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Age. 29
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. Chinese
Location , MD
School. Other
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Another turtle fallen
Sunday, April 2, 2006
My oldest turtle died! What am I doing wrong?! She looked fine but she didn't survive long enough for her 3rd birthday. Well at least she lived longer than Jimbo. I'm just too upset to talk anymore!

R.I.P Penelope (August 16, 2003-April 2, 2006)
Ur with Jimbo now so take care of him up there. I LOVE YOU BOTH!

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Thursday, March 30, 2006
Ok here's why I'm pissed off. The Coed team from Wootton screwed me up and now I got blamed for Coed losing! I did whatever I can but it's NOT MY FAULT coed lost! It proves that Wootton is better than Wheaton! I have announce my retirement from training coed! I can't stand it any more. I was helpful. I sacrifice my time watching the game to help the stupid managers of Coed! But u know what? Coed can kiss my ass! I am and never was manager for Coed! I am manager for BOYS! I didn't screw up anything! It was Wootton! Wheaton Coed Volleyball just naturally suck! They don't wanna hear my side and they kept blaming me for all this screw up which was NOT MY FAULT! And then there's Lex who didn't pay any attention to the game. Oh why don't you morons blame her?! She was the one who screwed up the score by not paying any attention! It's not my fault that their managers never showed up! I have never screwed up when I helped! I screwed up last year b/c I was new! I never screwed up in score keeping! How come they don't blame Lex, who doesn't have the slightest idea what she was doing today! Everyone backs her up! It's a waste of my time training the managers and they don't even show up to their own game! I aint helping Coed any more! The managers gotta learn to do it themselves b/c I'm not gonna be there all the time! They NEED to go to their own games! I only watch the game! I am not there to waste my time! I repeat, IT IS NOT MY FAULT! GO BLAME SOMEONE ELSE! OR BLAME UR MANAGERS FOR NOT SHOWING UP TO 2 GAMES!!!!

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tired and energy sucked out
Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Back from the home game against Richard Montgomery. Boys won but Coed lost. It was a very close game between our Boys and RM's. My friend said that #4 for Richard Montgomery from the Boys team resembles Harry Potter. No joke! He does look like Harry Potter from the 3rd movie. WOW! That's freaky!! He had it all, the hair, the glasses and the face! He was a fair volleyball player. Last week at the Northwest game, I along with the other manager and 3 members of the boys team went to McDonald's after the match. We jaywalked across the street without any problems. When we were going back, we decided to go jaywalking and the cops shine its light at us but didn't stop us. I was scared to death! I thought that we'll get caught and get into a lot of trouble. And also one guy at Northwest look like my sister's friend Drew. It was like looking at a clone of Drew. I don't understand why these freshmen have a problem with me and tries to pick out. a fight with this freshman girl, who is very kind and nice and very innocent of anything. We have not done anything that upset them. One of them said hi to me eariler when I got off the Metrobus b4 the game, and I replied back with "F*** off!" She first of all has a problem with Marina and poor freshman girl and me so why in the world would she say hi to me! What a hypocrite! Why should I be nice to her all of a sudden? I am not a hypocrite like her! I don't like her or her attitude but she's gonna get tired of it b/c I ignore her all the time. They continue to talk trash about me but I pretend I didn't hear them. They'll eventually get tired of bothering me. It's an effective way than violence. Here my advice: Let them continue, they'll eventually run out of things to say. Meaning: Let them talk smack about you, just ignore them. They'll stop bothering you. They're doing this to get attention but when u ignore them, they'll stop b/c they can't get ur attention. They're only doing this is see how u react. Once they realize that they're not getting any attention from u, they'll bug someone else. (If all else fail, then that's when u turn to violence or tell an adult)

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Just bored!
Monday, March 20, 2006
I feel not well since Saturday. My nose is bleeding really bad. I've been tired and not much happened except last Wednesday afterschool. My friend left me alone at the Career Center and my crush happens to walk in after me. I stayed there for almost an hour doing nothing but talk and go online. He's been wierd for a long time. I decided to stay with him instead of going to practice. I was hoping I would miss out on the team pic (I really don't look nice when I'm too serious) by hanging out with him afterschool. After we left, I went to the gym to see if they have already taken their pics. They haven't so I was stuck! I didn't miss out on the team photo. *swears underbreath* I was looking forward to miss the team photo but I got trapped and no way out. I don't really feel well right now.

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R.I.P Baby Jimbo, my favorite turtle
Saturday, March 11, 2006
Stupid computer is having issues!! My baby turtle died this morning on his 6th month anniversity since I got him and Odie on September 11th. I found him dead this morning after I poked him and bothered him. His eyes were half open and he was dead! I think my baby cousin killed him! He and his bro kicked their tank the other day. My baby cousin kept jumping and running causing like an earthquake for them! I think the impact of the running, jumping and kicking caused the death. I want Jimbo back! He was the cutest turtle! I'm really gonna missed him. Jimbo is with Giligan and Skipper, my original 2 turtles, now. At least Jimbo died in peace and not like Giligan and Skipper, both got run over by a car while I was on vacation.

R.I.P Baby Jimbo (Sept. 11th, 2005-March 11th, 2006) Ur gonna be truly missed and irreplacable. May u rest in peace with Giligan and Skipper.

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