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If only I had wings . . . by invisible @ NuTang.com
My Daii
Thursday. 7.29.04 9:12 pm
Todaii I went SHOPPING!!! =D ~>i kno that waz really prepy<~ I finally bought more clothes and new Black Converse. My parent didn't agree with sum of the clothes but oh well. ~>I also got 2 cd'z. No doubt and Black eyed peas.<~ After we went shopping we ate at this resturant called HOP'S ~>not I HOP<~ and I had this Jamaican steak and it waz the Best steak I've ever! It waz marinated in pinapple juice, soy sauce and ginger. anywaz after we ate we went shopping again LoL. On the way home my family sumhow got on the subject of childrens story songs. I felt like I waz in a flashback at the daiicare my mom worked at. we went on and on trying to remember old songs and it waz insane. Todaii I also made up another screen name for AIM. its L0stInADream14. Well that sums up most of my daii so i'll write again soon PEACE!

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Home Sweet Home
Monday. 7.26.04 4:46 pm
I'm finally back! NuTang has changed so much in just 1 week. plus the paved our lil dirt road. Y? Y did we have to become civilivized? this sux. Anywaz my family and I went up to the Florida Georgia line and went to Fort Clinch state park. it waz pretty kool and there were armadillos EVERYWHERE! I lost count at 9 armadillos on the 2nd day at the campsite. We went to Fernedina beach every day but the waves were a lil week. but yesterdaii the waves were 6ft. to 9ft. high! my boogie board was snapped straight in half by the 4th or 5th wave lol. anywaz I had a great time but am glad to be home. anywaz i gtg do stuff so i'll write again soon. PEACE

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Monday. 7.19.04 3:25 pm
My mom dad sister and I are leaving tomorrow morning to go on vacation! Were going to Fernedina beach. We are camping out somewhere near the FL/GA line. SOO... I will not be writing an entry for about a week but I am bring my summer diary with me. ~>yes, i love to write =D<~ I will talk to you all lata LY PEACE

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to Disney World!!
Friday. 7.16.04 10:49 pm
on Tuesday my mom sister and I went to work with my dad. we went off to the Magic Kingdom. we waited over an hour to get on a ride in the burning heat and after that left to EPCOT. it got cloudy and much cooler and it waz a big relief. I finally waz able to go on mission space and i made a friend. he waz a guy about my age and kinda cute. my mom told me never to talk to strangers but oh well. he waz a nice guy and we jus talked while waiting in the endless line of tourists. we finally accessed the ride and it waz kool! after that my mom sister and I rode the monarail around bcuz we were board. there we met more guys and talked to them for a lil bit. we finally got off and went to the pool area. my sister wore her bathing suit top she jumped in the pool. i jus ran through the fountains and got soaked. i also saw a snake slither by and i wanted to catch it but didn't. after that we sat on the beach/lake and watched the fireworks. well that was just about my day.. PEACE!

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Happy 4th! and the beach
Monday. 7.5.04 6:29 pm
happy 4th everyone! i kno its the 5th but oh well. yezterday waz so much fun! we went to our friend Renniez house about 2 blocks away bcuz they were havin a lil party. we were there about 25 minutes and then we all jumped in the pool. when it came to fireworks, we had lil fire crackers and the were in alotta rows. we didn't pull the whicks apart we jus set the rows off and it waz loud! we all had a great time. I spent the nite at Renniez house and we went to the beach today. We went to Cocoa beach and the waves were a lil weak but there we still sum good ones. me and Jordan mostly body surfed. and boogie boarded. my sister waz so obsest with surfing she couldn't get in the water fast enough. its pretty tough and she has a short board so she didn't stand. i actually wanna try surfing. its fun! but i would rather buy a 40$ skateboard then a 500$ surfboard there freakin expensive! anywaz me being the stupid person i am i drowned myself in sun block but forgot to put sum on my face. i noticed my face started burning when we were out there for about 2 hours and i put sum on. so my face and shoulders are fried. it hurts to smile! Gr... i can barely make any expresion on my face with out it hurting. i put this coco butter stuff on my sun burn and it smells like chocolate. so right now my skin burns and i smell like a hershey bar. but i kno my skin will heal in a few daiiz so everything iz koolerz. imma go take a cold shower now ttyl peace.

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Pissed and Happy!
Monday. 6.28.04 8:57 pm
I woke up this morning and it waz quiet... too quiet. i looked around and found my self alone. no mom, no dad, and I noticed no dog :( my sister waz still spendin the nite a J'z house. My mom eventually came home and said oh, I got rid of your dog! Grrr i waz so pissed off! i didn't wanna talk to her and made it clear that i didn't. and yet she continued to talk about what happened when she got rid of her. and a better side she got the new Avril Lavigne cd =D!!! i kno about 4 songz on it already. my parents, sister and I have been invited to a friendz house the 5th of July. i haven't seen them in years so it will be kool to c how everyone has changed. well i gotta go. PEACE

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the fun interesting day
Monday. 6.27.04 10:46 pm
yesterday afternoon we met my friend jordan and her family. they came over to my house for a lil bit and they said it waz ok that i could spend the nite. i had a fun time and im so happy i could get outta the house!!! J went to a friendz house to spend the nite so it waz jus Jordan me and Jenna. they brought me home today around 4:30 and when i got here my sister Catherine and brother in law Marcus were here. so were my nieces and nevue. i watched over the kidz a lil bit and we went out to eat at Out Back. J came back and Sam spent the nite at her house to. Watching my nieces and nevue got pretty interesting! lol anywaz i had a fun and interesting day.

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Friday. 6.25.04 8:33 pm
mood: happy, sad, mad... basicly sorta depressed
listening to: hole in the head
watching: nothing
i've been thinkin about stuff... i don't even kno how i feel right now. i feel like i could jus . i've been thinkin about choices i've made in the past, but thingz that happend then i can't change. im wondering if i made a good choice now. thinkin if the outcome will be good or bad. im having that weird feeling like something bad iz gonna happen. maybe itz jus me. anywaz i've been tired and wanna fall alseep. i feel like sumone took a baseball bat and hit me hard in the back of my head. Lauren, Sam and I might go back out 2 Disney and hang around. that will be sumthin fun to do. well I gotta go take the dog out. PEACE

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