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Logic Puzzles by The Logic Fiend
Good day my lamebrained friend. Be addled by my riddles. You may be rewarded or punished for your answers. So beware!

the selfish, logical protistas
In a not so distant land, there were 5 selfish, logical protistas, named Omeali, Zygoe, Mortopejia, Bengalii, and Yorz. Though there were part of one gang, there was no brotherhood among them.

One day, they managed to rob 50 pennies from a local shoestore. Each protista wanted all 50 for itself, so... to split up the loot, they decided to play a game. They lined up in alphabetical order; starting from the first protista, each would propose a method of dividing up the money. No protistas can discuss with each other before their turn is up (i.e. no alliances). After a method is proposed, everyone would vote on it. If the majority votes for it, this method is used for dividing up the method. If not, the protista is forced to eat a poison apricot and die. Therefore, if Bengalii proposes a solution that only two protistas (including itself) vote for, he will die. There will be four left to vote on the next solution (only need half to be a majority in the case of even number of voters).

What solution should Bengalii propose such that he can live (of course!) and gain as much of the loot as possible? (Notes: the loot is discrete; can't split into fractions of a penny; these protistas are completely rational and selfish--each wants as much money as possible for itself; if it doesn't think it is getting as much as it possibly can, it will vote down the method.)

Solved by Wiggum1006 for 25 Protista Points. This is his second triumph.

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a teaser.
I'll start off simple.

You have two candles. Each burns for an hour. However, its behavior is erratic, in that it burns at a very nonconstant rate. Though it will take an hour to burn, the first fifth may take 59 minutes, and the rest will only 1 minute.

The situation is... you have these two candles and must measure 45 minutes of time. How do you do it? If you do not possess feces for brains, you should be able to answer this. Answer with a comment.

Solved by Wiggum1006 for 40 Protista Points.

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