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Age. 30
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location England, United Kingdom
School. Other
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[Further Maths and Theatre]
02/05/07 20:34
I am...

feeling: nervous
listening to: Haven - JJ Lin

Urk... explanation for lack of blogging the past few days: Monday - was in school until 7pm, rehearsing for Drama, then returned home and wrote up the rest of my portfolio.

Last night - I'd spent 5 hrs on further maths coursework, then, just as I went to save, Microsoft Word decided to crash!!! I lost SO much work, cos auto-recovery only recovered like... a third of my work!!! I was in tears and panic for a good half hour... then, decided to rewrite what I'd lost and continue my coursework. Took me until 1am to finally finish it!!! =cries=

Ugh. I've no idea where the auto-save function on Microsoft Word is either, since my entire Microsoft Office is in *Chinese*! I can just about navigate around simple stuff... but I cba to read so much Chinese... So if anyone can give me like... step-by-step of where to find the auto-save thingy, I'd be very, VERY grateful? ^^;;

So yes, I am blogging now. Omw. My drama practical 'exam' is tomorrow!!! Well, they call it moderation, but it's more of an exam ;_; I'm getting nervous... ehh! Will be praying like mad! God was so good to me--let me do well in German, and I know he'll be with me tomorrow ^_^

Okay, gonna have a shower and have an early night, goodnight all~!

Oh, and when the exam's over, I am *so* treating myself to another Subway! XD (Oooh, btw, Katrina-nee, what's Quiznos? =3)




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[A New Addiction]
29/04/07 11:18
I am...

feeling: better
watching: nada

Everyone's tried, or at least heard of Subway right? XD The fastfood store, not the underground. =3 Well... I think I have developed a new addiction to it o_o;;

Subways are opening *everywhere* in Cov now =3 There was one that opened right next to our church, so I got it for the past two Sundays, then a new one opened up the top of the road from my house and my school (my school's only two roads away) so I got that on Thursday *and* Friday and now I'm craving Subway again o_o;;

Surely it doesn't have addictives in it does it? =O Haha jk jk. XD Although it does taste *sooo* nice ^_^ Yum yum Subway!

Oh yes, I had my German Oral exam on Friday. It actually went okay ^_^ My teacher said it was really good and I did really well, but I kinda messed up somewhat on the last question =/ Nevermind... =sigh=

Hopefully I still did okay though! So yeah, after my exam I insisted on treating myself to Subway for dinner XD As it goes, my parents decided to treat me to it instead hehe ^_^

I think I'll get another Subway today =3 But apparently it's SO unhealthy and full of calories??? =( No wonder I've been putting on weight like mad lately. Been eating loads of Subway and not working anything off x_x;; But I don't really have time to tbh ^^;;





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18/04/07 22:54 pm
I am...

feeling: tired but content ^_^
chatting to: Timmy xD

Hehe I went ice-skating today! =D Last time I went was when I went to visit Timmy in London ^_^ Twas okay then, but I got a water blister on my ankle from the skates rubbing against my ankle so had to sit out for most of it =(

Today though! YAY! Twas very fun! ^_^ Omw~~~ I can skate backwards now!!! Woo go me~~~!!! XD Okay, I can't skate backwards very well, but I can still do it, so that's a big improvement ;)

My skates didn't rub against my feet that badly until practically the end of the session, so most if it was very, very fun XD

Tig-on-ice is a must-play, as well, from now!!! XD Gosh that was sooo fun! *_* And it only cost £6.80 plus skate hire =] Granted, it's expensive for only 2 hours, but the session alone is only £5. Maybe I should get some skates? XD But then again they cost loads =3

Ahhh... I'd love to be able to skate properly!!! Skating just... makes me feel so... free <333

Aaaanyways, gotta wake up early tomorrow to do extra drama--again! So I'll take my leave for now~~~ Bedtime! Goodnight all!

Oh, and one last thing: further maths coursework is a pain in the behind =]

Just thought I'd let you all know =3




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16/04/07 20:58 pm
I am...

feeling: happy ^_^
listening to: the sound of 7 hand poker being played on MSN XD

Ooooh! I went to school to do extra drama today... SO PLEASED that we got SO much more done! =D It may actually not sound like a lot, but we've finally sorted out the finale for our devised piece (and it looks quiiiite good if you ask me XD) and sorted out the lighting too, so all is going well! ^_^

Righty-ho. I have been procrastinating from German work. And as you can see from my (newly updated) Calendar module, I have a German speaking exam in less than 2 weeks. And I'm NOT ready for it. At all.

