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Saturday. 12.9.06 6:55 pm
Okay, I'm going to give away the PPS to two people.

Kirei was close with a stapler on paper (that is paper, but it's not a stapler)

ryan444123 got it right with a staple.

SO, I send my points out soon. I bet that wasn't what all the other ones were thinking of, huh? It's amazing what things look like when they're magnified and all that. That staple and paper sort of looks nasty!

Anyway, I've been doing a whole lot of nothing today. I've been playing WoW all day because I can...and I've been eating waffles and cereal and peaches :) YUM YUM...

BUT, since I deserted my battle ground, I think I'm going to go get my mail from the front office and see if I got anymore Christmas cards :) I've only gotten one this year so far, but there's still a few weeks left.

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You guys are still way off...
Saturday. 12.9.06 3:17 pm
Okay, so these were my hints:

1) It is nothing outdoors
2) Some people use it every day
3) It is highly magnified

SO, here are a few more:

4) I use these two items every day at work
5) If this picture were in color, you guys would get it right away

Let's see if that gives it away...if not, I've got a few more and then I'll give ya'll the answer...lol

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Saturday. 12.9.06 11:28 am
My previous entry had a picture of something and I wanted ya'll to guess what it was...BUT, no one is even close, so I figured I'd give you a few hints and see if you might be able to guess it.

1) It is nothing outdoors
2) Some people use it every day
3) It is highly magnified

I don't want to give anymore hints as it might give it away :)

AND, what the hell...I'll give whoever gets it right 50pps

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Saturday. 12.9.06 3:28 am
guess what this is???

OMG...they have such a cute baby kangaroo on the TV right now. It's on the Carson Daly show (yes, it's a really crappy show), but the baby kangaroo is so cute!

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über dork...
Saturday. 12.9.06 3:19 am
Well, I've been wasting a lot of time playing World of Warcraft. I spent most of my day that I was at home PVP'ing in Altarac Valley. I was a bit hesitant at first about PVP'ing as I'm a horrible fighter (to be honest, I only play because Brian plays and it was something we could do together) and here I was playing by myself all day, killing people and actually enjoying myself.

MY TIME (and effort) will be toward getting this stuff:

This is me with the hammer that I want...I don't have it yet, but I'm a pretty good deal into being able to purchase it. I love how you can see how things look before you get them. The armor on that character is currently the armor that I have. If I was that naked in a real battle, I don't think I would have as much armor points as I do right now.

Here's me with the armor that I want. I'll look all gold and shiny.

Haha...the whole thing of me talking about trying on stuff before you buy it reminds me of this one armor set that Brian happened to buy. He bought these pants and this chest piece and when he went to put them out, he seriously was wearing a belly shirt and a pair of hot pants. He was the fruitiest looking warrior on the planet. I laughed...we all laughed...lol

ANYWAY, I doubt ya'll want to hear about me talking about this stuff...

OH, if you didn't know, my character is a paladin (a healer/warrior - but not really quite good at either, so I'm sort of like a back-up for both).

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Friday. 12.8.06 9:04 pm
the heartburn is horrible tonight! Oh well...it'll be over soon enough.

I didn't do much of anything today except for sit around all morning and then I went out to lunch with Brian and his friend Jaysun. We went to Q'doba and then they drove me to Brian's house where everyone went to work and I was there alone, with no car.

I played WoW for a little bit (I was PVP'ing in Altarac Valley) before Melissa came and picked me up. We drove to Borders and I bought nothing. We went to Joann's and I bought nothing. We went to Safeway...and I bought some groceries.

NOW, I think I am going to go scrub something with my soft scrub because, I don't know why, I want to smell the bleach in it (I'm NUTS!!!)...it's the baby, I swear. I don't think it's good to want to smell the bleach or be exposed to the fumes, but I can't help it!

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Today...and then putt putt pics!
Thursday. 12.7.06 11:57 pm
EXCITING, I suppose.

