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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
my ridiculous qns and Free Thinkers
Saturday. 5.22.04 12:17 pm
Have been pondering this qn for v long le. ok lah~ 2 or 3 days niaz...keke...
where do free thinkers go when they die? do they believe in an immortal soul?

have posed this qn to a couple of mi frens but can't realli say we reached a conclusion. First we muz establish that free thinkers also believe in the Soul. when a person is born, we have our body and this special something that makes each of us.. well..us. its v cliche but i think life would be pretty meaningless without a soul.
But one ger said that the soul juz die with the body. As Sophie's World puts it, the soul disintegrates when the body matter dies. Den what is the purpose of living? does that mean that i can live an absolutely exciting, fun but evil life? since i onli come to this world once, and i become void after i die, den might as well just go ahead and be ruthless about everythig right?

Or lets presume that there is an immortal soul.
1) Goes to heaven/hell (reminding mi of my qn: if a person has a severe fear of height, how to go to heaven? assuming heaven is UP there)
2) Reincarnation

1) Being a free thinker..... which heaven does he/she go to?
Or there is onli one heaven? if there is onli one heaven then won't it be v weird if say a hindu finds himself out side the Christian Gates into heaven ? Don't be offended but it brings to mind this cartoon picture of all the various Gods from various religion happily hanging out together, playing chess and drinking coke. Ahem~ Also, I think Christianity and Islam advocates onli One God. In Buddhism and Taoism, heaven is reserved for the various Gods. den how? bringing us to 2)
Well, doesn't it seem too coincidental that most religions believe u BURN in hell ? (Reminding mi: why cannot freeze? LOLZ)

2) Free thinkers are unlikely to believe in reincarnation as like the Buddhist and Taoist and Hindu devotees. however, a soul muz go some place right? if not into heaven den this is the onli alternative i currently can think of.

Disclosure: The above are purely questions the author is pondering over. It is NOT intended to offend, desecrate nor insult any religion mentioned or otherwise.

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Friday. 5.21.04 8:43 am
hmmm~ shouldn't be invoking the name of God since i'm not christian but heck lah~ den what am i supposed to say? TBIF(Thank Buddha Its Friday) ? hahaz~ din think so..~

DIN do the usual stuff today.
was doing ECM project ala~ Green book version. brings back so much memories. think that was the onli time T got stumped by printing. lolz. fer non ecm-ers, basically the project involves setting the requirements/laying out for the webby for a co. by analyising other web pages of related co.s. what i'm doing now is not the webby though. its part of the intranet by refering to the old system. wat i'm doing basically has serious repurcussions and will last long after i'm gone. from the company i mean. ke. took mi the whole afternoon. v slow right? coz the pc also v slow, take v long to load the page, hanged a couple of times coz i multi task too much, open too many windows to run at the same time. have to redo when it hanged. hahaz. anyway.. its still not complete, have to fine tune some stuff come monday den can submit.

the boy in my dept so cute siaz~ he was doing a similar thing yest for another part of the intranet. guess how he did? wat he was doing is commonly known as art and craft. he cut and fold paper accordian style and paste on another paper for drop box. mi originally was trying to try doing it his way.. got too dl at the whole process and changed to do in pc. hmm~ dunno to say he adorable or wat....keke but he definately have ALOT of patience.

AND i was typing on the TYPEWRITER. Took mi 1 hr to type one doc coz the doc is attached to the carbon copy muz get it exactly right. hahaz~ took 6 tries to get it. wasted 6 pieces of invoice forms. that shows u how careless a typer i am. the auntie see i type till so stress she offered to take over from mi, but CANNOT! i MUZ get it. if not i won't be satisfied. onli a typewriter u know?

hmm~ think i'm going into the hum drum daily affairs too much.. but can't think of any interesting things to write. actually wanted to write abt goals(was reading peilin's blog) but the words aren't flowing right and i erased the whole thing.

O! realised i'm mentioning T alot. a severe case of Mentionitetis. dun worry i'm not in love with him.. yucks! LOLZ! he's name is popping up becoz he is too kpo and i worked with him fer too long, he everything also wanna chup in. he is actually the most kpo guy i know~ How cum no mention of ben? sad to say its also severe case, this time of "out of sight, out of mind" hahz~ he's not gonna read this so i dare to say. keke. aiyaz...he bz guy i ask him out i also sian. ke.

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