Okay, due to procrastination, I will do one of those survey-type thingymabobs that you get on myspace =] (Omw some random guys are adding me on there!!! They're like.. 25+!!! I was like 'errr... hiiiiii... O_O;;' =hide= Same for Facebook too x_x):

Write exactly whats on your mind and don't change it... Finish the sentence:

1. My ex is still - my friend =]
2. I am listening to – "Heart Of Worship" - Matt Redman
3. Maybe I should – actually do my German
4. I love – many people ^_^
5. My best friends are - beautiful <3
6. I don't understand - exams. Full stop. UGHH!!!
7. I lost my respect for – George Bush. Wait... I actually ever HAD any respect for him in the first place? ¬_¬
8. I last ate – dinner =3
9. The meaning of my myspace name is - my nickname =3
10. Love is – strange... I dno... Confusing!
11. Someday – I'll pass German.
12. I will always – =breaks into song= loooove youuuuu!
13. I never ever want to lose – my best friends
14. When I woke up this morning – I had a headache.
15. I get annoyed - when people arrange to meet at a certain time, then turn up 20 stinking minutes late! Y'know, if you arrange it, at least have the decency to turn up when you said you wanted me to turn up! ¬_¬
16. Parties – funky =3
17. My pet(s) – will be a Kitten. When I get one =3
18. Kisses – ^_^
19. Today I – got loads of drama done! But procrastinated badly on German!!! >_<
20. I wish – all my work was done.
21. I really want – to get some inspiration to finish this German.


01. Is your hair wet? No
02. Is your cell phone right by you? No... o_O Damn where IS it?! O_O;; Oh wait... it's in my pocket! ^^;;
03. Do you miss someone? Yes.
04. Are you tired? Not really, although I'm surprised I'm not seeing as I only got 6 hours sleep last night... (I usually need 10)
05. Are you cranky? I was. =3
06. Are you wearing pajamas? Nope.


01. Recently done anything you regret? Yeah... Wasted time... As usual... Sigh...
02. Ever lied? Oh yes.
03. Ever stuck gum under a desk? Yes, once. I wanted to see what it was like to stick gum under a desk cos so many people did it. Turns out I don't like sticking gum under desks. I prefer to put it in the bin =3
04. Ever kicked someone? Yes =3 I'm a very kick-y person! =P
05. Ever tripped over your own feet? Yeah ^^;;


01. Have you cursed? Yes x_x;;
02. Have you yelled at someone? Don't think so =3
03. Have you gotten mad at someone? Pissed off, yeah, but not proper mad =3


Q: Is there a person who is on your mind right now? Maybe =]
Q: Do you have any siblings? Yup, she's a pain half the time though =P
Q: Do you want children? Yes =]
Q: Do you smile often? Yeah, I'd like to say I do ^_^
Q: Do you wish on stars? Sometimes...
Q: Do you untie your shoes every time you take them off? Never =3
Q: Do you like your handwriting? Nooot really ^^;;
Q: Are your toenails painted? No
Q: Are you a friendly person? Yes? I'd like to think I am ^_^
Q: What size ring do you wear? Dunno ^^;;
Q: What color shirt are you wearing? Blue manshirt (stolen off daddy XD)
Q: I can't wait until: SUMMER! When exams are officially OVER (Well, for this year, at least!)
Q: Has some one cried on your shoulder? Yes =]

And a picture I found quite amusing:

XD hehe. Oh, and aside from all that, I've also missed the Warwick Uni Open Day application... bugger. Oh well, I've seen the campus anyways. In fact, I see the campus every Friday. I know I want to apply there anyways ^_^




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[New Layout! =D]
15/04/07 18:49
I am...

feeling: Really happy! =D
chatting to: Timmy, Dottums ^_^

Yay!!! New layout officially complete with new avvie too~~~ =DDD

Comments, suggestions? ^_^

Hehe... went to church today, that's about it really... ^^;; Cycled there, scratched my leg on the pedal thingy (don't ask... x_x) and now i have like... a really big scratch there but nevermind! =P

T'was okay, I guess =]

Oooh! Family and I went to ASDA yesterday though! Bought such yummy foooood! I was like... overjoyed when ASDA opened the food-y area thingy! It wasn't there when we first got to Cov!

Hehe I could live off their Chicken Korma there *_* Sooooo delicious!!! So of course, I bought some XD Along with cookies and muffins mmmm <333

And then in return I had to help wash the car, but it was worth it... I got some exercise at least XD

And now... I must work. Or at least, try to... x_x;; Hehe procrastination is my middle name! Okies gotta go now~~~ ^_^




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[Hehe ^_^]
15/04/07 12:07
I am...

feeling: happy! =D
creating: A New Layout!!! XD

Hehe yup! I am indeed creating a new layout for my site ^_^ Okay maybe not new layout per se, but certainly new banner and background and blah =D How exciting. Haha xD

So yes, if you see some sudden random changes to my site, please er... ignore them? ^^;; I'll put another update later to say it's been completed! ^_^

Hehe and thankyou all for the wonderful birthday wishes!!! I had a great time ^_^ With Ani and Timmy who came to visit, and went to Pizza Hut too with friends from school, which was a very amusing event too XD May put photos up later! =P




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