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American Idol porn star
Tuesday. 2.27.07 7:35 pm
Does anyone follow American Idol? I have been off and on. I like to usually wait until they make it to the final 8 then I start watching.

Well, I was talking with a co-worker and it appears that one of the Idols may be kicked off the show. Antonella Barba is accused of taking nude pictures and doing porn videos. Fox cable did a little excerpt on it and it had videos of her giving oral sex.

Well my personal opinion on it is that, "Yes. this IS scandalous." If you are going to be famous things like this WILL surface. It is just unfortunate for her since she is enjoying her Idol experience but this ride is just about over."

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Ha ha ha
Wednesday. 2.28.07 2:13 am
Ha ha ha... I found this bag with chocolate covered pretzels and some brick candy in it. There were two bags so I thought one was my son's and the other was my daughters. So, I readily helped myself. It is about 11pm and I figured I had some time to relax. I am reading blogs on nutang and helping myself to these pretzels. They were so good I just happened to say, "wow, these chocolate covered pretzels are good." My daughter shouted!! "Mom! What are you eating!!?? I made those! They are for my friends! They are expecting to eat them tomorrow.... what did you do??"

Well, in all my embarassment what could I say.....??

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Another day another dollar
Wednesday. 2.28.07 9:06 pm
mood: exhausted

Today was the scholarship application deadline. You know, you give people 3 months to apply, they STILL apply within the last 3 hours. In the last 24 hours I received over 100 applications. I the last two hours I received 46. Each one needs to be put in manually. Yes, that DOES mean, one by one. I am so fricken tired I can't even see straight. I have not eaten, drank water or nothing. I feel like I am on SURVIVOR. ha ha!

Anyhow last year we only received and processed 600 applications. I really busted my a$$ then to process them all. This year we received 1450!!! That is just as of 6pm. The deadline is midnight tonight. So, we just may come close to 1500. That is more than double from last year! No wonder I am so tired!

I am suppose to be at school tonight reviewing for a mid term exam but I am just sooooooo exausted. I cant even spell right. Shhesh!!

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Monday. 3.5.07 2:42 pm
This is so cute.. I stumbled accross it. It is called Chichikawaii !! Everything is less than $1 and shipping for stuff over $5 is free.

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The Age of Robots
Thursday. 3.1.07 11:24 am
To relax I like to read tech news or trash about the celebrities. I know sounds pretty bad huh? Well, while reading Engadget I stumbled across this....

At the University of Tokyo they have created a humanoid robot to assist with the elderly.

"Researchers at the University of Tokyo are crafting more lifelike and more agile servant bots nevertheless. In an effort to create a tactical team of droids ready and willing to serve the aging population of Japan." (http://www.engadget.com/)

These droids will do simple tasks such as cleaning, doing the dishes and pouring tea.

I dont know but does this sound like the movie iRobot to anyone? I am afraid that one of these days, this simple invention is going to turn against us. Maybe it is just paranoia.

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Good Grief Charlie Brown
Thursday. 3.1.07 7:50 pm
The day is over and I need a massage! That is all I can say because I am soooo tired!

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Viva Las Vegas
Friday. 3.2.07 4:08 pm
I plan to go to Las Vegas during spring break. I finally got approval from my boss to take my vacation! Whoo Hoo!



I am still trying to decide between two hotels, The Flamingo or Aladin??
Does anyone have any information on either hotel that might help me to make my decision?

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My Nee-san
Friday. 3.2.07 6:35 pm
So many things are running through my head right now. I guess that is because I am so busy. The scholarship deadline passed and so now I have to find a home for everyones transcript. I think I am doing well right now at keeping things under control. I have a temporary worker that started yesterday and she is such a blessing....

Tonight is friday and I feel like I actually have a night to relax. I called up my friend Hiroko. She is my nee-san. I miss her alot and so we are going to hang out tonight. She seemed pretty happy to see me.

Hope I can just relax and get over my cold.

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