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Wedding at the end of the world
Saturday. 5.21.11 10:20 pm
Get up at 8:45
Two french toasts (eat light)
Drive to the park at 9:30
Play ultimate frisbee from 10:30 to 12
Drive home at 12:10
Shower, dress, etc (don't stop to eat)
Wedding at 1:30
Fill up on finger food and cake around 2:45

I'm not quite sure what happened after that. I went home and took several naps, then ended up sleeping clean through the rapture and woke up after 9. Whoops!

Now I'm hungry.

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Bought an umbrella!
Saturday. 4.30.11 4:29 pm
I dunno why I'm so stoked to have an umbrella. Whatever!

I also bought a nice usb mouse for gaming on the PC. Looking forward to having that! Eventually I'm looking into buying an ethernet adapter for my Wii (the wireless on campus doesn't support it) and maybe a lapdesk for the laptop.

I got promoted at my job for apparently no reason (and without my knowledge too!). So that means I'll be getting more money and working harder over the summer. It's still better than school. I am SO ready to get out of here. My English teacher thinks it's OK to have 3 (count 'em) projects going AT THE SAME TIME, during dead week. I...don't understand it.

Roommate has his girlfriend as a slave for a day because she lost a bet. Wish I could see what's going on. They've been out all day, and I've been in. Doing work. Or, at least, trying to.

I'm irritated because I feel like I've been cheated out of better grades than I'm getting in Calc 2. I study with a group of people, and I'm usually the one helping out the ones who are lost. And yet somehow I'm making Cs on the test and they're making As or high Bs. The mistakes I make can be explained away. Silly mistakes. It's very frustrating that I cannot get a single perfect test when I know the material so well. Add the calculus woes to my lackluster grades in Physics and English, and you get a very stressed out Techie. I am just...very ready to get it over with and get out of here. Ironically, right now my highest grades are in Econ. I only have to make a 70 on the final exam to make an A in the class. In Calc, on the other hand, I might not pull an A even if I get a 100 on the final. Depends on the curve.

Last semester I didn't really mind if I got Bs, but this semester I've really raised my standards. Maybe even to pre-highschool levels. It's like the opposite of senioritis, but I can't figure out why. Nobody else seems worried about making As. Maybe I have the wrong idea about how hard my school really is. My friend's physics class had a 49 test average, for example. Making straight As is considered God-like...so honestly making a 3.0 here isn't all that bad.

I just really can't settle for it, though. Not when so many people I know, and consider my intellectual equals, are making 4s, or at least 3.5.


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Worse than mood swings:
Tuesday. 4.26.11 11:33 pm
Academic mood swings.



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Monday. 4.18.11 12:38 am
Name of the song I'm listening to. Mmmmmm

Changed the background image, as you can see. For some reason, the smaller image size isn't making my page run any faster. Is anyone else noticing long load and scrolling times? Anyway, I might make more changes.

I'm learning how to build a website with Photoshop. It's for an English project. Sort of neat.

Had a pretty energizing day. Went to the new church with the new group, then did some studying, then went to some sort of awesome dinner/discipleship meeting and just had a blast. I'm in some sort of weird mood now, though. I'm still pretty happy, but...oh well. I'm probably tired. I've been busy.

In fact, I think I'll go to bed in a few. Toodles.

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