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Monday. 4.19.10 8:52 am
i showed up to work today, and tumbleweeds passed by my feet.

"where is everyone?" i exclaimed.

"they're gone..." said the receptionist, "they're all gone..."

"what?!" i yelled, "where are they?"

the receptionist went on to explain that two of my colleagues were off doing krav maga training, while the other two were on a boat somewhere in the carribean.


...alright this is a little more dramatic than what is really going on. my assistant manager and other customer service rep are out at customer service training, while the other customer service rep took a vacation day, as well as my manager.

so i'm the only one here today that can deal with customer problems and opening new accounts, stuff like that. great.

no, really, it's okay. i didn't want to take lunch or use the bathroom today anyway.

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Friday. 4.16.10 9:50 am

so today is friday, and i actually don't have to work tomorrow. what a relief.

going bowling tonight for rock-n-bowl. oughtta be fun. i'm just afraid that i'm gonna be exhausted. i might have to drink a red bull or two before i go.

my friend nick asked me about possibly having a party tonight. i think he should change it to saturday night.

i am so very bored right now.

...it is going to be a long friday.


perhaps today i'll enlighten you as to some of the customer i get throughout the day.

10:55 AM EST - a customer walked in and walked right past my office, right past the receptionist, and sat down in the lobby. with a "wtf?" expression on my face i walked over to her, and she was helped.

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Thursday. 4.15.10 10:01 am
SporadicFunk and i went out to get some awesome footlong hotdogs and glow-in-the-dark mini-golfing last night. it was pretty sweet.

we then watched heavyweights, a Disney movie from 1995 about a fat camp that gets overrun by a guy trying to make a quick buck with a weight loss infomercial. it's funny because it pretty much influences the kids to stay fat most of the movie. all they do is complain about the exercise and gain weight. i think it turned around at the end, but by that time i was quite sleepy...

i feel like i'm starting to get very sleepy earlier and earlier. last night i must've fallen asleep around 9:45. how sad.

today, i'm at work, and it's quite boring. MLIA.

...did i just get insulted by nuttz during INSTA?

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Tuesday. 4.13.10 10:07 am
so i told a friend of mine that i would help her with some poster type motivational thingy she is supposed to do for work... it has to do with integrity. that's all i have to work on. i was thinking a small comic strip showing someone going through lots of turmoil to return an extra dollar he got in change.

...but i have never made a comic strip before. so i'm not sure what to do.

i have no obligation to do it, but it seems like it could be fun.

not like i have anything else to do. not like smudge is going anywhere. i need to work on that, by the way... hmm.

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spend. (edit)
Friday. 4.9.10 8:37 am
new cds i would like to purchase:

envy on the coast
motion city soundtrack
coheed and cambria
the audition

new cds i want to spend money on:


someone buy those for me, i'll give you my address. you get to get me a gift, and i get to listen to music and appreciate you. it's win-win.


i had a dream last night that i had to find this crystal in order to activate a weapon that would extinguish these aliens and their ship from our planet. it was interesting. most of my dreams don't have a point, or a general plot. this one, however did. i just told you it. saved the world. yeah.

i've decided TGIF no longer applies when you have to work on saturday. it would still apply if ABC was still airing new episodes of full house and family matters. but they aren't, so it doesn't.

shit, i have work to do.


ronin was an excellent movie. i was very pleased. i think i like deniro more than i let on.

2nd EDIT

this asshole just got owned by their principal.

that's what you fucking get.

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Wednesday. 4.7.10 9:58 am
i come to a realization every tuesday night between the hours of 9pm and 10pm, and my realization is this: my sister tweets entirely too much.

at first i kind of shrugged it off, because people tweet all the time. and not everyone thinks that tweeting twelve time in the span of one hour is a lot. i'm not one of those people. i think it's a bit excessive. that's a tweet every five minutes. come on now.

if it were something useful, then i wouldn't mind so much. but when they look something like this...

9:02 - OMFG #LOST
9:11 - wow, that was amazing! #LOST
9:14 - what the? #LOST
9:14 - but... #LOST
9:15 - i'm watching #LOST just in case you were wondering
9:16 - best show #LOST

...yeah, it gets annoying. maybe i should just stop following my sis on twitter.

the only person i know to tweet more than that is tyler florence, and that is only when he is doing "cooking school" and he tweets out his recipes, step by step, so you can follow along. at least that's for something.

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when you buy my things it makes me happy.
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