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Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
talented and fabulous.
Actually, who are you not to be?

my loves
Li Rong
Michelle michelle
ET Laine
Jian Gui LE~!!!
Sunday. 5.30.04 9:15 am
was a so called activity filled day today...

finally went to see the lotr exhitbition! Cool man! the way they pay such attention to the detailing on every shield, sword, costume is amazing! Do u know how they made the chainmail? typically, prop makers will make this knitted thing and spray it with silver or gold. the lotr prop crew actually sawed plastic tube cross sectional 2mm thick and assembled those rings by HAND into chain mail sheets. onli 2 pple do for the entire cast, and their finger prints were worn away...somemore, u can actually see the tiny gilded horses on Theoden's shield.... exquistite! and the animation work... omg.... bloody amazing. sets were fantastic also.. they actually built the Shire from a plain. whaha.. i know i'm talking gibberish to audrey and co... keke....
played pool for a while after that at JE.... i actually won a round...out of like 2? keke... amazing! and its a legit win ok! whahaz! abit unbelievable considering my skill.. or lack thereof.. hahaz
wat else? OOOoooo..... I watched [email protected] jurong pt le! Sooooooo funny! had fun spotting the spoofs.... pinoccho was doing a Michael Jackson siaz.. whahazz..... the Puss in boots was hilarious! If u need a laugh u have to watch Shrek!
Next movie: Harry Potter!

Now we go on to the title topic.
Really see 'ghosts'.. keke... my aunt and uncle and cousins were all at jurong point at abt 5.10. which was about the time we were q-ing for tix. they were watching Shrek, 5.15pm show, at theatre 6 seats ard row G centre seats. U know wat? We were at row J centre seats, ditto timimg, ditto theatre, ditto time we went into the theatre. they were 2 rows in front...no isle 'I'. SEE Ghost arhhhzzz.......... they din see mi and i din see them.... which is good... sheesh....
hmmm... muz buy 4D le... 5152... 5.15 show, watching shrek 2. whahahazzz... wallet bled too much today, muz buy 4D to try my luck.. keke...
well of coz to round off during GSS season, MUZ buy sth! bought this orangey pink polo tee at BUM. abt 19 onli... have this sudden onset of polo tee obession. kindof like the time i was wearing nothing but V-necks. anyway, will buy another polo tee when i get pay.... i buy the girl cutting one and my darling will buy the guys cutting one.. same design with same motiff.agreed to that yest. looking forward to it. guess who's my darling? hahazz.. come first day of sch we will wear this couple outfit to sch and u all can see for yourself how cool my darling is!
aiming for a lot of stuff already, come pay day, my pay surely will end up so jialat~~ hmmm~ think i have too much clothes.. thats bad. but juz can't resist! definately not a role model for resisting temptation. keke~
O... wanna drop by the SPIDERMAN exhitbition thingy at suntec..... i think i came across article abt such an event.. not sure if its still on. have to check.. but think will definately be over by the time TERENCE comes back. SO TOO BAD SO SAD~! hahaz.. i'm evil i know.

juz went to view poll results..... vote lahz pplezzzz.... and i wanna say thanks to the dearie that voted!

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Free Lunch
148th day of 2004
Hmmm.. slack again today. did the other girl's proj, coz she was totally out at sea. seems like not much for mi to do le.. now that i've completed my ecm proj. at least till the CEO approve. den muz do the report bit. wat else... free lunch again today! this time is beef noodles from amk. supposed to give grade. only gave 7 on scale to 10. boss sent us to the mrt also. have been secretly charging my phone using his charger when he's out(been using his comp too... with permission!). got caught today, he also nv scold.. hahaz. anyway.... 10 odd days to payday le! am already thinking abt how to spend it. mi studying finance, muz plan my money to obtain greatest value. lol!

Expenditure List
1. Pay HP bill- $90 (dunno how i acheived that also...haiz)
2. Buy Jeans and T for work- budget ard 60
3.buy CDs...... jazz ones.. dunno where to dl... have to buy, dun mind buying actually- 40
4. frens' belated bday prez- budget 50
5. watch shrek, harry potter and spiderman.......or any other FX shows
6. New shoes! the ones i'm wearing is making my feet v pain...sob-25

Yupz.. think those are the main things i wanna cover... how much in total? 90+60+40+50+30=295..... whaz.... so much le..... den muz give mummy somemore... jialat.. haiz.. no savings le..keke... anywayz.. anyone wanna watch shrek with mi?

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