I did my usual work stuff, and then my best friend Melissa came and picked me up and we went to her Christmas party thing for her work up in Genesee (one of the first towns you hit as you start going over the mountains toward Vail and Aspen) and had a lovely dinner. We ate at the Chart House which is a VERY nice restaurant. I guess they have them all over the country, but it reminded me of eating at The Westin Westminster in the O' Room (which is where Brian's mom works).

I called Brian up at dinner and told him we were up eating at the Chart House and he was like "YOU BITCH!!!" If that says anything about the quality of food, you can just imagine.

Other than that, I've not really been doing anything...I'm extremely tired for some reason. I got tons of sleep last night, but I can just feel my eyes closing as we speak.

I have photos of the putt-putt golf thing that I want to post, but they're from someone's online photo album and I don't want to post a link to her photo album, so I'll see about trying to download all of her pictures or something and then posting some of the ones that I like the best. She took some 40 pictures and I'm sure ya'll don't want to see all those pictures...lol

Here's some of the ones that I like. We'll start with my department, the accounting department, and our Candy Land theme.

Preggo me is standing in the very middle...

Here's the road through the Peppermint Forest.

Here's the road out through Lolliland...I like this portion of the board the best.

Here is our Molasses Swamp, complete with Mr. Gloppy and yes, that is actual syrup for the swamp. It smelled so good over there...made me want waffles :) You had to hit it in through the tube over the swamp and then to the castle to make it in the hole.

Here's the actual hole, the castle...and we had a bubble machine behind it so it blew bubbles and whatnot.

Here's the "After 5" hole decorated in all of it's liquor glory. This was the closing department who did this.

This would be the redneck hole complete with Coors Light cans and tacky lawn Christmas reindeer. To get it into the hole, you had to hit it up on the ramp (for lifting cars) and into a Coors Light can...this is the property preservation department's

This is the evictions/title department with their house (complete with evictions stickers and for sale sign in the front yard). The tricky part to this hole was that the door kept opening and closing and you had to hit it in there while it was doing that.

This was the HR hole titled "Puttin' on the Ritz" and the whole thing was decorated with Ritz crackers.

This is the other Candy Land hole. It was more like a croquet course because you had to hit the ball through the little gingerbread men's legs and it was hard. No one did very well on that hole. This one belonged to the reporting department.

This is marketing's hole with all the REO houses on it. You had to hit it through all the houses to make it to the hole. My favorite one was the one in the back (it's supposed to be a mobile home) and it's slanted sideways and it has a HUGE dish on the top from Dish Network...lol

Here's pre-marketing's hole. They had all sorts of things that you might find in REO homes (i.e. bags of trash, etc)...and they had lots of little people on their course. In the back on the left, they even have Professor Snape. I sucked at this hole...I hit it in the water TWICE!

There's one other one (the IT people's hole) but you can't really see any of it. It had mostly computer pieces all over it and I didn't do very well on that hole either.

Our department won (of course) and we got a free pizza for our department. Just what us accounting people need...PIZZA.

Anyway, I hopes you enjoyed the pictures :)

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Wednesday. 12.6.06 3:47 pm
I usually post in the morning, but I wasn't able to this morning (not that it would matter much anyway, but eh...). We were setting up our putt-putt hole at work. We had the putt-putt competition at 10am this morning and I got 2 over par (which wasn't that bad compared to lots of other people). The holes were really hard!!!

I took pictures, so I'll upload those eventually.

I've got a class tonight at the hospital (we're taking a tour and filling out all the paperwork and all that so I don't have to do it when I'm in excruciating pain and ready to pop the baby out). I called the pediatrician that the OB office recommended and even though I've not been to his office and I've not interviewed him, I trust the judgement of the OB office and I think I am going to go with them. SO, that's all taken care of now. They'll see the baby 3 to 5 days after he's born and of course, monitor the baby in the hospital and all that.

OTHER THAN THAT, I don't really have anything new. I'm exhausted and overworked...and I just want to cry at times, but eh...it's all worth it (to some extent)

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