. she is stubborn like anything. ask her do work, vomit blood. not i say one, senior say one. lolz
went to watch Troy with sec skool buddy.... finally got to see my orlando. great movie to ogle at guys.. keke... movie not bad.. can watch. 3.5/5 star~
ELAINE TOK! gurl are u reading this????!! sneaky woman u~ sign the guestbook, leave a msg in the chat box or gimme a comment lah~ din know u actually read the crap i'm writing till LP told mi. how u doing siaz? ke~

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I've got questions!
Tuesday. 5.18.04 8:46 am
1. does "checking the status of the payment" sound very rude? the bo liaoz CEO shoot us agian. say muz BEG... wha bloody sian. ask mi beg~ hmmm hmm hmm.... 2. are men and women equally sensible? or do we have diff sets of logic? 3. How do we define superstition vs religion? wat make superstition unacceptable? 4.If atoms are considered to be the smallest unit of anything, and it does not "die". does that mean atoms in the dino age are still floating around or it has formed sth else like.... say part of your body now? Qn 2,3,4 are taken from Sophie's World<--> interesting book

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