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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
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Good times ahead....
Wednesday. 5.26.04 9:20 am
am in a pretty good mood nowadays.... rather should say last few days. yest. the boss gave us a treat as in he pay.. under the pretext of 'testing food'. greenbook has a section called best food.so we had the green book 'best' pig organ soup which also happens to be the yummy king people's selection. YUMMY! well of coz there is a price. the boss has been hinting at OT for some time. lolz. but its wed, and he's on holiday next week. hahaz! to remind u: he was away on the first week too... ENVY MI PPLE!
i sneak away promptly at 5.45pm. muz move fast. think he not v happy with it... but heck.. staying OT does not mean efficiency. if he make mi stay back do excel formatting i will onli do more and more slowly till my eyes go blind also haven't finish. the ms word also bloody slow... hang so many times sommore.. will vomit blood and die. lolz. the other girl went home at 6.30 yest. whahaha~ i did mention she has to do some SOP thingy right, and i also said he is super lor sor. keke. eg: today morning he was talking abt customer service( yes, again) and he ended up talking about best lor mee and will bring us there next time. lol. took him 1 and 1/2 hr. i was on the other side of the cubicle listen dun cut in... if not will kenna drag into the conversation den cannot do work. anyway.. we mentioned that our results were out and he gave us 5 min to check it out at the internet terminals. so good rite? and he asked if we really fail anything will ITP grades help us to pass? think he was implying if we fail anything he will give us fantastic grade so that we can pass. mi, wasn't expecting to fail anything. but i got a peace of mind. hehe. well, today the boss went out on the motorbike instead of the car, so i was hoping that it will rain and he won't be able to make it back by 5.45 so that we can escape. and GUESS wat? it did rain! and it stopped exactly at 5.30! whahaha! seriously, the other girl really v poor thing, always kenna OT.
Let's see.. wat did i do today.. i finish up programming(minus coding) the stupid intranet thing at 11am. finish re-formatting the excel file, o.. did i mention that the original one i did based on HIS format he say cannot big boss dun wan. sheesh.. had to do new one. think that finish at 1 plus after lunch... he said something about plugging in the figures.. dunno wat he talking..his figures v complicated... nvm.. still trying to figure out... and... update some files and i'm done for the day! and he is not in le... slack thru the rest of the day. pretending to be bz for 2 hours... keke...i know i shouldn't but there really is nothing else for mi to do! i keep asking the auntie to give mi things to do also dun have.
went home early to STEAMBOAT! whahaha.. feels like cny... but ate so much bu hui the past few days i skip dinner le. that y i always say my mum cook onli den i will go home eat. and thats also y i was so fat..lolz...and pple.. i'm always free for dinner.. feel free to request for my company..lolz. if no company i end up skipping half the time.... haiz

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Lunch time blogger
Monday. 5.24.04 12:40 am
yesh. i am too free.
duno what to write actually.
shall i tell u what i cooked for dinner yest.?
yes i cook
am bored now.
still doing greenbook ecm project
missing fren from sales dept has turned up
astounded to know that she is engaged to 29 yr old.
she is wat, like 20?
not sth i would do.
mi, marriage?
dun think so
some of u will know my philosophy on marriage.
will not elaborate
diamond ring?
not the SK Jewellary, on discount one
am materialistic
i spend my own money
to buy my own things
not depend on pple
-getting back to work

Will change blog to sth brighter. bo bian. i've got no life.

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